Chapter 58

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairies and Lesson
The light dwelling in the characteristic half closed eyes speaks eloquently about what is in the flow of magical power.
A small body wearing a long coat-like white robe.
I can currently see huge greatness in that small body.
She’s now my sorcery teacher.

“It depends on your own effort.”

Certainly, she――Sani sensei said so.
It’s possible to obtain a replacement for eyesight depending on a great effort.

…… But, eyesight is not obtainable…… it’s an alternative, she explained.
I was told that those who are suitable could use sorcery to create, but it’s still impossible to regain sight under the present conditions.
Still, it doesn’t change the shining light.

Kuti has told me before that the suitability for creation sorcery is a considerably rare skill. But, it appears that I possess such suitability.
Honestly, even if told that I possess a rare skill, I don’t feel it.
Even Sani sensei who discovered the suitability wasn’t particularly surprised as she was at the abundance of magical power. Kuti herself was delighted that our aptitudes are the same, but it felt she was pleased because we are matching.
Is it because of that? Rather than being happy about a rare skill, I was far happier about the reality that I could obtain that which I desire with a great effort.


“First, the general idea. Although I say that, I don’t know how many years it would take if I explained from the beginning. I will summarize only the essentials.”

(Yes! Please, take care of me!)

   (Onegaishimasu/I’m in your care, etc.)


Although we have not even started yet, Kuti seems to have already lost interest.
She seems to be interested in occasionally teaching me herself with a burning passion, but from her standpoint, these are all essentials she probably already knows so she has no eagerness.
Still, she tags along.
Although she’s not listening while paying serious attention to each word, I’m still happy that Kuti is with me.


“First, about the magical power. To sorcery, magical power is its fuel. Without having that, it’s equal to not being able to do anything. In that respect, your amount of magical power is clearly out of the standard level. No problems here.”

“That’s right~ Lily’s magical power is incredible, okay~ I didn’t know without that detector, but there’s an increeeedible magical power in Lily’s adorable body!”

“Umu. The amount of magical power is decided on birth. It’s on a level it can be called a talent. You should be grateful to your parents.”

(…… Eh? Umm…… I have increased the amount of magical power with practice, though……)


I interrupt the two with my magical words.
Incidentally, Kuti sits at my side, so she wasn’t able to read the words, so she promptly moved to Sani sensei’s side to read. Slightly lonely.
Kuti moves, sits in a weird posture and reads the words.
The half-closed eyes sensei who stopped blinking is not moving.


(U, umm……)

“…… Fumu. You are thoroughly outside of the standard. No, this is already not the talk of standards. Well, I don’t have the equipment to study you to my heart’s content at the moment…… next time, please visit our research institute by all means. I will put it up with Natasha.”

(Eh…… um…… yes.)

“Lily is amazing after all~…… normally, you can’t increase magical power, you know? I was sure you did the magical power training to practice words or drawing~”


Sani sensei say in surprise with an exhausted voice, Kuti seems to be exhausted as well.
Magical power can’t normally be increased…… it appears I did something eccentric without knowing.
But, they are just shocked, so they probably won’t scold me.
It will surely serve a greater good.


“Now then, there’s no problem in having a lot. Rather, having a lot is joyous. Your future prospects are bright. A magical power which is the fuel that takes shape with strong emotions or because of the influence of one’s will. Even I who studied it for over a thousand years don’t know the details, but I understand that magical power can’t be affected by physical substances. Furthermore, except the special races such as fairies, magical power can be sensed only by those that have suitable qualities. Those who can recognize magical power on sight level, possess a talent generally known as ‘Magic Eye’.”


(Magic Eye……)


Sani sensei continues the lesson at her own pace without thinking over the previous conversation.

Magic Eye. It’s an eye with a special power that often appears in games or novels.
They often have amazing powers that allow them to see the future or see far in the distance, but my Magic Eye allows to see the magical power.


Having to suffer from Cloudy Eyes, the Magic Eye for me is indeed like a gift from the god.


Thank you, god!


While secretly appreciating the god, Kuti got bored as expected and she starts drawing something on a blackboard behind Sani sensei.
She skillfully changes the moving, magical power on the blackboard with her finger. Even I can’t do such feat. Kuti is an incredible child as always.


“Although magical power can’t be fundamentally confirmed by sight, even those who have Magic Eye that is not powerful as yours can only see what others might be able to sense. Those who possess only mediocre capabilities are not even adequate to see. There’s probably no one in your family who can see the magical power. Even your grandmother most likely can’t see it, she can only perceive it. It’s relatively easy to prevent perception. But, that’s only the talk after becoming able to handle sorcery. Although very simple for us, it can be a considerable challenge for you.”


(I will do my best!)



If I could slip under Obaasama’s detection, practicing magical power in the mansion should become considerably easier.
I have to do it even if it would be challenging. With great effort, I will do it no matter what it takes.

Besides…… this is a prerequisite. If I’m not able to do this, I won’t be able to advance forward.

Kuti who is drawing on a blackboard apparently drew something hazy in a cube.
In case that the hazy is magical power, would that surrounding cube be a cover? It’s somehow easy to understand.


“Practice is currently for later. Most people can’t see the magical power which acts as a fuel. But there are those who can see and those who can perceive. Are you following thus far?”

(Yes, I’m all right!)

“Fumu. Just as Kuti bragged, you are a child with exceeding comprehension. Truly convenient. The magical power you have and the spirit power we possess is originally the same, but its nature is greatly different.”


Sani sensei’s way of speaking changes abruptly because she enters the important part of the lesson.
Kuti in the back pushes away the cube and writes the words for magical power and spirit power.


“Spirit power is in a manner of speaking, a higher class of magical power. We fairies are magical power life forms. Because we are made out of pure magical power, no foreign matters are mixed in. For that reason, our magical powers are pure without impurities. And that is the spirit power.”



Although the word magical power is written with many dots, the spirit power is clean, rather, it’s drawn as if shining.


“The efficiency of magical power gets worse with impurities. Speaking of pure efficiency, having no impurities is better. Therefore, if using the same sorcery, spirit power would be about sixty times more efficient than magical power. That number is calculated based on huge verification results. But, there’s also a problem. Spirit power is too efficient. Because magical power has impurities, the output is low. But, to put it another way, it’s convenient for using lower sorceries. Sorcery manifests through a perfectly determined process. This is what is called existing sorcery, but it’s commonly referred to as sorcery. The sorcery that you will handle is different, but the basics are the same.”


Kuti scribbles a little explosion and words ‘magical power’ next to it. A drawing of a big explosion has ‘spirit power’ next to it.
The power would be different as well, wouldn’t it?
Kuti’s drawings are all comical, you wouldn’t get bored of them.
It also makes Sani sensei’s lesson easier to understand, and it calms me down when seeing it. The effect is outstanding when watching Kuti’s funny movements.


“When spirit power is used on existing sorcery, the efficiency is too much, and it produces an explosion. Thus, the desired effect of low-class sorcery is difficult to achieve using spirit power. Because of that, using the inefficient magical power for low sorcery is more suitable.”

(I see…… being too strong also creates a problem, doesn’t it?)

“Umu. There’s both good and bad in everything. It means that even complete purity is not harmless.”


I thought Sani sensei’s lesson would be tough, but it’s quite easy to understand.
There’s not a part I was not able to understand. It might be a different story if we talked about something more detailed, but she said it’s summarized so there shouldn’t be any technical terms coming out anytime soon.
I don’t think I would be able to understand that.
Moreover, Kuti’s scribbles are helping.
What she drew now is something vigorously coming out of a narrow gateway and something leisurely coming out of another narrow gateway.
The vigorous one is undoubtedly the spirit power. The leisure one is precisely the magical power.
A cup-like thing is drawn on the side where it’s coming out and the spirit power vigorously pouring into the cup is splashing out like water.
Compared with that, because there’s no vigor behind the magical power, it smoothly enters the cup.
The cup size is the grade of sorcery. If the cup was bigger――if the grade of the sorcery was higher, the output of the spirit magic would be more efficient.
Truly easy to understand.


“Low sorcery has its roots in life sorcery――there are lots of life sorcery, and these are very useful in everyday life. But, as I have explained, using our spirit power for life sorcery is very difficult. That’s where the dedicated magic tools were developed. Depending on the use, it would mix the spirit power with impurities, and create magical power. By artificially lowering the efficiency, we can efficiently use low sorcery. It’s contradictory, but that’s about it.”

(I see. But, I’m not a fairy, so what I have is magical power, right? How is spirit power related to this?)


I who is not a fairy will naturally have magical power with many impurities.
But, this being a general idea, I don’t think she would waste time explaining something inefficient.
I don’t know Sani sensei well yet, so I can’t really say, but I don’t think she’s a person who would do such bad, inefficient lesson.
Therefore, I purposedly asked.


“Fumu. You have noticed. You are quite excellent. Spirit power can be used even if not a fairy. Especially the creation sorcery, we know that spirit power is far more efficient than magical power by using the magic tool from a while ago. Besides, we are unable to use magical power if we don’t use a magic tool as an intermediary. It’s inconvenient to teach. Therefore, I will have you use spirit power. I explained because of that.”

(Spirit power……)

“You will be fine because it’s you, Lily! I guarantee it! Cough, cough.”


I was cheered by Smugface who is having a lovely Fairy-sama cough after violently hitting her chest.
I feel tremendous strength after getting Kuti’s guarantee……no, a strength of a thousand men!


(I will do my best! How to use spirit power…… please, teach me!)

“Alright. I’m strict, you know? Prepare yourself, because I won’t pamper you like that fool over there.”



Kuti gives me a thumbs up with a confident face and firmly pushes on my back.
With her here, I’m invincible.

Magical power manifests because of my fierce fighting spirit.
I have not seen that scene myself, but it was surely wonderful as Obaasama’s.

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