Chapter 60

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairies and High-pitched Storm
Today, Obaasama and Ellie have started choosing my clothes since morning.
Apparently, Claire and Alek are returning.
Because I only have to put clothes on my body when it’s decided, I had Sani sensei continue her lesson.
Kuti went to watch the clothes selection, so today’s lesson is difficult……
Still, I was somehow able to follow so let’s deem it acceptable. It was a lesson that sunk Kuti’s easy to understand illustrations deeply into my mind.

After 2 Hals of choosing, it was time to get changed.
Kuti’s merry-making was adorable, but the dressing up soon ended.
Because I obediently let my clothes get changed, only the choosing of the clothes takes time.

Today’s attire is a flared skirt which tightly flows around the waist.
A short-sleeved tunic with a large ribbon on the chest. Because the chest is widely opened, I’m wearing a frilled shirt underneath.
Five buttons are decorating the tunic, but the shape of the lower two is different from the other three, and they play the role of complementing the large ribbon.


But…… there are cat ears for some reason on top of my head.
Because wonderful equipment’s true value is when displayed on others, I don’t think anything when they are put on me. On the contrary, I think that they don’t suit me.

But, the surrounding’s reaction was a complete opposite.
The usual high-pitched shrieks became screams.
Kuti holding her nose was making an incredible face. It appears she can’t speak anymore.
Sani sensei too was hou repeatedly admiring.

What is this…… are people with wonderful equipment always being seen like this?
Let’s restrain myself a bit, un…… maybe.

Incidentally, other members were all formally dressed, no one with wonderful equipment. This is somehow unfair……




The employees are lined up in the entrance hall where we welcomed Obaasama and Ojiisama and the five wait. I’m in Obaasama’s arms as usual.
By the way, when we finished changing clothes and left the room, the two men who came have perfectly temporarily halted as always.
The usual necessary reboot of several blows was dreadful. What was dreadful is somehow hard to put into words. If I could say it in sound effects, it would probably be effects such as gogogogo and giyu~n.
It can’t be helped because they were unthinkable sounds.

The time we waited in the entrance hall was only a little.
The door soon opened, and my parents entered for the first time in a month.
My parents who came into the entrance hall――especially Claire, dashingly quickly released a warm, magical power the moment they looked towards us.


“”Okaasama, Otousama! Welcome back!””


Matching Claire’s quick intimacy, Theo and Ellie rush over to the two and embrace them.
The jumping nine years old boy and seven years old girl were properly caught, holding them both in her arms and spinning is our Okaasama. She’s super powerful.
From the fact that the nearby servants immediately retreated and created a space, this must be happening quite frequently.


“I’m home…… Were you good children who listened to Obaasama and Ojiisama, I wonder?”


“Of course!”


Claire spins two, three times and tightly hugs the two. The releasing magical power further increased in speed. The amount is so large it hides the deeply bowing servants.


“Lily was a good child as well, Okaasama!”

“The Magic Battle was incredible, Okaasama! Lily was also properly listening!”


The hugged two boastfully say while turning their heads to me in Obaasama’s arms.
The smile of Claire who heard that became even bigger.
Alek too was smiling with his hand on Theo’s head.
Neither of the two seems to embrace him. I thought that he was a bit pitiful, but…… well, such is life.


“Otousama, Okaasama. It has been a while. Claireteal has just returned.”

“Don’t be so stiff. You did well, I firmly watched you.”

“Yes, you did well. The sound performance you did mainly for Lily-chan was very nice. Well, Lily-chan, will you praise Okaasan and Otousan?”


Claire who soundlessly approached and reported her return with an elegant courtesy could be only seen as a daughter brought up in tender care no matter how you look. She doesn’t seem like a powerful woman who can spin with two children at once by any means.

The two grandparents return a gentle smile to such Claire, and Obaasama lightly hands me over to her.
Claire’s height is not much different from Obaasama. She is quite tall from my, Theo’s or Ellie’s perspective, but compared to the Alek next to her, she’s considerably little.
This little…… to think that this frail-looking person, is an individual and team champion in the competition of martial arts and sorcery…… it hardly seems so.
But, Claire is obviously a powerful person. And, her achievements in the Magic Battle should be appropriately praised.
In that case, as her child…… let’s give meaningful childlike words in order to reward our great mother.


“Kaa~shama, eai~”



I gently stroke the cheek of our prided mother with my little hand.
Thereupon, Claire gently hugged me while completely filling the surroundings with warm, magical power.
Her cheek against mine, I could feel a different kind of warmth from the warm, magical power.
I didn’t think that she would be so happy she started crying, but if she’s happy to such extent, I also release the warm image of magical power I had before a half year ago.
It’s my first time in half a year, but I think I can do it considerably better than half a year ago.

The spacious entrance hall was filled with a high capacity of a released magical power.
Obaasama would naturally notice. Everyone in the entrance hall should feel something warm as well.
But, they can’t identify me as the cause. Because Claire is doing it already at a full throttle.
I can confirm the unbelievable amount of released magical power by the sight of Kuti, and Sani sensei who have their eyes opened wide, but don’t intend to stop.
I release for a while and suspend the release at the same time Claire stops hugging me.
Like this, even if Obaasama knows that I was releasing the magical power, she would think that it was triggered by emotions.
The strategic arrangement is perfect. Incidentally, I was able to consume a large portion of today’s practice. It might recover by the time Obaasama goes to take a bath, but it shouldn’t completely fill up.

That’s because I have partially included compressed magical power in the releasing.
When hiding a tree, hide it in a forest. When hiding magical power…… I had such idea, but Obaasama is not having any particular reaction…… was it a success?
Having magical power come out due to the emotional development may be used as for secret training as it’s a work of the unconscious area.
Sorcery practice is still a long way off. While that may be true, I have no intention of neglecting the magical power practice.
I think of various ways to exhaust ever-increasing magical power every day.
Considering praising mother at one hand while having selfish thoughts on the other hand. I may be considered unworthy of being a child, but now’s not the time to be talking about feelings.
Magical power practice is the only possible self-improvement. It will be helpful in sorcery practice, so I have to do it.


Claire’s magical power considerably softened, so I noticed Alek approaching from the side.


Ah~ my Touchan has been left unattended……


While wrapped in a warm magical power, I felt a bit sorry for my father who came home and had not uttered a single word yet.




It’s nice we have returned to the baby room and changed clothes, but…… something is wrong with you today, Obaasama……
What I was changed into are the so-called ear pajamas.


Cat ears and now this, just what is wrong with you today, Obaasama!


Even though the season is summer, I was dressed in a pajama with furry dog ears and a bushy tail.
The pajamas should be thick, but they are surprisingly refreshing and comfortable to wear. Is there perhaps a magic tool attached somewhere……
I can’t see it in my visible range. I’m extremely curious about its structure.
But, Claire who didn’t consider my thoughts brought me back with her high-pitched scream.


“Kawaii~! Incredible, Lily-chan, you are a genius! I was desperately trying to endure it at the entrance hall, but Okaasan will melt from too much excitement!”

“Fufu…… right? I thought that Lily-chan would look good in this~ There’s no mistake in my choice!”

“This is bad, this is bad! This is realistically bad! What is this cutie, she’s too dangerous, too dangerous!”


While the overly excited Okaasama embraces me closely, Obaasama had a smug face. It’s a smug face that could beat 1st Smugface-sama at its own game.
Speaking about the 1st Smugface-sama, she’s becoming a reaction entertainer while pinching her nose.
Floating in the air, she’s releasing a dreadful magical power with her eyes bloodshot. It precisely feels like she’s burning this into her memory.


…… I have never seen such magical power! No, I have never wanted to see it!


Ena and Ellie were perfectly frozen, but Ellie has promptly rebooted and joined the two with a high pitched scream.
After the changing of clothes was over, the three men who heard the commotion came and were instantly knocked out.
Theo and Ojiisama who completely stopped might still be the better ones.
Guhaa as if vomiting blood, Alek crumbled down his four, and he started releasing magical power with bloodshot eyes just like Kuti.


You as well!?
Why did it turn like this! Someone, save me!


In the baby room which turned into a picture of Hell, Claire’s, Obaasama’s, Ellie’s, and Kuti’s high-pitched screaming continued to reverberate without an end in sight.

By the way, Ena and Sani sensei who were able to reboot relatively fast viewed that picture of Hell from a distance.
It doesn’t seem they intend to stop them, though.
…… No…… they can’t stop them might be right.

The destructive power of the four women is that terrible.


The high-pitched storm has been blowing all the way through the baby room for a while.

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