Chapter 76

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Wolf-kun’s Ordeal
“Ahh…… Lily. You are cute today as well! Seriously, mou, mou! I love you!”



Theo who rushed over after his training ended was in high tension today as well.
Even though he should be dripping with sweat after training, he emits a nice soapy smell and the scent of freshness that is unique to him.
He indeed deserves to be called Oujisama in the school.
As soon as his training finishes, he has to go to school at once.
But, he always washes away the smell of sweat without fail when meeting me. Far from that, he doesn’t forget about the faint, refreshing fragrance.
It’s not like Theo’s odor is refreshing. This is naturally a perfume.
But, the fragrance is not too intense, he probably uses just only a bit.

To be ten years old and care about his own smell, as expected of Oujisama.


“Ahh…… I want to be with Lily for longer, but I have to go…… But you see! But you see! It will be winter holidays soon, so we can be together very soon!”


He embraces me and rub, rub, rub, rub, rubs his cheek against mine.
Theo reports on the winter holidays just as Kuti’s jealousy meter reached halfway.


That’s right. It will be winter holidays soon?
I’m currently studying with Reki-kun, I don’t want to cut off a lot of time, though.
I’m sorry for Theo, but I won’t be minding you much during this year’s winter holidays!


“Well then…… I’m off. While I’m not here, let Reki-kun comfort you if you feel lonely, okay? But, I will return soon, okay! Wait for me!”


Oniisama gave me a slightly longer kiss on the cheek and regrettably separated.

But, my thoughts were interrupted for a bit by his next action.
Believe it or not, he stroked ‘that’ Reki-kun’s head.


What’s going on!?
Reki-kun! Reki-kun!? You let Theo touch you, but I can’t!?
What’s going on!?
My thoughts of slowly and carefully getting your vigilant, round and cute eyes accustomed have been completely disregarded!?
You’re fine with Theo, but not me!? This is cruel! Too cruel!
But, Reki-kun is not at fault! Reki-kun is a victim in a sense!
The one at fault is…… the one at fault is!


My jealousy meter exploded before Kuti’s jealousy meter could.


“Nii~ni, kiai!”
   (Kirai/Hate, dislike)

“Eh!? W, why Lily! D, did I do something bad!? I, I’m sorry…… forgive me! Please!”


The cries of the betrayer Oniisama are of no concern to me.
I did my best in various ways to touch him, yet he can touch Reki-kun so easily!
I can’t believe this!
…… After all…… after all! Reki-kun too, Reki-kun…… not fair!


“Rieki-kun mo jurui!”
   (Reki-kun mo zurui! Reki-kun too, unfair!)

“Eeeh…… Reki-kun too? Q, quick, Reki-kun apologize too.”


Betrayer Oniisama touches Reki-kun’s head to make him forcibly lower his head.


Reki-kun dislikes that!
What a brute you are, Oniisama! Your act was truly demonic!


“Nii~ni, kiai!”
   (Kirai/Hate, dislike)

“U, uwaa~n! Lily, please~ forgive me~!”


The rare quarrel between siblings in which Reki-kun got rolled up lasted until the nonchalant Obaasama forcibly interrupted it when the time for school approached.


(Kuti…… I have been thinking…… I might have been spoiling Reki-kun too much.)

“Yeah, I thought so too! I think Reki is pushing his luck!”

“…… You think so?”

(So, I thought of being a little more stricter!)

“That’s right! That’s right! Reki’s time is already over! It’s my time from now on!”

“…… Your time, huh…… what dark times……”

(Rather, it’s my time! Now then, Reki-kun! I won’t go easy on you today, alright!)


After crouching down and finishing my conversation with Kuti, I make use of my developed limbs to rush in front of Reki-kun.


“My, oh my, since when you were able to move this fast, Lily-chan? As expected of my grandchild. I’m so happy……”


Obaasama was deeply moved in the back, but now’s not the time, so I leave it for later.
My target is the nonchalantly yawning him.



(Reki-kun…… you won’t be yawning for long!)

“Get him, Lily! Someone like Reki peh, peh!”

“…… Wau?”


Reki-kun who noticed the atmosphere is different than usual tilts his head and stares at me with his round and cute eyes.


(Ku…… he always deceives me with those adorable eyes! However, that’s not going to happen today! Secret technique!)


I reach with my hand towards my waist and make a transformation motion like a certain mysterious grasshopper person.
Then, I make a 180-degree turn.

I concentrate compressed magical power into my eyes.
Of course, I don’t forget slowly rotate.


On occasion, leave the tsukkomi about me being an adult aside!
There were rebroadcasts, and my parents liked it too!
I also read manga in my previous life! Number one is power, technique is number two! But, the third one is the strongest!


   (Henshin! Transform!)

“Ooooh! Beat him up Lily~!”



“My, my, do your best~ Lily-chan~”


Sensei’s silent treatment in the back has slightly pierced my heart, but it’s now too late to stop.
I have already gone so far. It’s not possible to stop now.


The strange tension will end if I calm down.
If I calm down now, I won’t be able to recover!


The magical power which is amplified by the spirit of the shout rapidly compresses.
I output an enormous amount of magical power and compress it at a terrific rate.
Obaasama already realized that I’m trying to do something.


Therefore, don’t mind it……
You must not mind it……
…… If you mind it, I will loose!


I understand that Obaasama in the back has gasped. I have revealed such a terrific amount of magical power.
And it’s being compressed and becomes smaller and smaller.

It still can’t compare to the magical power I have hammered Mira with into a whirlpool of pleasure, but compressing after releasing is more efficient than compressing in the body.
It’s a compression method devised based on deep knowledge.

But, Obaasama was usually nearby, so I wasn’t quite able to use it. However, I don’t worry about such a thing anymore.
I cast a mold of compressed magical power all over my body.

It takes an exact form of magical power armor.
Small shield-like pads on both of my shoulders with big gems in the center.
An elaborate armor covers my chest. The plate in the frame is fitted with shining gems.
A jacket underneath the armor and a long pareo-like belt is tightened around my waist.
Long boots that are reaching up to my knees and gloves firmly on my hands and a ring on my thumb. If I put this into the belt and pour magical power in, I will be able to transform into a different form.
I didn’t become a mysterious grasshopper man, but the modern-day magician armor is complete.
Truly a transformation.
A perfection made with undefeatable enthusiasm.
Although there are many places I remember only vaguely and places I made wrongly, it’s about right.
Incidentally, there’s no mask on my face. I didn’t remember that area at all.


“So cool~! Lily, amazing! Too amazing!”


“…… Wa, wauu.”


Kuti’s eyes are sparkling completely like a boy who met the hero he admires.
Let’s ignore Sani sensei who’s looking at me in silence with a tired expression. Let’s do that.

Judging by Reki-kun’s expression, he’s completely bewildered. But, what about it?
Questions are…… unnecessary!


The magical power rider suddenly starts running towards the bewildered object.
However, this armor of magical power is just a cover.
It naturally adds no physical power.

Tota, tota, I run with the usual little steps…… I briskly trot over.

I make a dive directly at Reki-kun who frozen in perplexion.


“Wagiyu…… wagiyaaaaaafun……”


Reki-kun who leaked out a slightly agonious voice due to the impact started crying soundlessly after that.

The caressing by the compressed magical power over my entire body seems to be intense.
His coquettish shrieks immediately become weak, and his body starts convulsing.


Fu…… I excelled. But, what a vain battle……


I celebrated the victory of the vain battle by plentily rubbing my head against the fluffy stomach fur.

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