Chapter 74

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Studying Wolf-kun
Going to Reki-kun’s room was added to the daily routine.
It seems that Reki-kun’s room is near the training room of my siblings, so we often go the see the two doing their best.
Although I say that, there’s a problem timewise, so it’s not like we go to see the two’s training every day.
Theo seems especially busy recently.


“Lily, I intend to advance to the Knights Department, after all. I’m practicing at home, but diligently learning at school would be definitely better!”

“That’s right. Even though you are enrolled in the Knights of White Crystals, it’s no different from a private army so properly studying at school is important.”

“What should I do, I wonder~…… I don’t have any intention of advancing to the Knights Department, but there are no other departments I’m interested in~…… Ah~ why is there no Lily Department~”

“Lily Department, huh! That’s nice, Ellie! That is extremely nice! Let’s go to negotiate with the school right away!”

“Right! This is the time to use the power of the Christophe Household!”

“Fufu…… you two are in fired up, aren’t you~」

“…… Annela-sama…… please, stop them……」


Theo is apparently graduating from elementary school the next year.
After elementary, he will attend junior high school where he will attend classes in the professional departments.


It feels somewhat like a little university? Theo is only ten years old, but he will already attend a junior high school……
Because he would need another two to three years in my previous world, I think this world is quite fast.
But, considering the different world’s standards where children have to work, the idea of school is unusual itself.


Regarding schools, it also appeared in Sani sensei’s lesson.
Surprisingly, five-year-olds are able to enroll in a school.
Ovent is putting a lot of effort into school management earning the nickname of the University Town.
There are several schools in the capital Ovent and Theo is attending the biggest one.
To be precise, the Ovent Kingdom’s Third Royal Academy.
It’s not a school, but an academy, it would be different.
What is surprising is that fundamental studies are quite inexpensive. Most of the Ovent’s population have finished their elementary studies, and the literacy rate apparently exceeds 70%.
Having said 70% reminded me that this is indeed a different world, but it seems that simple calculations, reading, and writing are on a sufficient level.
What they learn in elementary school is around that area, and I also understood that the calculations Theo had problems before were on a difficult level for his age.
The junior high school is divided into many departments.
Theo is planning to attend one of them, the Knights Department. As the name suggests, the Knights Department is a class for prospective knights.
From the behaving and speaking as knights to the combat practice.
But, even though it’s junior high school, they are still ten years old children. About half of the classes is the extension of the elementary school, making the professional departments only a fraction of the studies.
This is also done in a manner of laying the groundwork for higher education.

The tuition fee of the junior high school is higher compared to the elementary school’s fee because it’s possible to learn specialized fields. Therefore, many children find employment after finishing elementary school. However, in general, the children who go to junior high school continue into senior high school. It’s a matter of course as the junior high school lays the groundwork for it.
It isn’t an obligation to go to school. It’s the individual’s choice.

Nevertheless, Ovent’s situation is considerably good.
The other three countries have nearly no school system, and their literacy rate can’t be even compared to Ovent’s.
Their system is truly a system of a medieval age different world. Ovent has a considerably modern way of thinking.

Incidentally, there’s also the sorcery aptitude test when turning ten years old.
This is not done exactly at the age of ten, but at the end of the highest grade of the elementary school.
It seems to be part of the school support.
The aptitude test itself is considerably large-scale, so doing it individually would be difficult.
Even those who don’t attend the school for some reason can come to receive an examination.
In case the reaction in the examination is positive, you will receive a lot of sorcerer support from the country.
Because it requires deep knowledge to become a sorcerer, the system is set in such way, so the children who didn’t go to elementary school or are planning to give up on junior high school are prepared ahead of time before the path before them.
There are not many people who show positiveness.
That’s why the Ovent’s King took political measures in such way that even one isn’t missed just because they were poor.
This policy indeed had a certain effect and had produced tremendous results in discovering the sorcerers in the making.

The country gives their utmost support because the sorcerers are scarce. Even if you are a sorcerer of a low rank, as long as you can use a magic tool, you can secure a high paying official work.

For that reason, everyone longs to be a sorcerer.


By the way, the aptitude of our Oniisama Theo is…… negative.
Both of our parents have positive sorcery aptitude, but there wasn’t any particular mourning because the aptitude is not hereditary.
Most of the knights of the kingdom can’t use sorcery.
Sorcery is a powerful means of attack as long as the magical power continues flowing, but it fundamentally requires chanting.
The chants of the low power sorceries are short, but it’s still difficult to use while fighting on the front lines.
Besides, if you use magical tools, you can do the same without chanting.
There are limitations on the number of times magical tools can be used and they are expensive, but even with that in mind, people who are able to use magical tools are far more useful.
Even Claire, who is actually a court sorceress carries a magic tool around.
It’s common sense to prepare magic tools in advance rather than tactics.

Sorcerers who can handle only low sorceries fundamentally become either magic tool masters, adventurers, mercenaries or knights.
In case you can use sorcery of a certain degree, you will be most likely employed by the country and live as a sorcerer.

But, as expected, the power of high sorcery is on the large-scale, and magic tools can’t replace those who can use sorcery of tactical class.
Claire’s White Flames are around that area, they are on the smaller scale of the tactical class sorceries, but its power is guaranteed. Therefore, the cost will be considerably large if made into a magic tool.
The sorceries sealed within the magic tools are fundamentally low-class sorceries.
Nevertheless, their effect is still sufficient, so they are extremely useful.


“Well then, here’s the problem. Please, state the reason why do people of the Lizwald continent have to retain such strength when there’s no war between the people for the past 800 years.”


(Because it’s necessary in order to subjugate the monsters springing forth from the many Dungeons. The fights don’t happen only between people.)

“Umu, correct. If the monsters overflow so that they are actually springing forth, the fight becomes large enough to be called a war. The adventurers, mercenaries, and knights hunt them down before they start overflowing.”

(That must be the sweeping my Otousama was talking about, isn’t it?)

“Precisely. His 2nd Knights Order is an Order specialized in exterminating monsters. You may say that this continent is peaceful thanks to their continuous efforts.”

“As expected of Lily’s Otousama! Her Otousama is amazing too because Lily is amazing!”

(Kuti…… isn’t that the opposite~)

“There’s not such thing! He can keep on fighting only thanks to the Lily element!”

(I, is that so……?)

“Of course!”


She does the usual smug face and puffs out her tiny chest.
But, if Kuti says so, it’s probably like that. Almost everything Kuti says is correct.
She occasionally loses focus, but she’s correct most of the time. …… Most of the time.


“That being the case. Have you understood, Reki?”



Reki-kun puts out his right leg.
The reason we are talking about what I already know is in to teach Reki-kun and for my review.
I have realized after several days, but Reki-kun is really bright.
He puts out his right leg in most cases.
Well…… I don’t really know whether he really understands even if he puts out his right leg, but he’s still listening with a curious flow of magical power overflowing from his eyes.
Obaasama is always in a place where she could rush to me, and my personal maid who is currently in the room――Nija, is in a slightly further position than Obaasama.
But, when it comes to Nija, she could probably get to me before anything happened.
Of course, Reki-kun wouldn’t do something like attacking me.

By the way, the reason I’m adding -kun after Reki is because he’s a boy.
I haven’t confirmed it myself, but Obaasama told me that he’s a boy.
He doesn’t seem to be castrated.
But…… I don’t know about telling that to a two-year-old. Obaasama.
We are studying together in Reki-kun’s room every day.
Because my studies are too difficult, Reki-kun who was listening together with me at first yawned and went to sleep.
Therefore, we are reviewing simple lessons that even Reki-kun can understand.
Sensei’s lessons slowed down because of that, but reviewing is also important. There’s no problem.

In addition, I tried teaching the two how to write words of magical power, but it seems difficult as expected.
I basically tried teaching the two manipulations, but it didn’t go that smoothly.
We have been practicing just for a few days, so it’s still too early to give up. Let’s proceed slowly.




The 12th Month ended quickly.
One year for this world consists of 13 months, so the new year will be celebrated at the end of the 13th Month.
I’m told that my siblings are having holidays from the 13th Month until the 1st Month.
They have one month long Summer holidays and Winter holidays which are one month long as well. It’s a school with many holidays.

I have promised to play with the two a lot when they have their holiday, so the number of lessons will decrease again.
I wonder if they are in an even bigger playful mood now that Reki-kun is here as well.

Reki-kun has a fur that doesn’t lose out to Mira, but he won’t let me touch him.
When I try to touch, he keeps on staring at me.
It’s wondrous how guilty I start feeling when he stares at me with his round and cute eyes.
I can’t win against those eyes, so I can’t touch.
He’s quite a formidable opponent.
But, I’m not going to lose.
Before long, I will show you the paradise by all means…… Reki-kun!

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