Chapter 64

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairies and Every Day
After my parents returned, they hang out in the baby room just like my grandparents.
It’s not bad or anything. The two take care of me from the bottom of their hearts, so there’s no ill will, but it goes without saying that it disturbs the study.
Obaasama will adjust to a certain extent when I’m indifferent to her, but my parents don’t understand that yet.
They were giving attention to Theo and Ellie until they caught up. You can see that the two have rich child-rearing experience.
But, I’m different from my siblings. Especially now when I have to focus on understanding Sani sensei’s difficult lesson.

When I don’t want to be looked after, I spend my time taking refuge on Obaasama’s lap.
Because Obaasama understands me, she ignores the voices of criticism from my parents.
If I hadn’t met Sani sensei, I would most likely welcome the situation where I could deepen the relationship with my parents.
Because these two were busy at work and didn’t have much time for me.


“Aaan, Okaasama that’s not fair! Please, return my Lily-chan!”

“That’s right, Mother-in-law-sama! This is an important time of skinship with Lily!”

“It’s useless~ Lily-chan says that she doesn’t want to be taken care of at the moment, right~ Lily-chan.”


As expected of Obaasama, she understands even though I haven’t said anything. On the contrary, these two…… seriously.


“B, but, our holidays are going to end soon, I have to supply with Lily-chan element without delay……”

“How are we supposed to live without Lily element!”

“Do you not need to replenish Theo and Ellie element?”

“”Naturally, I do!””


I don’t know what element they intend to replenish, but the voices of the two are in harmony.
When Theo and Ellie are not around, Claire’s tone changes surprisingly to that of a child when talking to Obaasama. She must feel safe.

By the way, even while my two parents attack for the Lilianne element, Sani sensei’s lesson continues without interruption. It appears that this person’s my pace won’t change no matter the situation.
It’s quite hard to follow. I would like to focus on the lesson if possible.
Because Kuti joined in the struggle for me when it started, the lesson without illustrations is even more difficult, my understanding becomes slow.
We are currently doing something like the law of physics lessons. Sani sensei’s view is that the sorcery phenomenon can expand its scope of applications only by understanding the law of physics.
I think that I agree. The physics class I took in high school is my slight salvation.
However, studying physics after so long is difficult. Although my brain is on a much better level compared to my previous life, I’m not a genius by any means.
I don’t memorize after hearing it once, so I have to precisely review what I learned.
It’s quite difficult in the environment where there’s no notebook, but I’m managing somehow.
Because Sani sensei advances at her pace without questioning me, I have to ask when I don’t understand something immediately.


Therefore, I beg you, please stop competing for me and let me concentrate on the lesson~!




Thanks to Obaasama’s physical persuasion, she somehow managed the restrain them while I’m indifferent.
Obaasama really understands even when I don’t tell her anything. She’s the best.

I’m now sitting on Alek’s lap while listening to his and Claire’s lovey-dovey past.
I don’t think their love-dovey has changed, but it appears they lovey-dovey was even worse in the old days.
Apparently, these two were childhood friends since little, Ena is Alek’s little sister as expected, and they always spend time with one more person.
They did everything together. As they were engaged when they were ten, they have been lovey-dovey since they were little.
I honestly don’t need to hear lovey-dovey talk of my parents, but because they have been prohibited from playing with toys and my body, they are talking about themselves.
I’m able to listen to the lesson when they are quiet like this, so it helps.

The story moves from my parents to Ena’s wonderfully equipped maid, Scarlet-san.
It appears that she has a special position even though she’s a maid.
She’s a personal maid Ena raised from a young age, and she seems to have a stronger position than Nija and others have to me.
Ena’s position in the Christophe house is the same as family. Scarlet-san seems to be treated like a guest.
She’s a guest, but she’s doing the same things maids do because she belongs to Ena.
She holds ability that’s not inferior to the superior maids of the Christophe house――she’s apparently on the equal level to Alek in swordsmanship.
Our Otousama Alek is a powerful person who was chosen as representative for the country in the Magic Battle. And she has equal ability to him.


I want to touch her ears by all means, but forcibly touching such a powerful person will be indeed difficult.
The maids of this residence are all-powerful, so I have to come up with more strategies.
Even if it turns out like that happening, I will certainly handle it splendidly. What a wicked talk.


Scarlet-san is currently not in the baby room. It appears that she’s always standing on alert outside the room.
Incidentally, my personal maids except for Nija are taking turns at standing outside. Two knights are also guarding outside.
On top of that, Theo and Ellie each have one personal maid, so there are six people outside when they are in the baby room.

The corridor is considerably large, but it must be too small for six people.
But, even though they are personal maids, they are prohibited from approaching me, so when going outside, they always stay away from my field of vision while erasing their presence.


After being told such, I think that they were there, or weren’t there…… their spy abilities are so incredible I don’t know……
Seriously, the abilities of the maids in this mansion are not ordinary.



My parents continue to hang around every day for a few days.
It appears they were rewarded with holidays for the excellent results in the Magic Battle.


“The King you see~ he asked me whether I have something I want as the reward for winning the individual matches~ I feel bad for the people in the palace, but I got time to rest with Lily-chan and others, you know~”

“I’ve got rewarded as well, and as expected, we were thinking the same, uri, uri~”


They happily talk while squishing my cheeks.
The thinking of my parents is the same as they wanted the irreplaceable time with their children as a reward.


Un, the timing is super bad!
Why it couldn’t be at least before the lesson started or after it ends!
I don’t think the lesson is going to end, though……


“After all, being surrounded by three children is happiness.”

“Fufu…… really~ I’m already so happy I want to quit my job~”

“I totally agree, didn’t we work already enough? What do you say?”

“That’s right~ Isn’t it enough already~”


These two are saying some lines straight out of a useless member of society.
Otou~sama who is hugging my siblings with a face of bliss and Okaa~sama with melting face hugging me close on her lap and swaying left and right.
It appears that the absorption meter has completely overflown with the elements in the past few days.
Child element, how terrifying.

However, such a useless member of society days didn’t last for long.
When the 8th Month came, they inevitably had to leave for work.
Theo’s and Ellie’s summer holidays also ended and the noisy days in the baby room have ceased.

It’s only Ena, Obaasama, Nija, and the fairies now.
The population ratio quickly halved, and the room is filled only with the originally quiet Ena, Obaasama, Nija and the voice of the teaching Sani sensei and Kuti.
Thanks to that, I’m able to concentrate and deepen my knowledge.

On the 15th day of the 8th Month, Nija will apparently switch with Lacria.
It appears to be in order so I can get used to them little by little.
It’s not necessary to spend so much time, but I will naturally obey since it’s something my parents decided. I don’t have a reason nor right to refuse.
Lacria is a serious-looking lady with the same wonderful equipment as Scarlet-san. That person is inferior to Nija in terms of the flow of magical power.
Nevertheless, she’s a maid of the Christophe house, so she probably won’t let me touch her that easily.


It’s likely possible with Mira, though……
I wonder when Mira will enter the room? She will probably be the last, huh. Too disappointing.




The 8th Month is about to end.
Lacria got easily accustomed to being in the baby room.
As I expected, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to switch them one by one. But, only I know that. I thought about saying something to Obaasama, but I quite couldn’t find a good timing.

The winning percentage of potty training has recently increased.
I’m able to hold the urge to urinate and the call of nature for about 70% of the time. I grew up quite a lot.
Since it’s like this, I would like to aim for a winning percentage of 100.


I still spend time receiving difficult lessons while borrowing the help of Kuti’s illustrations.
It has been almost a month since I began taking Sani sensei’s lessons.
The knowledge I gained during this time is not comparable to that of a month ago.
But, it’s still not enough for sorcery.


I realized that the extraordinary effort that I swore at that time is actually like a tremendous gigantic wall.
I have just started climbing that wall.


Now then, let’s begin today’s lesson.

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