Chapter 62

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Fairies and Greeting
As I look at the heads of the four people who have moved in front of me, I can see a dazzling light shining on their wonderful equipment.
Actually, there’s no such light, but it can’t be helped that I see it with my eyes. Even if the light is just an illusion, its existence is absolute.

It seems as if the four with the shining, strongest equipment are 80% more brilliant than usual.
Wonderful equipment is a default, it can’t be helped that I feel strange about the increase.
The thought that the four supreme existences are for my exclusive use makes my thinking weird.


Damn! What is this heaven!
Isn’t it the best!?


My broken thoughts didn’t recover until Kuti realized it and covered my eyes with magical power.




“Introduce yourselves.”

“I’m Lacria. Please, treat me well, Lilianne Ojousama.”

“I’m Jenny~ Please, treat me well~ Lilianne Ojousama.”

“…… Nija. Please, treat me well…… Ojousama.”

“I’m Mi, Mira! Pleash, treat me well! Lilianne Ojousama!”


Although the first three people elegantly bowed, the last one was nervous and magnificently bit her tongue.
She’s the one who received my mofu. But, I don’t mind because her state was charming, and my good impression of her skyrocketed. Rather powerfully at that.


If there’s not enough oil between the screws, I will give you plenty with my magical power!
I would like you to let me touch you again by all means.


Lacria has bunny ears and looks like a very diligent person.
Because of her crisp and firm face, she’s strongly smelling of seriousness.
Jenny is a fox-eared person who delicately prolongs the ends of sentences and gives off a gentle feeling.
A delicate-looking bushy tail calmly swinging left and right is visible from under her apron dress.
Nija’s half-opened, sleepy eyes are her characteristics, and she’s a bear child considerably smaller compared the other three.
But, her magical power is far more beautiful than of the other three. That flow is not as strong as Obaasama’s, but I can tell. She’s surely a powerful person.
The last one, the mofu’ed dog ears-sama is trembling nervously, and as expected, her fur is superior to the other three.
Even if there’s a little distance, I can see a flow of magical power with my eyes. It’s obvious that her fur is not ordinary.


“…… Lily-chan, these four are your exclusive maids who were recruited from the self-recommended nomination in the mansion. I guarantee it. These four will definitely be helpful to you.”

“O, Okaasama……?”


Annela Obaasama whispers in a low voice.
Claire was slightly surprised and raised a puzzled voice. That’s only natural. Because it’s not usually necessary to say something like that to a one-year-old child…… usually.


“Fufu…… I told you yesterday, right? Lily-chan is a special child. She surely understood even this conversation. Besides…… her reaction to Nija and Mira was different from the other two. Nija is a real deal who has topped the results of the training menu I have made. Mira appears to be Lily-chan’s favorite so it might have been inevitable, though.”

“…… That story…… I indeed think that Lily-chan is special, but…… do you really understand, Lily-chan?”


It appears that Nija whose flow of magical power I could recognize really is a powerful person.
However, I’m slightly worried about how to answer Claire’s question.
But, it seems that Obaasama talked to her, it might be better to let her understand a bit that I’m special.
My personal maids and the people from my Knights Order…… it’s better to let them understand.

The main reason why I inclined towards self-defense was that I could not establish a way to protect myself.
Right now, I have Knights Order and personal maids.
I also have the strongest ally, Obaasama.

There is also the dependable Kuti who I trust the most.

Ah, Sani sensei too.


…… If that’s the case, to those who I will share a long relationship with, I should let them know in order not to cause confusion.


“Ka~shama, orochite.”
    (Oroshite/Put me down)

“Eh, ah, yes.”


Claire was surprised a little, but she immediately lowered me down according to my words.

Today’s garments is a simple one-piece dress with a star and sun embroidery.
The large ribbon around my waist is fastened tightly, but it’s still easy to move.
I wear soft pumps on my little feet. Since the heel is not high, I don’t have any problems with balance.

After gently lowered down, I balance well on my two feet.
I don’t fall even if Claire releases her hand. Running is already almost my specialty.

Totetote, I approach the four with short steps.
I don’t have to look to see Claire feeling worried behind me.
I’m happy she’s worried about me, but I have decided this by myself.



If I don’t do it now…… it wouldn’t be good.


I notice the surprise of the four wonderfully equipped maids.
The knights behind them and even Theo and Ellie are nervous as well.
Only Ojiisama alone is watching me firmly with a smile on his face.


“Kurishutofuke, jijo…… Ririaniyu, ra, Kurishutofu desu. Yooshiku ne.”
   (Christophe ke, jijo…… Lilianne La Christophe desu. Yoroshiku ne. / Christophe house’s, daughter. Lilianne La Christophe. I will be in your care)


Although my speech is still too doubtful, with my best effort, I put my right foot behind the other, pick up the one-piece in my both hands and bend my knees.
I think I was able to do the courtesy so well I surprised even myself.

At that moment, big applause enough to surprise me resounded from the rear.
Not only the rear. Front too――Ojiisama, Theo, and Ellie were clapping their hands.
As if that was a signal, the other knights and the four maids started clapping as well.


“Lily-chan! Well done!”



I was lifted up from behind to a high enough position to overlook the storm of big applause.
I felt zero gravity when spun around in the air for a moment, but I was immediately caught by something soft with an extraordinary sense of security.
Of course, the one who can handle me so flawlessly is Obaasama.


“As expected of my grandchild! That was an excellent greeting!”


Obaasama gently embraces me, tightly and powerfully, but still handling me like a fragile article.
Claire and Alek in my light of sight are both completely surprised and stiff.
But, they immediately reboot and approach me at a trot.


“Lily-chan, incredible! When did you learn how to do such a greeting!?”

“You are amazing Lily! As expected of our child!”


The approaching two unanimously praise me with smiles on their faces
I’m surprised because I didn’t think I would get praised so much.


“As expected of my angel! Indeed, Lily is the best!”

“I knew Lily was able to do it properly! It was a wonderful greeting!”


Theo and Ellie who run over with their armor clattering praise me.
After that, Ojiisama with a satisfied expression came over while nodding his head.
Being praised so much makes my back somewhat itchy.


“Umu. You are something after all.”

“It’s only natural because she’s my Lily! Fufun!”


Sani sensei with no particular change in her expression and Kuti with a smug face and wonderfully bright halo above her head praise me.


(Thank you both.)

“I’m more thankful~! I was able to see something good~! It was a magnificently splendid greeting~ As expected of Lily!”

(It was only a name, though~…… besides, my lines sounded weird……)

“It’s only natural if you take your age into consideration. From my viewpoint, it was a sufficient greeting.”

(Thank you very much, Sensei.)



Seemingly satisfied Sani sensei and Smugface-sama with a halo which gradually gets bigger and bigger.
Obaasama passes the hugging baton to Claire, and the big applause, the blessings, and compliments from my family members increase even further.

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