Chapter 79

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Everyday With Wolf-kun

Wolf species, Salvarua.
When adults, their body size easily exceeds people.
A rare species which can use sorcery without tools.
According to one of the theories, they are monsters who have overflown and adapted to life on the ground. Details are unknown.
Excellent quality fur and astounding physical abilities. Treated as dangerous walking fortresses that could use magic, they were once hunted down on a large-scale like monsters.
During that time, Salvarua fur was extremely popular and their population rapidly dropped.
But, Salvarua are highly intelligent, not wanting to fight a futile war, they survived in small numbers in hiding.

On the Lizwald Continent, there’s no recognition of protection for endangered species.
Things that are endangering to people are always annihilated. Beasts with dangerous abilities are considered as such.

Salvarua with their astounding fighting power and high intelligence were domesticated at first, but it couldn’t be accomplished because of their high pride.
Instead, they have been designated as dangerous due to the damage they caused during domestication.

They are being cornered by people.
Reki-kun is a child who survived being cornered and taken into the Christophe House’s protection soon after birth.

I don’t think he would be taken into protection if not for Roland Ojiisama and Annela Obaasama being aware of guide dogs for the blind.
Because even the young of species designated as dangerous are being fundamentally culled.

It appears that it was a coincidence that grandparents learned about guide dogs.
While gathering information regarding my condition, the two had a chance to witness a person who actually suffered from Cloudy Eyes being assisted by a dog.
As I thought, the general concept of guide dogs is still not established yet, only a few trainers had gone through the training.

My grandparents gave the training method to trustworthy subordinates who applied it on Reki-kun. No…… they are applying it even now.
The training is repeated by trial and error, but the results are steadily increasing.
As far as the training is concerned, I feel it doesn’t seem much different from the training I saw in my previous life.
I have seen guide dogs only several times, but they are indeed different from ordinary pets.
According to their training, they can endure while supporting.
Of course, some of them might be rewarded with treats, but they are also trained to be able to endure their instincts.

By the way, you are not supposed to give treats to a guide dog while it’s supporting.
They are working, and such action interferes with their work.

Well, that is the general concept of guide dogs from my previous life, whether it would work on Reki-kun who’s training in front of me is a delicate matter.


(Reki-kun, didn’t he become somewhat big?)

“He’s still in the growing period. He will keep on getting bigger from now on, you know?”

“If I’m not mistaken, he will get to about 3m~?”

(T, three meters, is it…… that’s big, isn’t it?)


Although Salvarua are species of wolf, they grow to a size to which ordinary wolves can’t even compare.
By the way, the names of the unit for length use SI for some reason.
I thought there would be similarities somewhere when I heard the words magical power, but I didn’t think the units of length would be the same.
The units of time are same as before, just their names are different. I wonder if the name of the time units become different because there was no need to establish an accurate way to measure it?
Has length remained because it’s closely related to daily life? No, I don’t think the names of the time units would become obsolete because of a reason like that……
The truth isn’t certain. I feel something contrived, but I have no way of finding out at the moment. Sani sensei also didn’t know.
Although it’s often used, it seems there’s was no reason to investigate especially when it came to something that has become common sense. Especially since it’s not Sensei’s area of expertise.


“With the current size, he’s sufficiently big for Lily to ride him.”

(Ah…… that’s right! I wonder if I could get a ride next time.)

“He will let you on immediately if you ask, won’t he?”

“That’s right, that’s right~ Reki is already Lily’s manservant, after all~”

(Manservant…… the relationship between Reki-kun and me is that of master and servant, but a bit frank or how to say it, I would prefer if we could be more friendly…….)

“The difference between strength is already clear, after all. No, is it affinity? Anyhow…… Reki has completely submitted to you. Since he already submitted, being friendly would be unreasonable.”

(It’s like that, as I thought…… well, I think it will depend on how I will treat him, I have to make adjustments in that area.)

“Fumu, well that’s true. It won’t be possible without spending more time together. But, the pride of Salvarua is high. You have to work hard not to stimulate Reki-kun’s pride.”

(Yes, I understand.)


Salvarua have high pride.
I can clearly understand from Reki-kun’s attitude before the use of force.
Well, that pride was crushed to pieces when I resorted to force, though.

In the meantime, Reki-kun’s training apparently finished.

Since we entered the 13th Month, his training doesn’t end early even if I come.
That’s because the training wouldn’t progress since I come here every day.
Besides, I learn various things while watching his training.


“Ah, Lily. Reki is coming~”

(Yeah. Is he holding it in his mouth today as well?)

“Yeah, he is~ He’s shaking his tail super happily. I wonder where the pride disappeared to?”

(Ahaha…… Reki-kun is still a child, so I think it can’t be helped?)


Because playing with furball became Reki-kun’s favorite after learning about it, he comes as soon as possible with the furball in his mouth when his training finishes.
The act of dropping the furball in my hand and urging me to throw it doesn’t make him look like a noble wolf at all. He’s a puppy who wants to play.
His energetically swinging fluffy tail is also adorable.

But, properly understanding our relationship of master and servant, he sits and waits for orders after handing me the furball.
Well, his tail is like that, and his eyes too are extremely restlessly demanding quickly, quickly, making me smile wryly.


(Reki-kun. I will play with you, but you also have to study properly, you know?)


His right leg comes out at the front as soon as saw the words of magical power.
Recently, his recognition speed of the words of magical power drastically improved. But, his left leg doesn’t come out often. Is he properly understanding?

But, he’s probably not listening to what I’m saying at the moment.
He’s absorbed in playing with the furball. I don’t know what’s so fascinating about it, but this seems like an extreme boom in Reki-kun’s head.
He played with my siblings until they were completely exhausted yesterday and day before yesterday too.

Incidentally, I took a refuge relatively early and was listening to Sani sensei’s lesson, so I didn’t get exhausted.
Abnormal, that’s the one word that sums up his stamina. His stamina is far higher than that of an ordinary dog. I don’t really understand the stamina of wolf species.
On top of an outstanding physical ability, he’s endowed with unbelievable stamina. And he presses to play with furball with that stamina. You can say that I would get dead tired if I fully entertained him.


(Then, it’s studying after playing for a bit today?)


A right leg comes out at front simultaneously with the words of magical power.
When I throw the furball with a wry smile, he immediately brings it to my legs and bows his head.
Throw, fetch, praise?
This is one action.

Because he’s waiting in a counterattack with his round and cute eyes, I have to praise him earnestly.
I think those round and cute eyes are unfair. Because of them, I couldn’t bring myself to touch him before.


After playing with the furball for a while, Theo and Ellie whose practice finished came over.
Since the Winter Holidays begun, they have been training daily until afternoon.


“Lily. Can I play with Reki too?”


“May I play as well?”



Kissing me on cheeks and hugging me first after approaching and then asking for permission to play with Reki-kun is in the most recent fashion.
Although I think there’s no reason to ask for permission, it can’t be helped since Reki-kun’s master is me.

I hand over the furball to Theo and pass the Reki-kun’s playmate job to them.
After playing for a while and taking a rest, we begin Reki-kun’s lesson.
I did not forget to do my lessons and observe Reki-kun until then.

This is my most recent daily life.

The recent everyday life is entirely made with Reki-kun in the center, but the doting of me is not any different.
Reki-kun is cute so I thought it would disperse, but it looks like that’s that.


My difficult to understand lessons progress while resting on nonchalant Obaasama’s lap and occasional observing of Reki-kun moving at blurring speeds.

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