Chapter 73

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wolf-kun’s Name
I continue holding my hand out for a while after drawing the words of magical power.
But, the gaze of the endangered Wolf-kun goings going back and forth on my hand and face.


“Can he not read?”

“He’s still young. It’s reasonable.”

(Is it too difficult after all……)

“Won’t he understand after growing up a little more~?”

“The possibility is high. He will learn what you teach, isn’t that well worth it?”


As Sani sensei said, it’s well worth it.
Because this Wolf-kun has been given to me to assist me, that area will greatly expand if we can understand each other.

In the first place, guide dogs is assistance for a master who doesn’t understand his/her surroundings. Of course, it’s possible to have some degree of communication, but it will become even easier if he could understand my directions through words of magical power.


“Ah, which reminds me, didn’t they say yesterday that he doesn’t do ‘give paw’?”

“They did. Salvarua are species with high pride. It might be because of that, you know?”

(I see…… but if that were the case, wouldn’t he return a different reaction?)

“Dunno~ To each his own, surely.”

(I see…… let’s see. Umm…… if you can read these words, could you put your right leg forward?)


If he’s having trouble giving paw because he doesn’t like it, wouldn’t he be able to do this? It’s not giving a paw, after all.

After fixedly staring at the words and then gazing at my face…… Wolf-kun slowly moved his leg forward.


“Oh~…… you understood? Was this understood?”

“He should just move his left leg forward this time, right?”

(That’s right, isn’t it? Then.)


Before I could even write the words, Wolf-kun already retracted his right leg and moved his left leg forward.
Apparently, not only he can see the words of magical power, he can even hear the voices of the fairies.


“He hears our voices……”

“Next, put out your right leg, put out the left leg, withdraw the left leg, put out the left leg, don’t withdraw the left leg.”




Sani sensei starts raising an army game, and Wolf-kun got immediately caught.
Wolf-kun’s frustrated face was very funny at that moment.
Wolf making a frustrated face. That is a truly strange and fluffy face.


“Fumu…… he properly hears and understands our voices. His responses are also not bad.”

(I see…… that was a very easy to understand examination.)

“You made fun of him~”

“If I have to do it, better do it in a fun way, right?”

(Well, that’s right, but…… you can’t bully him too much, okay?)


Making a wry smile at the smug-faced sensei, I turn towards the sulky Wolf-kun.


(Wolf-kun, I’m sorry. Sensei didn’t have any ill intentions. Could you forgive her? Could you put out your right hand if you forgive her and your left leg if you don’t?)


Wolf-kun who give a sidelong glance at the words of magical power slowly puts out his right leg.
I felt slightly relieved seeing that. Although he’s sulking, he doesn’t seem to be angry.


(It appears he can read the words without any problems. If it’s like this, we should be able to talk a little bit more.)

“Yep, yep, let’s hear the names first! Self-introductions are important, after all!”

“Umu, that’s right. I’m Sanin. Call me Sani sensei.”

“I’m Kulestilt~ I don’t mind if you call me Kuti!”

(My name is Lilianne. Please call me Lily.)



After our self-introductions, Wolf-kun put out his right leg.
The meaning of affirmation.
He can read, but it’s not like Wolf-kun can talk, so it’s something like sign language.

We didn’t have any trouble introducing ourselves, but Wolf-kun is different.
It would be difficult just with positive/negative affirmation. It would be nice if Wolf-kun could use words of magical power, but that took me a lot of time to learn.
Kuti is originally an incredible sorceress, so she learned it with no troubles, but according to Sani sensei, she has never seen the skill of freely manipulating magical power before.
Won’t it be too difficult for Wolf-kun to handle?

But, it’s possible to learn his name.
The characters of this world have notations like the alphabet of my previous life.
He can just point the characters one at a time.

But, there are several problems.
It will take time.
I basically only manipulate the words of magical power, so she just watches over me, but I don’t know for how long will Obaasama leave me alone.
In the first place, I don’t know whether he has a name or not.


Therefore, I decided to do settle it step by step.




“Yes, yes, what is it, Lily-chan?”

“Motto kooko to ashonde teii?”
   (Motto konoko to asondette ii?/Can I play with this child more?)

“Yes, of course. Play as much as you want, okay?”



Next is whether he already has a name or not.


(Wolf-kun. Do you have a name?)


As I ask with words of magical power, Wolf-kun immediately puts out his right leg.
Obaasama who’s watching from behind probably doesn’t understand what’s going on, but I don’t mind her.
Now that I know that he has a name, I write the characters of this world in a row.
I write the words for the conversation in a different place.


(I will now point at the characters one by one, could you teach me your name?)


I confirm with Wolf-kun who put out his right leg and start pointing at the characters one by one.


“As expected of Lily! Like this, we will be able to learn his name~”

“I wish he could manipulate magical power like you and Kuti, but. That technique is really difficult, after all. Conversation would be difficult, huh.”


I begin to figuring out Wolf-kun’s name while Kuti admires.
I point at the characters one by one until Wolf-kun puts out his right leg.
And repeat the process.

It took time as expected, but we have safely found out Wolf-kun’s name.


“Umm, this is ‘Reki,’ isn’t it?”

“That’s the only possible way with this notation.”

(Are you fine with your name being Reki?)


Reki-kun instantly moved his right leg forward.
It seems he already got used to it.
It was only with positive/negative affirmation, but I was able to communicate and learned his name.
It went much smoother than the time I wasn’t able to hear Kuti’s voice.



“Yes, yes, what is it?”

“Koono no naae, kiemashita.”
   (Konoko no namae, kimemashita/This child’s name, decided)

“Is that so? What is he called?”


I’m glad Obaasama understands even with my lisp and incomplete sentences.
Obaasama with a slightly tilted head and gentle smile is extremely adorable. Is this person really a granny?




“E, ee~…… n~…… rie…… re!”




After saying it several times, I was able to finally pronounce “re.”

You are difficult…… R.


“What a wonderful name. Then, this child is Reki from now on. Let’s get along well, Reki.”

“Yooshiu~ne, Rieki.”
   (Yoroshiku ne, Reki/Let’s get along, Reki)

“Reki. Reki, huh…… isn’t that quite gallant name, as expected of Lilianne!”

“Really! Reki, best regards! Get along with Lily, okay?”


R’s are indeed difficult.
But, I was able to teach everyone Reki-kun’s name. Therefore, there’s no problem.
His name seems to be accepted well, he was able to decide the name by himself, so it’s only given.


“Best regards~ Reki~ Ah, but you have to properly call me Kuti-san, alright~?”

“Why should he attach -san to your name? No honorifics should be fine.”

“Eeh~…… I mean, it’s by the ranking~”

“Ranking, what do you mean by ranking?”

“By order~”

“I won’t change even if you change the way of talking……”


Gazing at the usual comedy sketch of the fairies, Reki-kun’s expression felt somehow calm and gentle.

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