Chapter 61

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairies and Faces
I woke up wearing ear pajamas and Kuti stuck to my face.
Wasn’t Kuti’s yesterday’s excitement past the current record?
Claire’s, Obaasama’s, and Ellie’s merry-making was also intense, but I think that Kuti’s was the most terrible.


I mean…… Alek was acting the same way.


On the contrary to yesterday’s festival-like ruckus, it’s very peaceful today.
I couldn’t get Kuti who is glued to my face off, but I leave her like that since it’s pleasant. If it were not Kuti, I would probably already swatted it.

Only a dim sound of Ena’s cleaning resounds around the quiet baby room.
Cleaning, which is Ena’s daily routine is extremely quiet. She’s rapidly wiping the room with something in her hand.
It’s still unknown whether it’s a dustcloth or what, but that’s the only cleaning tool.
She cleans what I consider to be carpet and windows only with that tool. It’s only my guess, but isn’t that a magic tool?
I don’t see any flow of magical power, but it’s surely the type with an installed mechanism inside.
This mansion, no this world has numerous magic tools.
The largest one I have seen until now was the long-distance image and voice projector, the Silver Eye.
I think that the smallest magic tools are the parts used for the pocket watch and the ordinary wall-mounted watch.
If something so small is a magic tool, then it wouldn’t be a mystery if there was a magic tool in the dustcloth as well.
The vacuum cleaner used in my previous life also seems to be replaced by a magical tool in this world.
I wonder if the thing Ena uses that appears to be a dustcloth is really a magic tool. I would like to clarify one day. But, now is not the time yet.

Ena cleans during the mornings. Therefore, it must be morning now.
Birds’ singing or the warmth of the sunlight don’t reach into this room. It’s a completely soundproof room. I don’t know whether the window is also a magic tool, but I can hardly sense the temperature of the light.
Still, the room’s temperature is constantly maintained by a magic tool that perfectly controls the temperature and the humidity at the exact comfortable level at all times.
As I went outside, I know that it’s summer. Moreover, it’s a dry summer.
Even with such a change of seasons, I couldn’t feel it in this room at all. Although comfortable, it’s slightly lonely.
I have noticed this point just recently because I was allowed to go outside. There are many things to be noticed even if you have knowledge comparable with ordinary toddlers.
I wonder if, in the end, things like knowledge wouldn’t overcome experience…… No, it shouldn’t be like that.


Therefore, rather than not knowing, it’s better to know. I think that it’s better to know more than don’t know anything.
For example, today is the first meeting with members of the Knights of the White Crystals.
This is a delicate event, so it wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t know about it, but I wanted to be informed of the great event that followed after that.


It was bad for my heart!




A total of 25 knights wearing full plate armors with huge shields and carrying swords standing in a line.

Among those, a boy and a girl whose height obviously doesn’t match.
It’s my Oniisama and Oneesama.

Theo is wearing a full plate armor as well, his attitude ready for action. The usual thin sword is hanging from his waist.
Ellie seems lighter compared to Theo, but she wears a thing that could be called a full plate armor as well. Her weapons are a small dagger hanging from her waist and a bow on her back. Is she prepared for close combat too, I wonder? I’m slightly afraid.

The two are standing with the other knights in line with their backs properly straightened up. All members hold their helmets under their arms, exposing their real faces.
Even if they were wearing helmets and full armor, I would still be able to recognize my siblings, though.
Their figures are smaller than those of the other knights, but they are not inferior, no, they emit a sublime beauty which above others. It might be because I see them in a favorable light, but it can’t be helped that I see them like that.

They are completely armed. But, do they intend to fight while wearing such heavy-looking armor? No, there might be a magic tool inside. If there’s a magic tool that reduces the weight or increases flexibility, it would be practical even if the armor emphasized the defense.


Or perhaps, is it for ceremony only?


In addition to the knights standing in a line, Ojiisama and Obaasama are standing in front of them.
Claire is holding me and Alek with Ena are next to her. Surrounding us is Scarlet-san and other wonderfully equipped maid-sans I don’t know.
No, there’s one person I know among the maid-sans. The person I made cry when touching her.


I’m really sorry about what I did that time.
Please, let me mofu you again by all means!


That person seemed to notice my gaze as the flow of her magical power became slightly strange.
Is she embarrassed? Or is she hanging her head down in shame?


“Well then, the Knights of the White Crystals formation ceremony will now begin!”


Ojiisama in splendid armor who’s at the front of the knights shouts in a very loud voice.
I was startled a bit by the volume. Is he using that megaphone magic tool again?
Claire who noticed my startled jolt told me that everything is all right. My heart has surprisingly calmed down because of her gentle and warm voice.
Mother’s words are mysterious. Just hearing them makes me feel safe. I feel a mysterious comfortableness and a sense of security.

When Claire finishes talking, a grand sound of applause follows.

I can hear Ojiisama’s long speech in a normal voice this time.
The Knights are mumbling knight-like lines such as until I end up exhausting my life.
I can’t understand it all because there seem to be many technical terms.
The words of oaths are usually words with difficult and ancient words that are usually not used.
When I asked Kuti, she raised her index finger and made a smug face, but Sani sensei answered instead.
After that, she started talking about stories related to knights, so I listened.
Sani sensei also has abundant knowledge not related to sorcery.
Kuti was sulking for a bit because she wanted to answer herself, but she soon pulled herself together and supplemented Sani sensei’s lesson with her usual comical illustrations.
Two head knights on horseback gather large armies at both sides, they come out and begin saying something.
And when they return, they charge altogether. This repeats.
Sani sensei concludes that the battle of knights is some kind of drama. It appears that knights of this world make wars in similar as it was in my previous life.
They respect chivalry, social status and establish rules…… and make wars.
It’s not anything goes war, but like a war with fixed rules just like a match.


Sani sensei says that such war is no different from a form of drama.


I can’t image war because I haven’t actually witnessed it, but I still think if not wars with rules set in stone isn’t better.
Well, the best would be not to make wars in the first place.

When there are many people, there will be many ideas. With those who understand, there would be that don’t.
If the conflict becomes big, it will turn into a war. It’s the same story with the Great War that occurred 800 years ago. But, there’s no peace without wars.
In fact, the group of swords aiming towards the sky was made to oppose the organizations aiming for my life.


“””All of us, until our lives are exhausted! We swear to protect our Lord, Lilianne La Christophe!”””


Loud voices speak the words of an oath.
Ojiisama who had his back turned on me spins around, and solemnly approaches with one, two steps.
With the third step, he slowly pulls out the sword that hung around his waist, and kneels down with his both hands presenting the sword.


“We are a total of 26 White Crystals Knights. We swear to fight and protect until our lives are exhausted.”


All knights who had their swords raised suddenly kneel.
The scene is beautiful, just like a painting.
Sani sensei utters hou, while Kuti has a smug face as expected.
With the two, magical power doll-like kneeling knights in the back, the Kuti Knights Order has been born.


I feel like I’m supposed to take the sword Ojiisama is presenting on clap on his shoulder and say something, however…… I can’t do that myself, so Claire does it for me.


“Acting leader Claire La Christophe will accept the oath in the stead of Lilianne La Christophe. Now, raise! Knights of the White Crystals!”



The Knights stand up with Claire’s dignified words and point their swords towards the sky.
Their loud shouting echoes and shakes with the entire great entrance hall.
It was loud enough to faintly shake with the magical power of the chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the hall.

Because it was too loud, I ended up holding my hands against my ears.
Finding that appearance amusing, Claire returned the long sword to Ojiisama, happily smiled and gently wrapped me up in her arms.

The loud shouting soon calms down, the knights return their swords to their sheaths and stand in attention just like in the beginning.
Ojiisama also returned the sword to the sheath after receiving it back from Claire, returned back to the knights and stood in attention while looking my way.

Obaasama should be standing next to Ojiisama, but she was standing next to Ena before I noticed. She quietly stepped forward.


“Well then, I will now introduce Lily-chan’s exclusive maids.”


With the words that left from Obaasama’s words, the wonderfully equipped maids immediately came to mind.


Is it perhaps them!
Seriously!? Are you serious! Say you are serious!


It seems that I will finally obtain my beloved wonderfully equipped maids.
Exclusive means precisely that, right!?


Following Obaasama’s words, the four gorgeous, dazzling, supreme existences with wonderful equipment standing behind Claire stepped forward.

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