Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairies and Happiness
The 9th Month began, and Theo and Ellie are training in the cool.
Because the seasons are roughly the same from my previous life, a not too cold nor too hot, but a just right autumn breeze is drifting.
I’m pretty sure that the trees in the garden have beautiful autumn colors. Obaasama picked up autumn-colored? star-shaped leaf and gave it to me.

Although the contents of the training are mainly devoted to physical strength, both are respectively practicing swordsmanship, archery, and the basics of martial arts in the spare time.


“Ya! Ha!”

“Taa! Fu! Ya!”


The shouts of Theo and Ellie resounds.
Theo is practicing swinging while stepping in, Ellie is doing a combination of left and right thrusting technique and roundhouse kicks.
I can understand that the movements of the two are much better than a month ago. Although their flow of magical power has not changed much, I have a feeling that the partially moving flow of magical power is moving just a little bit smoother than before. Well, it might be just my imagination.


“Theo-chan needs to train a little more grip strength~ He still has a way to go in swinging. Ellie-chan needs to shift her body weight a little bit more, or the power won’t transmit just like a little while ago~”

“They have progressed considerably compared to a month ago. And above all, they have fun training every day.”


Obaasama gives a strict analysis with the usual nonchalant smile and Ena follows up with a wry smile.
Obaasama becomes tough when it comes to things about combat.
Coupled with her strength, it appears that it will be a while until my siblings are worthy of a passing score.


“Fufu…… there, Lily-chan. Wave your hand to your Oniichan and Oneechan?”



When the two stop to take a breather, Obaasama takes my hand and flutters with it.
When I wave with my other hand that Obaasama is not holding, the roughly breathing two receive something from their respective personal maid-sans――most likely a towel as they wipe their faces and then they wave back.

When the two waved their hands, their painful expressions bloomed like flowers.
It’s fascinating whenever I see it because it changes instantly.
According to Claire and Alek, it seems that it’s possible to replenish the Lilianne element just by looking so they must have replenished their Lilianne element sufficiently. They motivation moved along to the next training menu.




A grand birthday party was held for Claire when the 9th Month began.
She turned 27 years old. This year, it was not just a small family meeting, but a large-scale party where even servants were invited.
Many servants I usually don’t see were giving her blessings.
Only at such times, Sani sensei closes her class. The fairies are happily flying to various places, seemingly very interested in the party.
The presents are given immediately after the birthday party started. It’s Theo’s and Ellie’s turn first.


“Okaasama, here! This is a birthday present from Ellie and me!”

“We chose it together. It’s slightly not enough to match Okaasama’s beauty, but…… I think it will suit you very much!”

“Fufu…… it’s very beautiful. Thank you. I will treasure it!”

“Haha…… ehehe. Okaasama, I love you.”

“Okaasama…… I also love you.”


My brother’s and sister’s present seems to be a magic tool.
I could see something crescent moon shaped in the small box Theo gave her. Is it a brooch or a necklace?
I don’t see a chain. Only the crescent moon’s main body seems to be a magic tool, so I can’t see other decorations, but I understand it’s the size of a ring. I feel it’s a little too big to be an earring, and since there’s only one, it could get attached only to one ear.
I think that pair of earrings is justice, so earrings were dismissed with dogmatism and prejudice.
That being the case, it’s either brooch or necklace, but I wonder if it isn’t too big for a necklace…… but, I feel there’s much more to it.
I don’t know which one it is until the end, but seeing Claire wildly releasing magical power while hugging the two which gave her the present, I feel like either is fine.
Incidentally, after seeing Claire’s magical power flow towards me, I don’t forget to release my own magical power as well. This is what I should do when witnessing the emotional scene of family ties deepening.

It seems that it’s the turn of my grandparents and Ena.
I’m held in Annela Obaasama’s arms with Ojiisama and Ena on my sides.


“Happy birthday, Claire. This is a present from me and Ro.”

“We thought that the L’assiette magic tool you use is nearing its lifespan, so we have prepared this for you.”

“This is……! Isn’t this Lambert’s flame wand!? Thank you very much! Otousama! Okaasama! It was going to get bad soon because I abused it in the Magic Battle. I couldn’t find a substitute that could compare to it. I’m really happy.”

“Umu. It’s quite difficult to obtain an excellent blade that would suit you. But, using low-quality things is out of the question. Use this to further your progress.”


“Fufu…… Ro, this is a celebration. Leave the stiffness around here.”


Obaasama’s and Ojiisama’s present is a short wand, but I could clearly understand it’s a flow of magical power.
The entire wand has a flow of a magic tool before activation. In other words, this in itself is a magic tool.
Even among the magic tools I have seen until now, this is the only magic tool that boasts the strength of the Asherah tree. Despite the fact that the flow is hardly moving, it has the smoothness and vigor as seen in the Asherah tree.
I think it’s strange to have a vigor when hardly moving, but it certainly feels like that. The flow of magical power is very intuitive. It’s seemingly contradictory to my understanding.
However, I can understand that it’s an “excellent blade” just by looking at it.
As seen from Claire’s happiness, it’s truly a befitting gift from the powerful pair.

“Well then, I will be next…… happy birthday, Claire. It can’t compare going after Annela-sama and Roland-sama, but here.”

“Ena!? This…… is it all right……?”

“Yes…… I’m already all right, therefore, that ring is for you. I became considerably strong during these nearly two years. Because everyone is here now…… therefore, it’s all right.”

“I…… see. I understand…… thank you, Ena. I’m happy.”

“Me too, Claire.”


What Ena gave her is apparently a ring with profound memories. I don’t know the details, but it must surely be precious to the two.
I watch the two irreplaceable, important existences hug.
These two really do get along. I can clearly understand that they both recognize each other as best friends. It’s such a scene.


“Now then, it’s Lily-chan’s turn next. Let’s congratulate Okaasan for her birthday, okay?”


“Umu. Lilianne, go with a bang here.”

“”Do your best, Lily!””

“Now…… Lily. You don’t have to rush, okay?”


When startled at the sudden turn, everyone encourages me. Is the pressure I’m feeling from which I’m unable to escape from just my imagination? …… No, it must be my imagination. They have no ill will.
Many servants are impatiently waiting around the family, I should deliver on the expectations here.

Obaasama lowers me down from her arms on a soft carpet and Claire kneels down to match my gaze.


One step, two steps, I slowly walk.
I stare straight at our mother’s face who has straightened her back with a smiling face of the Holy Mother.
I breathe in and jump right into her chest in order to shorten the distance at once.


“Ka~shama, otanjobi oedetougojaimasu.”
   (Kaasama, otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu/ Kaasama, happy birthday)

“Thank you…… Lily. It’s the best present!”


The moment I bolted towards Claire, she opened her arms wide and gently caught me. I spun the words the best I could in her chest.
I couldn’t speak smoothly as usual, but it’s getting a little better.

Feeling her temperature while gently wrapped in her arms, I match Claire’s release and fill up the spacious party hall to the capacity.
Currently, I’m not thinking of releasing the remaining amount, but I keep on releasing while enjoying her happiness just to bless her.




We continued hugging for a while and after we were done releasing, I was immediately collected by Obaasama and it was Alek’s turn next. He’s holding something good smelling in large quantities in his hands.
He’s holding so much I can hardly see his figure.
Claire who saw that was quite surprised with hands on her mouth. It must be that incredible.


“Claireteal…… happy birthday. Only five hundred of the Missilean Roses are not comparable to your unrivaled beauty, but I’d like you to receive them. I love you.”

“Thank you…… Aleksander…… I love you too.”


Tears must be surely flowing from Claire’s eyes. Even I who can’t see that can clearly understand.
She buries her face in what I think is a bouquet of five hundred of Missilean Roses she received from Alek, she looked beautiful…… she even looks like a young maiden.
She was a gentle and beautiful mother when she received the present from my siblings, but she looks completely like a maiden in love now.
Grand applause rains on the two who are staring at each other.
But, as if not hearing the grand applause, my parents are completely in their own world.


No, seriously, thanks for the meal, you two……


It’s a very lovely scene, but when I think that those two are my parents, I somehow get embarrassed. My whole body is itchy.
But, Theo and Ellie don’t seem to be thinking such as they watch with very bright smiling faces.
These actions remind me of my situation again. The mental age of 31 and a half is not for the show.

The fairies return despite the mood being like that.


“Fumu. I have heard that birthdays are celebrated in Ovent, but I didn’t think it would be this prosperous. There are many things I don’t understand with knowledge alone. This will help me understand.”

(So there are things even sensei doesn’t know, I see……)

“Naturally. Rather, there are too many things I don’t know. The world is full of mysteries. It’s not troubling when there’s knowledge, but as expected, it doesn’t exceed personal experience.”

(T, then, practicing sorcery anytime soon……)

“But, there’s this thing called minimal knowledge. Especially excellent pupils like you should not miss it. Strive on collecting more knowledge.”

(…… Yes.)

“You are saying such thing, but~ you are in truth surprised by Lily’s excellenmuguah.”

“Be quiet, you Smugface! Anyhow, it’s still too early for practice! Keep on absorbing knowledge until I say it’s enough, alright?”

(Y, yes……)


Sani sensei says uncharacteristically in panic while choking the broadly grinning Kuti.


“…… Cough, cough…… seriosuly~ you are cruel. Even though I was just stating the truth~!”

“Shut up, shut up! Learn to read the thing called atmosphere a little more!”

“By atmosphere you mean this~? Or do you mean that~? Ah, is that perhaps that over there~? Gugiya.”


The smirking fairy draws things like oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide with magical power and starts smirking even more.
But, Sani sensei who ran out of patience flew at her with a kick and they started dancing in the air.

While feeling satisfied that I saw Sani sensei’s extremely unusual heavy breathing, the curtain of the birthday party closed while wrapped in gentle air from the very beginning.

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