Chapter 63

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Fairies and Exclusive
Just one of the four personal maids introduced to me returned with me to the baby room.


Ena and the personal maid――Nija undress me from the one-piece dress I was wearing at the Knight ceremony and the personal maid-sans presentation ceremony.
Even though I can stand, walk, and run, changing clothes alone is still too difficult.
There’s naturally no men in the room now, only Ena, Obaasama, personal maid-san and the fairies.
After taking off my diaper, my top was dressed in an underclothes with many thin laces, and I was made to sit on the potty.
Which reminds me, I have not done it since I got up early in the morning. As usual, Ena and Obaasama are watching over me while cheering me on.
This potty is truly high-performance. It completely shuts out the smell and sound.
I thought it was just the smell at the beginning, but I understood when I did it. That…… I didn’t hear a sound during the discharge.
I was perplexed at first, but I think that this is tremendous once I got used to it. Because there were quite a lot of people in my previous life, who kept the water running in order to eliminate the sound.
In other words, this potty is a magic tool that has the two effects of soundproofing and deodorization. As expected of rich people’s house, impressive.
Incidentally, Kuti started furiously squealing kyaaaaaaaaa when I started to get undressed, so she’s now unconscious with a terribly nice expression while being nursed by Sani sensei.


The ashes of time became a daily act because the Kutiality is too high.
But, I wonder if I’m seriously ill because I also find such Kuti adorable…… no, that can’t be.


After releasing into the high-performance potty, Ena made me clean, and the potty seems to be dealt with by Nija as she carries it out. Ena was doing it until now, but such work will probably become their work now.

My bottom which became clean is powdered with some strange powder in which I could see a faint flow of magical power and a new diaper is put on. This powder is a baby powder that has a nice smell and softens the friction of the diaper.
Even the baby powder is a magic tool, so I don’t know what’s going on any longer.


And then, I was dressed in the dressing gown that has recently forcibly ranked up…… the ear pajamas.


Today are sharp ears and a bushy tail of a fox.
On touch, the ears feel properly stuffed, and the fur is soft and fluffy.
It falls far behind the tail of the chosen personal maid, the stiff Mira-san, but it still feels plentily comfortable.
I don’t know whether the tail uses the same fur as the ears, but the touch feels the same. This isn’t stuffed, but it reaches the carpet even when I stand up.
Although Nija’s expression didn’t change while she was changing me, her magical power spoke emotions eloquently.


This person is the same kind as Smugface-sama who stares while holding her nose!


There’s no terrible change in her expression, but I can indeed tell from the flow of her magical power. I might be the only one able to see her various expressions from her magical power, but she’s truly easy to understand.
Because I have seen this flow many times recently, there remains a particular impression.
I can not possibly compare it because it’s the same as the O’Fairy-sama who’s agonizing in the air while holding her nose.
It appears that the power of ear pajamas is considerably high.
After getting changed, Obaasama hugs me tightly every time enough to make me yelp iyan, iyan.




Four personal maids were introduced to me, but apparently only one will enter the room. All four followed behind Obaasama when we were returning, but only one is inside no matter how much time passes for some reason. Hardly any maid entered the room before when I think about it, so it’s a brilliant achievement, but the room is spacious enough for the four to enter at once.

Actually, because Ena alone was plenty to take care of me until now, even if my radius of activities expanded, one more person might be enough.
I think that maids serving the Christophe house are of considerable quality. Nevertheless, their partner is a toddler, so taking consideration that I might be out of their expertise, two people might be enough until they get used to it, but…… they might have taken that into consideration in the selection.
Because Obaasama was the one who announced it, I’m sure the examination was strict, but I don’t actually know.
Her skill of helping with the change of clothes was equal to Ena’s, and after that had finished, she took a step back and stopped moving.
It’s slightly frightening that she completely blends in with the background with her expressionless. I naturally don’t see the background, though.
But, because I can read her innermost worries thanks to the flow of magical power, there’s something charming in that frightfulness.

Today is my first time with Nija, so I have been staring at her all the time.
The class is on a break for now, so the fairies are watching curiously as well.


“This person has no expressions at all, doesn’t she?”

“Umu. Did her facial muscles degenerate?”

“Possibly~ She’s quite good, though~”

“She’s not the type as Lily whose expressions are delicate, but she’s completely pokerfaced.”

“From the way she stands~ she surely likes horses!”

“Are the half-closed eyes perhaps natural…… or is her eyesight poor.”


It’s a conversation between two people who are not completely engaging, but they are talking without care. I observe with a wry smile in my mind when she speaks about half-closed eyes.
Nija is so short she doesn’t even reach Ena’s chest. Two bulky round ears are on top of her head. Her tail is hidden under her skirt so I can’t see it, but it’s probably short. She’s a bear after all.


That tail must be also round and bulky without a doubt. I would like to touch it by all means.
I thought that I might not be able to enjoy short tails, but my thinking turned 180 degrees. I mean, I might be able to touch it, after all.
If I can mofu, I will throw my thoughts down the ditch.



With her, both hands joined in front of her skirt and her back straight――she alone stands strong without moving. I can’t see into her half-closed eyes. Because I understand that she’s a powerful person because of the flow of magical power, perhaps it’s possible to master to prevent having your future movements read by not having your eyes read.


How should I go about touching the ears and tail of a person who has so little openings……
As expected, do I have to put the master’s power to use……
I don’t want to do that, but……


After staring and worrying for a while, Obaasama lifted me up from behind.


“Lily-chan, she’s Nija who will be your maid starting today. You remember because she was introduced a short while ago, don’t you?”


Because Nija is smaller by about a head than Obaasama, our lines of sight are about the same when I’m in Obaasama’s embrace.
Nija also stares at me with her characteristic half-opened eyes.
There’s no particular change in the flow of magical power in her eyes. Her focus is not my white eyes, but the fox ears slightly above.


The person who extends the end of her sentences among the four personal maids is a fox person, but would this person do if she saw that person……


“…… Again, I’m Nija. Please, treat me well …… Ojousama.”



I return a single word to Nija who is silently bowing, match her and bow my head too.
Her surprised half-closed eyes opened slightly wider. But, they immediately returned back to normal. They are certainly trained.
But, as expected, the focus of her eyes is not my face, but the top of my head.


Does she like it that much? I will let you touch it, so…… let me touch in return……


Just when I devised such a typical counterattack strategy, Obaasama started rubbing her cheek against mine and interrupted my thoughts.


“Fufu…… that’s right. This child is a child I recommend. Get along well, okay?”


When I nodded to Obaasama’s gentle voice, she moved me straight to the baby bed, and it became Obaasama’s reading time.
10% of me listened to her reading and 70% listened to Sani sensei’s lesson. The remaining 20% were turned towards Nija.
There’s not much change in the room even with the addition of one personal maid.

Sani sensei’s lesson was difficult as usual, but I was able to understand thanks to Kuti’s easy to understand illustrations sufficiently.
Recent lessons teach me about the structure of the basic part of sorcery.
To put it simply, it feels like some kind of a program. Sorcery is built with a combination of a fixed formula with another formula.
It seems that this analysis part is unnecessary for exercising existing magic.
Because using “that which is already completed” is an existing sorcery.
But, the sorcery that I’m going to use is beyond that point, so the analysis is necessary.


To assemble a program in order to shape the sorcery I desire.


That is the summary of Sani sensei lesson.
Of course, the word program didn’t come out. I’m just using that word to make it easier for me to understand.
But, I gradually understand the applied words as the lesson advances.


Sorcery is precisely a program.


I was cramming sorcery knowledge while listening to Obaasama’s and other’s voices today as well.

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