Chapter 6

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Seven Months After Birth
Seven months has passed.

The body growth progressed smoothly as I am able to crawl. Grabbing and standing are also possible.

As for the hearing, it has increased to the level I can catch most of the proper words.
I also understand their meaning properly.
I can also grasp the general contents of a conversation.

There is no change to speaking because I forbid myself from speaking until I become one year old.

Fundamentally, nanny Ena-san takes care of me from the morning until the evening, and in the evening either elder brother Theo and elder sister Ellie accompany me until sleep time, so there’s no way I can practice speaking.
Because I’m placed in the crib on Ena-san’s bed to sleep, it’s also not possible to practice during the night.

Because I’m now able to crawl, the extent of my activities expanded, and since it’s dangerous to leave me alone because I can’t see, there’s always someone following behind me.

Well, Ena-san, the siblings or Mother were following after me even before I was able to crawl, though.

My food also changed from mother’s milk to baby food, starting with thin soups or fruit juice, I also eat mashed fruits and other unrecognizable food.

Recently, the solid food I eat is also increasing little by little.
Naturally, they are chopped into small pieces.

But, I have not switched from mother’s milk completely yet, I still suck a bit after having some baby food.

I have no idea why the baby food hasn’t replaced mother’s milk completely yet.
Are they trying to get me used to it?




My magic power (Temp) training has not changed from before.

Stretch it, thicken it, thin it, change the concentration, change the elasticity.

The number of times I can release the magical power (Temp) outside has also increased remarkably.

My stamina has considerably increased during the last three months.

Even if I practice the releasing One Step Further, my consciousness rarely flies.
It’s just if I overdo it, my consciousness flies after all.

It’s difficult to judge the stamina consumption beyond the limit because it’s too different from other practices.

Even if I am clearly conscious and I don’t feel too much fatigue, my consciousness will fly, so I don’t understand the previous stage.
I have no choice, but to deal with it while trying to remember.

After doing the release beyond the limit practice to some extent, I usually do the normal practice menu to stabilize.




Incidentally, regarding the separation of magical power (Temp)…… it’s not advancing at all.

Because it’s not advancing at all, I had to name the One Step Further release to keep my sanity.

In fact, it’s doubtful if it’s one step further.
Still, my heart would break if I didn’t name it.

Seven months passed since I began the Release practice.

I understand that my spirit is getting exhausted because of no progress.

However, that emotion I have felt that day has yet to change.

But this and that are different problems, I named it to prevent my heart from breaking.

I know that I’m escaping, but I could not go on without doing it.

Ah…… how do I separate the magical power (Temp) from my body……

Ena-san is reading a book to me who has eyes looking at the distance.
The story is about a prince rescuing a kidnapped princess, this is the scene of the story of righteousness where the prince expresses his feelings before fighting the last boss, the bad dragon.

The prince declares “Release the princess! If you do that, I will spare your life!”

The bad dragon says “Do you think that is the princess’ true wish! The princess is fed up with the boring life of being locked up in the palace! Do you plan on returning the princess to that prison!”

What is it…… the bad dragon looks like the hero……
You may think that the bad dragon is full of lies and trying to deceive the prince, but…… I feel different.

Prince says “The princess is a person who must stay in the palace! Even if the palace is a prison, I still have to complete my mission!”

Are…… The prince has admitted that the palace is a prison.
What is this, is this book really for babies?

The bad dragon “You are the same as that mean king, after all! You should compensate for that sin with death!”

It seems the battle will finally begin, however, a mean king…… the palace is a prison and the king is mean……


The prince who came to rescue the princess admitted that the palace is a prison, considering that, is it all right to recognize the mean king as mean?
In other words, this…… didn’t the bad dragon rescue the princess?
What is this, what is the story of righteousness?

“Thus, the prince defeated the bad dragon, he rescued the princess, and they lived happily after.”

Whaeeeh~!? A happy end has suddenly developed!?
Was there a meaning to the conversation before the fight!?

Ena-san also appears to have no problem with it and picks up a different book, I guess babies won’t be able to interpret such a story……?

Hmm…… however, I can’t accept it.
Shouldn’t the ending be devised better?
If I had to say, then the bad dragon knew the internal circumstances of the mean king.

I would like you to write it more properly without cutting short……

Cutting short……
Cutting short……?

It feels like something is on the tip of my tongue.
What is it?

At a time like this, it’s best to disassemble and analyze.
The thought analysis I cultivated for thirty years in my previous life.

First, the disassembly.
Cutting short, un, isn’t disassembly impossible?

Then, analysis.
Cutting short is omitting a certain part to shorten.
In other words, it’s an omission.

It’s a consideration from here on.
To omit.
What have I omitted?

Omission, omission……


The process of releasing magical power (Temp) is,
1. Increasing magical power (Temp) inside my body to the limit.
2. Release the magical power (Temp) out of my body.
3. Separate the magical power (Temp)


I can do the first two at the moment.
Number 3 is unclear.

To omit, to omit…… do I omit number 2?

Cut the magical power (Temp) off without extending it outside?

Which reminds me, I did various things to separate the magical power (Temp) outside the body, but I never tried to separate it inside my body.

Make hay while the sun shines[ Make hay while the sun shines. It means to take advantage of the chance to do something while conditions are good]! No choice but to try it!




First, separating the magical power (Temp) inside my body.

Even if I tried various things to separate it outside, the response might be different inside.
Because it was useless outside, there is a preconception that it will be useless even inside.
My preconception seems to have created a blind spot, un, un.

First of all, let’s thin one part, thin…… thin…… thin!?

It separated……

How do I say it, I can tell that it’s not connected.
T, this simply……?

A, anyway let’s try releasing it out of my body just like that.
It accepts my control.

Expansion and contraction are possible, it can also be thickened or thinned, I can also change the concentration, and the elasticity.
The control is still the same even after separating.
I should be able to release it outside.

Carefully…… cautiously…… I move it to the tip of my index finger little by little.
And as usual, I got it out a little from the tip and at the same time, considerably light fatigue hit me.

And then…… I succeed in releasing the completely separated magical power (Temp) outside of my body.




My voice unconsciously came out.

Because I don’t usually talk, I can tell that Ena-san is startled.
Because I’m sitting on Ena-san’s knees while she reads me books.

“Li, Lily what’s wrong? The reticent you, letting out such voice…… you like this book that much? ‘The Complete Works of the World’s Ornamental Leaf Trees’.”


By the way, Lily is my pet name.

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