Chapter 82

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Wolf-kun and Small Adventure
Okay, let’s depart for the adventure! …… It’s not at this stage yet.
Because the discussion of two people in front of me has not finished yet.


“I’m telling you that the role of Lily’s wet nurse is mine, so it’s only natural that I go with her!”

“I think it would be better for Elliana-san to let go soon. I’m also holding back and not going, you should do the same.”

“However, what will we do if something happens!”

“Because of that, all four personal maids are going, and two knights are going to tag along as well.”


“I understand your worries, but it’s not like she’s going outside, you know? It’s in the mansion this time, and if something happens, Nija and Lacria are there as the battle force.”

“That’s…… right, but……”

“I understand. Let’s have Scarlet go as well then.”

“…… I understand. I will have her keep in close touch with us.”

“Yes, of course. I will naturally do the same.”


It appears their discussion finished at last.
Ena has vigorously flared up a while ago because she wasn’t allowed to accompany me.
Obaasama finally prevailed, and Ena gave in.
The reason Ena gave in is that on top of two adding another two knights and my four personal maids, even Ena’s personal maid – Scarlet will accompany me. The number of people keeps increasing.

I thought that Reki-kun and Lacria would be enough at best, but we have become quite a large family.
Moreover, they also declared to keep in close touch.
I feel uneasy what’s going to happen in the future as all this just for adventuring inside the mansion.


“Lily, you must not do anything dangerous, okay? You must not walk alone, okay? Have someone from your maids or Scarlet by your side at all times, okay? You must not take off your coat, okay? You must not run, okay? Also, also……”

“Elliana-san. If you keep on doing that, Lily won’t be able to go.”

“I, is that so…… Lily…… wouldn’t you rather stop, after all?”


“Uu…… Lily……”

“Yes, yes, leave her be. Now then, go before it’s too late. Lacria. I leave it to you.”

“Yes. Acknowledged.”


I was held back by the nearly crying Ena’s constant checking and confirming, but I was finally able to depart after she got held by Obaasama.
Although I say that, I’m still in the mansion.

Reki-kun and I, Lacria who’s holding Reki-kun’s chains, and surrounded in all directions by the personal team of Nija, Jenny, and Mira.
A total of four Knights of the White Crystals in the back.
Furthermore, the Knights of the White Crystals are checking the rooms in advance.
There are also two knights behind Scarlet-san.

Although I labeled it as an adventure, a designated route has been already decided.
It’s my first adventure without trying to escape, but Obaasama and Ena not accompanying me is the first.
But, even that alone feels slightly fresh.


“Well then, let’s depart, Ojousama.”


“Lily, if you become lonely, come back right away!”

“Lily-chan, have fun~”

(Itekimasu~/I’m off~)


We left towards the Reki-kun room with Lacria’s command.
Because the mansion is just too large, the heating which is equipped in all rooms may not be working at all times.
When it’s like that, it would indeed prove troublesome.
Therefore, we are using a heated corridor that’s connected to my room. Still, even if the temperature can be controlled to a certain degree, I’m wearing a coat, so I’m going to feel comfortable no matter if the heating is on or off. Well, it’s the usual.


“Ojousama, we will go to the entrance hall first.”

“Entoranshu hooriyu.”

“Yes, entrance hall. Dannasama and Okusama, Theodore Bocchama, Ellistina Ojousama and other guests use this entrance when entering the mansion.”


I know the place from meeting Obaasama and Ojiisama there, so I don’t need an explanation, but I’m just a two years old child, so it can’t be helped.
Lacria also has good intentions, so I let her explaining without bothering her.


“This entrance hall is boasting of the largest size in the Ovent. The size of the entrance hall measures the social status of the aristocrats. In other words, the Christophe House is amazing!”

“Hee~…… sho~”
(Hee~…… sou~/I see~)

“…… Ojousama. Ojousama is an amazing Ojousama of an amazing House.”

“Nyu…… Ni~nya mo Rauria mo, shugoi meiroshan ra ne.”
(Nija mo Lacria mo, sugoi meido-san da ne/Nija and Lacria are amazing maids too, aren’t you?)

“Ojousama…… I’m so happy!”

“…… As expected of Ojousama. Dangerous.”


A little bit of magical power fires off from the two maids who are solidifying at the front. They appear to be happy.
But, I feel slightly suspicious magical from behind.

I know this magical power. …… It’s jealousy.

It’s the magical power I know very well thanks to Tiny-sama who’s currently not here.
Can’t be helped, I turn around and sweetly smile while thinking such.

The effect seems to be outstanding. The suspicious flow of magical power turned into magical power that doesn’t lose out to the front.


After walking for a while…… although I say that, I’m actually riding on Reki-kun’s back, so he’s doing all the walking – we soon arrive at the entrance hall.

But then, the Reki-kun room is close to the entrance hall, so we did not go that far.
After passing by here so many times, a map gradually formed in my brain.
It was possible to form a map by grasping the general position of people and the flow of magical power from the heating installed in the walls.


Even if I said that, it’s not as perfect it would be if I could actually see. It’s just a simple rough sketch of my surroundings.


“Ojousama, we have arrived. It’s the entrance hall.”



Lacria and Nija who are at front spread both of their hands wide, but there’s not anything worth seeing here, isn’t it…… it’s the entrance hall.

When I look up, I see a chandelier burning with a lot of magical power.
Aside from people staying around, there’s nothing to see.

To put it frankly, it’s boring, so I decided to go to the next place.


“Rauria~ Chiyugi.”
   (Lacria~ Tsugi/Lacria~ Next)

“Eh, you are already good? Umm, wait a moment please.”


Lacria who was slightly surprised by my words makes a distance and takes something out of her pocket.
It appears to be a magic tool. Moreover, it’s the type I have seen before. It should be a communication device if I’m not mistaken.


“――s, Ojou――trance haー――ri――it seems. Ye――next――. Understood.”


I heard only the ‘understood’ clearly, so I don’t know what she was talking about, but she must have contacted Obaasama or Ena. They said to keep closely in touch, after all.


“Ojousama, thank you for waiting. Well then, let’s go to the next place.”



It was bad that the first place was the entrance hall. A place vast as this with nothing to see in it is not good for an adventure.


“Ojousama, this is the second reception room.”

“…… Chiyugi.”

“Eh! P, please wait a moment!”


There’s a reason I gave an immediate reply.
I have also been here. This is the place we have chatted after meeting Obaasama and Ojiisama. The place where…… I made Mira cry.

And I also know. That there’s nothing for me to see.
There, I understood. I ended up immediately understanding.


The mansion adventure…… it has no meaning since I can’t see anything!


Aside from the clock hung on the wall, there’s almost nothing with magical power.
The chairs, desk, and sofa too. The paintings hung on the wall, the vase with beautifully arranged flowers, or the expensive furniture. I can’t see anything.
The things my personal maids are describing have no magical power, so I can’t see them.
I knew. But, I didn’t realize.

Even though Obaasama and Ojiisama know I have Cloudy Eyes, they don’t think that I can’t see.
They might have told my personal maids the same thing. If not, they wouldn’t be explaining about furniture, right?



“Yes, what is it, Ojousama?”

“Mienyai no.”
   (Mienai no/I can’t see)


“Shiechume~shite moryatte mo, mienyai no.”
   (Setsumei shite moratte mo, mienai no/Even if you explain, I can’t see)

“P, please forgive us, Ojousama!”

“N~n. Baa~ba ni iwarietan resho?”
   (N~n. Baa~ba ni iwareta desho?/N~n. You were told by Baa~ba, weren’t you?)

“Y, yes…… We were told by the Great Madame to act in the same way as if Ojousama could see……”

“Sho ka. Ryaーoea wa mo~ii karya. Kishiran no kunrien mitai.”
   (Sou ka. Iyaーoheya wa mou ii kara. Kishidan no kunren mitai/I see. No- enough of the rooms already. I want to see the Knights Order’s practice)

“Knights Order’s…… is it?”


“Pl, please wait a moment!”


After talking with Lacria, she made a small distance between us again and started communicating with Obaasama.
Even if we go around the rooms, there’s no meaning in the end as I can’t see. Therefore, I decided to change my mood by watching the practice of the Knights Order which I can’t usually see.

This is also a splendid adventure. Because it’s not something, I see often.
Moreover, I can see people. This won’t bore me.


“Ojousama, I have received permission from the Great Madame. Shall we go then?”

   (Yoroshiku~/Take care of me~)


When Lacria returned, she immediately gave instructions to two of the knights who quickly took off.

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