Chapter 75

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Distance Between Wolf-kun
Today as well, I start working from the morning in Reki-kun’s room while keeping a delicate distance from him.
There’s a proper reason for the delicate distance.
That space is used for the words of magical power and various pictures.
Of course, it would be more efficient if we turned sideways and wrote there, but Obaasama and today’s personal maid――Lacria, are always nearby.
If we did it like that, it would be too strange.

I proposed another mofumofu measures which included cuddling close to Reki-kun and mofumofuing him while listening to a mofumofu lesson, but that has not been achieved yet.
Reki-kun’s wary, round eyes still don’t permit me to let me touch him.


Strange…… even though I should be his master…… strange.
Incidentally, the two fairies don’t touch him. Rather, they are not trying to touch him?


I don’t know the reason, but the two are keeping a fixed distance from him.
They would probably tell me if I asked. But, it’s not the time to talk about such a trivial thing.

Sani sensei starts a difficult to understand lesson while we pretend to stare at each other today as well.
Reki-kun is already yawning.
Because Kuti’s illustrations are reversed for him, he looks that way, he looks this way, he yawns, and he stretches himself.


What a free person, oi.
No, free dog? A free wolf?
But, the collar on his neck is always connected to a chain.
I can clearly see magical power flowing through the chains. In other words, it’s a magic tool.
I don’t know what magic tool it is, but I can see roughness on the surface――a carved seal of enclosed sorcery. I should be able to understand it after analyzing it for a while.
Therefore, don’t move! Stay still! I can’t read! I’m telling you, I can’t read!


“Are you listening?”

(Yes, I’m properly listening! Everything’s all right. The speed of building a defensive of the 2nd class sorcery is about six times the speed of the 3rd class defense sorcery, right? The reason for the delay is the density of the constructed layers, the amount of magical power, and the overall image is complicated, unlike the 3rd class defense sorcery. On the other hand, the provided protection is 14 times stronger, and the amount of magical power consumed is be quadrupled. The built defenses can be reinforced with multiple layers at any time, there are ways to grant additional effects with additional actions. Because those are in the upper ranks of 2nd class sorcery, they have been omitted from the construction of the defensive layers this time.)

“U, umu…… I have not explained about the amount of magical power yet, you did well…… furthermore, you even thought about granting of the effects……”

“A genius! There’s a genius over here! Someone~ there’s a genius over here~! Kyaa, kyaa a genius~!”

(Ehehe~…… stop it already, Kuti~)

“Cough. Alright, then――”


The lesson advances as usual with the usual exchanges.
My multitasking ability is not at a point where I could listen to dozens of people at once, but it has improved considerably.
Although I can’t see the color of growth since I’ve reached the current stage of this area, I feel that this much is enough.
Right now, it’s possible for me to have five to six simultaneous thought processes while listening to Sensei’s lesson. However, my comprehension ability decreases.

I don’t divide my thoughts to the five or six processes because there’s no meaning, but I always try to divide my thoughts to two or three.

I listen to the lesson while pursuing Reki-kun’s pointlessly busy movements.
So far, I have not seen his chains removed.




Occasionally, an instructor-like person trains Reki-kun in the afternoon, but his chains remain attached. He uses that instead of a leash.
Indeed, there’s something with the chain.

Reki-kun’s practice is command and action.
Sit, lay, come, wait, good job, no, advance straight forward, advance to the right, advance to the left, etc.
Because he was taught such commands, there was no excretion training.
If I’m not mistaken, guide dogs should be able to prompt their excretion with one-two command. I don’t know the reason.
I have a vague recollection of reading that in a manga in my previous life.

Nevertheless, he’s surprisingly being properly trained to become a guide dog.
Are there guide dogs for the blind in this world too, after all?
It seems that prototypes of guide dogs existed already in the first century AD in my previous world.
But, the creation of the first properly trained guide dogs was around the year 1800.
Although this world similar to the middle ages, there’s a mismatch of modern-like magic tools.
Although I can’t rely on the common sense and history of my previous life, it can be at least used as an indicator.
Even if I can refer to it, I didn’t think there were guide dogs with proper training.


“Sani sensei. Are guide dogs common? Is the training Reki-kun doing reliable?”

“Fumu. Let’s see. I’m certain it was recorded somewhere on some report, but it shouldn’t be training this thorough.”

“Ah~…… it was in the 13th paragraph on the 2879th page of the 48908th regular report.”

“Ahh…… that thing?”

(…… Kuti, do you perhaps memorized all of the reports……?)

“No, rather than saying she memorized them, she recollects them?”

“Right, right, there’s no way I can memorize that much~”

(Recollect…… is it?)

“Umu. It’s one of sorceries Kuti created. If a sorcery boasting of such ability would become existing sorcery, it would surely expand the list of the top class sorceries. Well, it would need someone who could use it first.”


“It’s quite difficult, after all~ those who can use it is only I~ Sani~ Natasha~ and several other people?”

(Is that so…… even though Kuti’s concealment sorcery is so difficult…… where will I be able to use something like that, I wonder……)

“N~? The concealment sorcery is kaguagah.”


The moment Kuti wanted to say something, Sani sensei suddenly swept Kuti’s off her feet, and then Kuti’s abdomen subsequently welcomed a jackknife.


What a splendid cooperation…… Sani sensei is quite violent, isn’t she……
Even if Kuti ate that, she will return in a few minutes, though.
Nevertheless, is there a meaning to sweeping Kuti off her feet if they are floating? Ah, does it have to do something with balance?
Besides…… if you open your legs like that, I will see your panties, Sensei.


While thinking about something off point, Reki-kun’s training finished.
It seems his training ended earlier because I came.
Getting touched and rubbed by the master is more important than training, after all.


He didn’t let me touch him yet, though……


(Thank you for your hard work, Reki-kun. Are you tired? Here, here, please have some water.)


Because Instructor-san picked up something and made an action of pouring, I judged that he’s pouring water in Reki-kun’s water bowl.
After Instructor-san finished pouring, Lacria took it and brought it here.
Instructor-san can’t approach me himself. That’s a rule of this Reki-kun room.
Therefore, my personal maid brings the water in his stead.

The water bowl Lacria carefully handed me over is heavy. Toddlers physical strength is only something like that.

When I suggested Reki-kun to drink the water in order to somehow shrink the distance, he begins drinking without any particular reaction.


This is a chance, isn’t it……
Right now, it’s surely fine to touch his head. …… It’s fine…… right?


My little hand is slowly approaching Reki-kun who’s drinking water.
Lacria who sensed my actions after handing me the water over returned to her usual spot and stood in an alert.


Your tension is too great…… Lacria.
You don’t have to be so nervous. You are making me nervous as well.


Slowly, gently, my hand approaches Reki-kun who doesn’t show any reaction.
He’s wholeheartedly drinking water. Is he that thirsty?
Quietly, softly, slowly, and awkwardly.
Because he was drinking the water wholeheartedly, Reki-kun finished it in a blink of an eye and lifted his head up.
And his round and cute eyes stare at me.


Aaaaah…… don’t look at me with such eyes……


There are wariness and just a little bit of doubt and curiosity in his round and cute eyes.
I judged it might be okay to touch him a little, but after staring at my extended hand for a bit, he averted his gaze.
Reki-kun returned to his usual place.

Chains restrain Reki-kun, but his radius of movement is quite wide.
It would reduce his stress at least a bit. He’s kept in such wide place, so it’s only natural.


Nevertheless, when will I be able to touch Reki-kun, I wonder?
That bushy, smooth, glossy, fluffy…… ahh, when~


The day I touch Reki-kun might be still far away.

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