Chapter 59

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Fairies and Resolution
“Now then, shall we start with usage of existing sorcery?”

(H, huh……? What about the spirit power?)


The Half-open eyes fairy sensei who was explaining about spirit power until a little while ago suddenly starts talking about something different.
As expected, I was a bit confused by her my pace.


“Spirit power, you see~ is normal for us, however~…… because in order to turn magical power into spirit power~ you have to be able to use existing sorcery to some extent, I think it would be fastest to use sorcery that I have created~”

(I see. So you have to be able to use sorcery first.)


I could finally understand. In order to turn magical power into spirit power, you have to be able to use sorcery first.
Moreover, new sorcery that Kuti has created. In other words, to be able to use it, I must learn how to use existing sorcery first.


“Then, let’s start with what is sorcery.”


Sani sensei continues her my pace lesson.
She outlines the basic concept of sorcery and the process of development of sorcery to the present times.
She hammered me with everything related to fundamental knowledge of sorcery.

If Kuti wasn’t illustrating on the blackboard behind sensei all the time, I might not have been able to understand the lesson. Kuti is a really great child.

Incidentally, the lesson was quite long, so while we continued, Ena got up, we had breakfast, and I got teased by Obaasama.
Even Obaasama seemed to be unable to perceive the two fairies, so there was no one who could.
Today, Obaasama probably noticed that I wasn’t much interested in her teasing, so she carefreely seated me on her lap without being obstinate. Thanks to that, I was able to concentrate.

The two fairies immediately understood that Obaasama is a powerful person, so they were really interested in her at first, but they immediately resumed the class.
It appears that I’m a person of greater interest for the two.

After that, the lesson continued.
Sani sensei talking in my pace occasionally mixing in technical terms and Kuti who made the technical terms easier to understand.

The sorcery fundamental knowledge lesson took a considerable amount of time.
It’s slightly difficult to say whether I understood all of it.
Although Kuti illustrated it in an easy-to-understand way, I feel like I just crammed it into my head.
But somehow, I understood.

I slowly eat dinner with everyone in the usual dining room while sorting out the knowledge that was taught to me today.
It appears that today’s lesson has ended for now.
As expected, cramming everything in one day would be impossible, so we will be continuing tomorrow.

There’s still a lot of fundamental knowledge left.
I immediately recognized that sorcery is very profound, but today was good.
I had many questions during the lesson, but Sani sensei had smoothly answered it all.
As expected of a research institute director.




After eating the dinner, we returned from the dining room to the baby room for a little rest, then it was a bathtime.
Obaasama has taken me to bath today. That being said, I’m being bathed in a baby bath, so it’s not like there’s water up to my shoulders.
When I was undressed, Kuti went kyaa~ and bashfully covered her eyes, peeking through the gaps between her fingers.


That’s too standard Kuti!


Sani sensei was fixedly staring at me with her unchanging half-closed eyes.
Being watched that much was slightly embarrassing.

After the bath had finished, the two were secretly discussing something.
I imagined that strengthening my ears would be in vain, but I was surprisingly able to hear after enhancing them with compression.


“――tly little girl, isn’t she? There are no problems in particular.”

“That’s what I told you~ Lily does not have any abnormality, okay!”

“No, but however, you see, the amount I thought her in today’s lesson would be difficult to follow even by our research institute’s personnel, you know? And she mostly understands all of it. It wouldn’t be strange if there were some abnormalities. Rather, it would be more convincing if she had some external storage area.”

“I~told~you~! Lily is special~! She’s my Lily, after all~! In the first place, the hell is external storage area~!”

“It doesn’t really matter if she’s yours or not, but the external storage area is――”


Apparently, my understanding is quite substantial. I just understand what I have learned today, I don’t know whether it’s perfect or not, but it’s mysterious because I feel like that might be the case.
I certainly feel like I wouldn’t be able to understand this much in my previous life. In other words, this body must be that incredible.
Truly lucky.
I might be able to obtain eyesight depending on my efforts, and the hope grows more and more.


After the bath, I was conversing with words of magical power with the fairies while Ellie has been reading me a book while I was seated in Obaasama’s lap again.
It appears that Kuti has really spent all her time with Sani sensei during the regular report.
It seems she has no interest in her hometown at all.

Apparently, Kuti had told Sani sensei over and over again how every single of my movements is so adorable and how moved she was when I said her name for the first time, that her ears became like that of an octopus.
It was slightly embarrassing, but I was happier than that.

I have asked Sani sensei about the Forest next to the world, but she didn’t have any interesting stories to tell because she locked herself up in the research institute.
All she talked about was concerning research, and many technical terms appeared, so I didn’t understand much.
I was expecting Kuti to explain, but she quickly abandoned her role and listened to Ellie’s reading.
Since it couldn’t be helped, I left the my pace sensei who begun thinking about sorcery research and concentrated on Ellie’s reading.


The moment Obaasama went to take a bath, I started the magical power practice.
Sani sensei intensively watched me with a serious expression. Being watched that much makes a bit nervous.
Nevertheless, the time is limited, so I hurry up, compress magical power and release at high speed. I repeat that.
Because I have explained before that I have limited time, I rapidly repeat the practice.


“Fumu. Does this increase magical power……? How about Kuti?”

“N~…… mine is not increasing, so I think it’s only Lily.”

“I thought so. If magical power could be increased just by exhausting it, there would be many people with vast magical powers. As expected, is it a talent or something…… no, however――”


The two fairies are discussing something, but I don’t understand myself why is my aggregate amount increasing.
Anyhow, I was told that a high aggregate amount is good, so I will continue to practice steadily.




The next day, Sani sensei continued the lesson.
I was changed into an easy to move in one piece dress, and sensei’s lesson continued while observing Theo’s and Ellie’s practice.
Regardless whether it was relevant, the lesson continued with Kuti’s easy to understand illustrations.
When I wasn’t sure whether I understand properly, I would ask to confirm.
Kuti won’t give me a hint only at such times.
It probably means that just crammed knowledge is no good enough. In that case, I think that the classes should be done only in the baby room, but it’s unavoidable and mandatory to see Theo’s and Ellie’s training, so I don’t have the right to resist.
Besides, I want to advance as fast as possible as well.

The lessons advance, but it still appears to be the fundamental knowledge. I’m being taught introductions and process in detail.
According to it, the world was full of magical power and had an established process that which is something like the ancestry of sorcery.
There was an era where many sorcerers created magic with ingenuity, and that era has been ruined a long time ago by the great war.
As a result, numerous of the created sorcery has perished together with the great war, but it seems that sorcery from the existing sorcery group has survived in forms of literature and grimoires.
With the long flow of time, the creation sorcery which got lost in the long flow of time had shifted to using the relatively easy to use magic tools which are the current mainstream system.
Thus, the present sorcery can be used only by those who have the talent for handling the magic tools, which are a stable form of existing magic.
The literature and grimoires of existing sorcery were restored in great numbers, but in the current state, only a selected few are able to use it. Talent and great effort are indispensable for those who can use it.

Sani sensei who was teaching me in a simple way at first because it wasn’t necessary is now teaching me rather in detail.
Apparently, it seems that something has switched on in her because I was able to properly comprehend what she was teaching yesterday.

Kuti said with a weary expression that she wouldn’t be able to stop once she becomes like that.
If I can understand, I want to be taught as much as possible. I was told it depends on my effort, but I think that I won’t be able to obtain eyesight substitute with an ordinary effort.
I intend to absorb everything just to be absolutely sure.


By the way, Theo’s and Ellie’s practice became slightly stricter.
They seem to have approached the physical strength practice, so it appears it became that stricter.
I was that conscious of that side because I was concentrating on the lesson, but I can brag about my high multitasking ability. I could grasp it to some extent.

Once the outside practice finished, we returned to the baby room where we continued the lesson.
She is in a momentum in which she can’t waste 1 Gou (second), let alone 1 Rin (minute). Certainly, it might be better to be prepared for this.
It doesn’t seem like anyone could possibly stop her anymore.




The lesson continues.
From basics to a little application. The advancing detailed, profound lesson became gradually difficult to understand.
It’s hard to understand the increasing knowledge fully.
Taking full advantage of Kuti’s help, I absorbed all of it like a dry sponge absorbs water.

The fifth day since the lesson started.
The application advanced considerably as well.
I’m taking the lesson most of the time since the start of my day.
At first, we had a break from dinner to morning, but we continued because I requested it. Sani sensei too ‘that’s the spirit!’ said enthusiastically.
Kuti also seems to be having fun doing the easy to understand illustrations, so she happily accompanied us.
I understood a considerable amount of knowledge, but the main point of the lesson has not yet appeared.
As I have been taught, it’s difficult to use sorcery without understanding it to some extent.
Sorcery is a skill that has a prerequisite of great knowledge.
Moreover, what I’m going to do is going beyond the existing sorcery.

Although a great deal is necessary in order to use existing sorcery, it’s still not enough for what’s beyond that. It’s too insufficient.
I have not thought that time is so precious before.
It’s a different sensation from the time I was learning hearing or words.
I’m learning with a clear objective in mind.


All is to obtain the alternative to eyesight.

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