Chapter 77

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Wolf-kun’s Mistake
After the day of my hollow victory, Reki-kun becomes frightened when he sees me.
Because I have already touched him once, so the hesitation to touch him again disappeared. Even though I feel bad for him, I will touch him until I’m satisfied.

But, there’s a problem.
The chains to reduce Reki-kun’s stress is extremely long.
That equals to a large radius of movement…… in short, I can’t catch him.
His movement ability is extraordinary.
To the degree that even Lacria had a hard time to catch him for me.

In the end, the distance was shortened by pulling on the chains, and he powerlessly fell into my embrace.


(But, using this method, I think he will soon end up hating me, won’t he?)

“Reki is receiving pleasure, so I don’t think that would be the case?”

(You think so~…… I’m considerably forcing him, I wouldn’t like that as well.)

“It’s fine! Hating Lily is impossible! If he ends up hating you, I will smack him down! Someone like Reki is a piece of cake, mufu~!”


Kuti making a smug face let out a large amount of magical power through her nose, but it’s troubling because Reki-kun’s fear doesn’t go away.
Reki-kun displayed violent resistance while he was being caught, but he became docile the moment he was caught. No, he has no choice, but to be docile.
The compressed magical power patting that didn’t work on Kuti, Reki-kun experienced its effect perfectly just like Mira.

After spilling the cry from being hugged, I could clearly understand the vortex of pleasure from his flow of magical power.
But, he who wasn’t familiar with such unknown feeling got was bewildered and got scared of me who forced it upon him.
But, he doesn’t think of running away after I sufficiently enjoy it.
It might be because I completely snatch away his strength by caressing him, but he’s obedient after the deed.
It has a feeling of an aloof guy turning deredere by using force.
Is Reki-kun perhaps a tsundere?


(Therefore you see, Reki-kun? I also want to chase after Reki-kun when you try to escape. But, because I can’t catch you with my athletic ability, I can only resort to force, you know? That’s why I thought of a proposal. How about it?)



It’s definitely not a threat――yet he let out a groaning voice mixed with emotions such as fright and wanting to leave this place at once.
I’m not scared because it’s not a growl-ish voice.
Reki-kun never attacks by biting or using his claws. That might also be the effect of the collar, and he might be attacking because he learned the pain. But, he doesn’t.


“O, Ojousama~…… this child’s strenght~…… he became far stronger than yesterday~!”

“Moo choo.”
(Mou chotto/A little more)


Lacria who is forcefully pulling onto Reki-kun’s chains lets out a miserable cry, but I will have to try a little bit more.
I usually charge in when the distance shrinks to a certain extent, but it’s not possible to hold him for too long.
Because he was reduced to helplessness and his thought process dropped, it’s not currently feasible to properly train him.
Thanks to that, Reki-kun’s studies have not progressed in the recent few days. How troubling.
Well, I myself am taking Sani sensei’s lessons on the soft and fluffy Reki-kun sofa, so there’s no problem.


(If Reki-kun doesn’t run away, there won’t be a need to be reduced to helplessness with stroking, you know? But, Reki-kun’s studies won’t advance if reduced to helplessness, so I’m very troubled, you know? Therefore, you see? Let’s both compromise here, okay? I will refrain from petting you and Reki-kun won’t try to run away? How about it?)

“Guuuu…… gau!”





I realized that the magical power Reki-kun amassed in his four legs abnormally activated.
I realized, but there was nothing I could do. Toddler’s athletic ability is like that.
It will depend on where the chains will break, but they will most likely fly towards me. To avoid that or defend against that is impossible with just my power.

The next moment after being lost in thoughts, the chains held by Lacria and connected to Reki-kun snapped in the middle.
With an incredible momentum, almost as if it was alive, the chains flies towards me. It was so easy to predict it makes me laugh. No, it’s definitely not a laughing matter.
My body that has not finished growing yet stands no chance against a direct hit of the vigorous chains.

Since Lacria was competing in the contest of strength, she completely lost her balance.

But, there’s Kuti beside me.
Therefore, I have nothing to fear.


…… That was supposed to be the case, but it was a leg of Lacria who should have lost her balance and a hand of Obaasama who have protected me.
It appears that the concealment and defensive sorcery that was deployed earlier wasn’t enough to completely stop the chains.


“Ojousama! Are you all right!?”

“Lacria! Well done!”

“Wawawawa…… Lily! Are you okay!? I looked away for a second, and something terrible happened!? I’m sorry, I’m sorry okay…… you must have been scared……”

“That was dangerous. The strength of the minuscule protective wall wasn’t enough, it would be dangerous if it weren’t for the two…… as expected, concealing sorcery beforehand, so it can be activated instantaneously would be the right call……”

(Sensei, thank you very much, you have saved me. Kuti, I’m fine. Everyone stopped it…… besides……)


It appears Kuti was looking away.
What a bad timing. If it were not for Obaasama, Sani sensei, and Lacria, it would turn into something serious…… that’s not actually true.
As Sani sensei said, there were preparations done in advance, so it could be solved without any problem.
I guess Kuti kept it secret even from Sensei. There’s hidden sorcery concealed by even more fine concealment sorcery than that Sensei usually uses.
Even though it’s concealed with such strong spell, I can still see it. And, thanks to my deepened knowledge, I know that this is automatically activated defensive sorcery.
Therefore, it could be stopped even if Kuti was looking away.
Of course, they would understand that defensive sorcery activated and wonder just who used it.
Obaasama, let alone anyone else knows of Kuti’s existence. They would understand that the person who activated that sorcery didn’t want to injure me, but it would turn troublesome if they found out about the existence which holds so much power.

However, Obaasama is incredible as expected. She should have been watching me from a distance little further away, but she’s properly covering me.
Even though Lacria should have lost her balance, she stretched out her leg and protected me from the chains.

But, the place that received the chains has a strange flow of magical power. Almost as if the magical power was oozing from it.
Did she get injured because of a direct hit of chains with such momentum?
No matter if she’s a maid of Christophe House, she would get injured forcing herself after losing balance.

This oozing-like magical power, is it bleeding?


It’s my first time seeing an injury or bleeding.
It seems like magical power oozes out when bleeding.
The hypothesis that magical power is blood-like phenomenon comes true.
The leg of Lacria who received a direct hit is bleeding, but Obaasama’s hand which covered me is not bleeding at all.
I think they should have received about the same damage, but as expected, their level is different?


“Rauria, daijobu? Ariato ne?”
   (Lacria, daijoubu? Arigato ne?/Lacria, are you all right? Thank you, okay?)

“O, Ojousama…… I don’t deserve such words. This is also a part of my duty, please don’t mind it.”

“N~n. Ariato, Rauria.”
   (Arigato, Lacria/ Thank you, Lacria)



Lacria defies the pain and straightens herself up as I speak to her with a tone of concern and gratitude.
I know that protecting me is included in the duty of personal maids. But, you should thank when being helped.

I showed her my gratitude but is her leg not hurting…..?
She links her hands in front of her chest and makes an entranced expression. I’m honestly troubled how to react if you get so happy.

But, she needs treatment since she’s injured.


“Baa~ba. Rauria wo naoshite aete.”
   (Baa~ba. Lacria wo naoshite agete/Baa~ba. Heal Lacria, please)

“Don’t worry, Lily-chan. I have already called an emergency squad, everything’s all right.”

“N. Baa~ba mo ariato ne. Daishuki!”
   (N. Baa~ba mo arigato ne. Daisuki!/N. Baa~ba, thank you as well. I love you!)

“Fufu…… Baa~ba loves Lily-chan too…… I’m glad, that you are safe.”


While being gently embraced by Obaasama, several people approach Lacria.
She floated between two people――she was probably placed on top of a stretcher――after seeing Lacria off from Obaasama’s arms and Jenny took over after Lacria.


“Baa~ba. Orochite. Rieki-kun ni osekkiyo shiai to.”
   (Baa~ba. Oroshite. Reki-kun ni osekkyou shinai to/Baa~ba. Lower me down. I have to scold Reki-kun)

“Is that so? That child is already Lily-chan’s, so do it properly, okay?”



Reki-kun was staring at me from a corner of the large space and trembling little by little.
It seems he knows what he did was bad. He’s slightly far away, but I can see magical power of fear and regret in his eyes.

It looks like he’s reflecting.
But, the cause of this incident is because the pecking order wasn’t properly established.
He was still

I was still too light on him.


I slowly approach him while fully releasing my magical power.
I have received permission from Obaasama to do it properly. Therefore, there’s no reason to hide or refrain myself.
I spread it wide and cover all places, so Reki-kun doesn’t have a place to escape.

There’s no physical effect in the released magical power.
But, Reki-kun can confirm the magical power by sight. In his eyes, it must look like an unbreakable wall. Furthermore, Reki-kun’s current abnormal state prevents him from acting.

Therefore, this is enough of a wall for him.

I gradually shorten the distance with my toddler pace.
It seems like he has the idea as his ears completely fallen and he prostrated himself on the ground. I can clearly see the mixture of magical power that contains fear and reflection in his eyes.


(Reki-kun…… you can’t do that, you know? Are you reflecting properly?)


The moment I write the words of magical power, Reki-kun promptly pushes forward his right leg.
I can understand that he’s sorry from the speed of his trembling leg, but it can’t end here.


(You must not escape anymore, okay? If you try to run next time……)

“Wa, wau……”


Reki-kun’s trembling becomes bigger.


(This will happen, okay?)


I manipulate the magical power in the surroundings and instantly wrap Reki-kun in it.
His cries stopped.
The speed of the rattling and trembling is so strong it won’t him allow to take even a single step.

Reki-kun’s body which was wrapped in magical power was momentarily greatly trembling, but it soon stopped.
The magical power wrapping Reki-kun is not the same compressed magical power I use when mofumofuing him.
He was wrapped in a much higher compression than usually, and it appears he fainted in the whirlpool of comfortableness.


“Awawawa…… he has peed himself…… L, Lily, didn’t you overdo it a bit……”

(Oh my…… he leaked himself…… but, no. I have to make him understand.)

“…… Brrr. L, Lily is scary……”

“You have been looking away, so go, receive a bit of that as well.”

“Hiii……! I, impossible! That’s impossible! If I receive that, I won’t be able to become a bride! …… Ah, it’s fine as long as Lily takes responsibility! A, alright…… it’s impossible, after all!”

“Ah, she escaped.”

(She ran away.)


I disperse the magical power wrapping Reki-kun while watching Kuti running away.
I think the pecking order should be clearly established with this.

I’m looking forward to when he wakes up.

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