Chapter 80

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Wind Dancing Wolf-kun
By the way, there’s a personal doctor for the Christophe House. …… No, there was. He still is, but was.

Randolph Bistwarf.
He’s a person who has supported the Christophe House from the shadows for a long time as the personal doctor.

He’s a person who actively gathered information about my eyes and examined the investigation.
In the end, a nurse whom he was employing handed over information about me to a hostile organization, and because he felt responsible for the organizations that started to move, he resigned as a doctor.


I understand that the information was handed over inevitably as the nurse’s family was taken as hostage.
Everyone knows that Randolf wasn’t involved in that one bit and that he’s a great contribution to the Christophe House.


Well, I found out just recently.

I couldn’t find out what happened to the nurse who handed the information over until the end, but I was told what’s going on with the old man Randolph.
It appears that after quitting being a doctor, he used his still healthy legs and arms and begun researching.

Right, research about the “Cloudy Eyes.”

Even after retiring as a personal doctor of his own accord, he’s still giving his body to the Christophe House…… no, to me, Lilianne.
To be honest, I don’t understand why he goes that far.
According to Obaasama, the Christophe House is the same as a family to Randolph.
It’s probably simply like this.

Even though the Christophe House wished for the old man to continue being our personal doctor, he was worried whether the same thing wouldn’t happen with another of his subordinates and stubbornly refused.
Instead, he took all the expenses to build a research facility on the Christophe House’s grounds.
The old man Randolph ended up living in the Christophe House and occasionally comes to show his face.


His research doesn’t seem to be progressing, though.


The moment after old man Randolph retired as the personal doctor, the second personal doctor, a woman named Rayhawk Ranballast took over.
She’s a young female doctor, but her knowledge and skill are said to be not inferior to old man Randolph’s.
It appears it was the lack of experience due to the young age that she was the second personal doctor.
The lack of experience has been supplemented by focusing on the servants of the Christophe House and working as a doctor at the servant training facility in Landrish, the territory of my grandparents.
The facility in grandparent’s territory is apparently an energetic place where people get wounded on a daily basis. What a terrifying place.


Of course, Obaasama didn’t talk in details, though.




「Yes, Ojousama. All is fine now~」


A soft, gentle voice.
For a female doctor, I imagined someone tough, but if I’m pushed to say, this Rayhawk person is like a childcare worker.


「You are healthy today as well, aren’t you? As expected of Ojousama. Let’s continue being healthy like this, okay~」


She has shoulder-length straight hair.
There’s no falsehood in her cheerful, comforting words and there’s no lie in her expression and flow of magical power either.
Her smile seems to be from the bottom of her heart. There are several conditions, but I’m able to tell that there’s no falsehood in her flow of magical power, speech and conduct.
Because those conditions are also tough, it can’t be used on a daily basis.

I make good use of the proximity which is the biggest problem.
A distance from which I can touch.
For a doctor like her who has to do palpation, the distance problem was solved easily, so I cleared the other conditions and got the truth of her behavior.
Although I say that, it’s not a complete understanding. In the end, it’s in the area of intuition.
The ways to verify are too low.

Moreover, most of them are from staged experiments with Reki-kun.


Recently, the number of times Reki-kun puts forward his right leg is too large.
It’s a technique I developed to verify his authenticity.
Therefore, they basically are for Reki-kun. They are not to be applied to people.

Somehow, I ended up using it today. That’s because I was wondering whether they could be used on people as well.


“Recently, her weight has been favorably increasing, and she’s also growing smoothly. And she gets plenty of exercises thanks to that Wolf-kun, so I have no objection to her physical strength either.”

“Then, what about that sudden comatose state from before?”

“Information from that time is insufficient, so it’s still unclear. Bistwarf-sama is investigating that too, but as expected, we can’t deny the lack of information.”

“I see……”

“I think it would be a good thing to try everything against what happened. However, we can’t let Ojousama worry by being caught in that matter.”

“…… That’s right. Thank you.”

“No, those words should be for Ojousama.”


Ena and Rayhawk-san look at me.
The two are making wonderful smiles. The affectionate smile Rayhawk-san is making has the feel of Maria-sama.
Ena’s is the usual warm, motherly smile.
She’s making such soft smile that the severe expression from a little while ago seemed like an illusion.


“I’m sorry, Lily. I’ve made you worry.”


“Fufu…… that’s right, Elliana-san. Lily-chan is an extremely clever child, so she sees through everything, you know?”

“That’s so, isn’t it…… Lily…… let’s play a lot, eat a lot, and stay healthy, okay?”


Ena’s arms wrap me on top of Obaasama’s soft lap.
While having my body rocked, the beautiful, sleep-inducing voice wrapped everything in the baby room.

I have been recently taking naps with Reki-kun, but we were not able to do that today.


The 13th Month will soon come to an end.

The one month of playing with Reki-kun together with my siblings will soon end.
The ways to play with Reki-kun considerably increased during this month.
Beginning with the furball play to throwing a Frisbee-like round thing, chasing each other and going for strolls.

If done something right, Reki gets praised and patted.
If he can’t do it, he gets scolded and does it again.

But, we don’t shout nor hit him. Originally, Theo and Ellie are not children who would do something like that, so there’s no problem, but Theo also read the book Ellie found, so they continue happily trai-…… playing with Reki-kun.

Reki-kun who has gotten used to being stroked sometimes plays around by play-biting. But, that’s also not good.
It appears play-bitting is only allowed with permission. Play-bitting will become dangerous once he grows up. If Reki-kun makes a mistake and doesn’t hold back, with his strength, he might simply bite off hands.

Furthermore, catching him from the above while playing tag is also not allowed.
It would apparently give him the impression of being attacked.
Forcibly pulling on limbs and neck is also not allowed.
Letting him approach just with words and gestures is apparently essential.


It appears that the magical power rider attack was also no good…… let’s be more careful.


Reki-kun is a wolf, but he’s being taught similarly as dogs. As expected, there was no book about training a wolf.
Because he’s smart, he remembers most of the plays after the first try.


Reki-kun, Theo, Ellie, and I, the four of us are playing together as well.

But, today is slightly different.
In this one month, Reki-kun grew at a frightful rate, and his body became considerably big.
When I first met him, his shoulders reached only up to my chest, but they are already at the same height as my face.


No matter how you look at it, isn’t he overgrown?
At this rate, won’t Reki-kun’s full length reach ten meters?


After imagining Reki-kun growing into a gigantic wolf, I believe it to be possible.


He’s not that huge yet, but the back of Reki-kun who changed from medium-sized dog to a large-sized dog is comfortable.
Right, currently, I’m on Reki-kun’s back.

It’s precisely my past desire to hiyaho~ on Reki-kun’s back.

Because he’s walking slowly, I can even ride without holding, raise my hands in the air and hiyaho~


“Lily looks happy, doesn’t she? Is Reki ride comfortable?”


“I see~ How nice, Lily. I’d like to get on too.”

“As expected, even Reki would crumble down if Ellie gets on, you know?”

“Theo…… you have some nerve.”




Our Oniisama runs away as fast as he can from the delicately negative aura escaping from Ellie’s body.
Stimulated by Theo’s and Ellie’s chasing, Reki-kun accelerates wanting to join them.

As he seems to be well aware of me on his back, there’s not much vibration. It’s not as fast as Alek’s human-powered roller coaster――Alek Coaster, he did for me before, but I still can’t get enough of the wind hitting my cheeks.
As Reki-kun is able to pay attention to others while running at this speed, the chains don’t come in contact with anyone.


“Rieki-kun, go~ go~!”


Being urged to increase speed and overtaking the siblings who are chasing each other, a wolf and a little girl sweep over the wide and narrow Reki-kun room like a wind.

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