Chapter 7

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Eight Months After Birth
Eight months old.

After that happened, the book which Ena reads me increased by books like “Complete Collection of World’s Leaf Trees” and “How to Raise Flowers of the Ovent Kingdom, Vol. 1.”

The Ovent Kingdom seems to be the name of this country.

After succeeding in the separation of magical power (Temp) for the first time, Ena, elder brother, and elder sister started bringing such books in large quantities.

Especially my elder brother Theo reads me a lot of books about trees out loud with a happy expression.

Elder sister Ellie said while looking at Theo with a tired expression.

「Theo, you really have a tree mania, don’t you? Because Lily likes flowers more, you should read her “From Today, You Can Also be a Flower Bed Master” instead」

It went like that.




When they heard that I raised my voice in joy while Ena was reading me a book,

“The Complete Works of the World’s Flowerpots,”

The two started coming to read books related to flowers and trees to me.

It seems that both of them considerably like flowers and trees.

Eder brother Theo reads me books about trees, from deciduous trees to evergreen trees, he appears to love every tree regardless of their kind.

It seems that it also includes a decorative tree like ornamental trees put in the rooms, and he even reads me a few minor magazines that are published on a monthly basis.


“Starting Today Bonsai Vol.1”


“The Courtyard is a Green Garden ~Pruning Edition~”

Bonsai exist here, how Japanese I thought.

As for my elder sister Ellie, as expected, a girl would be more interested in raising flowers in a flower bed.

The books she reads me are biased towards “flowering plants.”

Right…… not just flowers, the grass is also in the targeted range.

The title of the book she read to me yesterday was,

“Boil it, Burn it, Raise it, End it, The Wild Grass Complete Series”

And the book she read me before that,

“Even a Single Grass”

It was a lengthy novel.

By the way, this book has two volumes, and I feel that both were quite thick.

I’m glad I didn’t touch them to feel the thickness……

The contents …… The two volumes took three weeks to finish reading. Honestly, I don’t remember much because my mind was leaning towards the practice.

I’m sure I remember only the super-development part where a grass on grassy plains grew two legs and began standing up.

If my elder brother is a tree lover, my elder sister should be called a flower lover.

Although they are ikemen and super cute ojousama, they have rather disappointing hobbies.




My magical power (Temp) training continues even while my elder brother and elder sister read me about trees and flowers.

Since that day I succeeded in separating the magical power (Temp), I switched the training to control after release, and although I have struggled at first, now it’s possible to control it to some extent freely, although not completely.

The control after releasing the magical power (Temp) from my body is slightly different, and it takes time getting used to it.

When connected, I was able to control it as if it was the extension of me, so I was perplexed by the difference, but I knew getting used to it depended on my effort.




The limit of releasable magical power (Temp) is the limit of times I can release it.

If connected, I can control it freely if it’s within the controllable range, but there is a number limit in the released state, and that limit is different with the amount of magical power (Temp) separated.

When a lot of magical power (Temp) is released, the difficulty increases and I can release it fewer times.

I was so happy that I could control the separated magical power (Temp), it got over my head and as a result,

“My consciousness flew.”

When my consciousness flew, I was on Theo’s knees while he was reading me a book so he must have thought that I fell asleep.

When my consciousness returned, I was in the crib.

I thought that verification was necessary, so I tried carefully to verify it.
I have found out that the amount of magical power (Temp) decreased.

However, even if it decreases, it recovers with time.

It found out that the total amount of magical power (Temp) has increased by releasing magical power (Temp) to the point of exhausting, sleeping and releasing the same amount again and again.

Releasing magical power (Temp) and controlling it until my consciousness flies doesn’t increase the total amount…… probably.

Because I can’t digitalize it, I can’t be certain that the total amount actually increased.
It may be that the quantity to control decreased and the total amount didn’t change a bit.

Anyway, I found that the number of ways to verify is too low and I won’t be able to answer this point yet.

The important thing is that by releasing magical power (Temp), the total amount of magical power (Temp) will increase, which will increase the amount that can be released.

Increasing the releasable amount is a good thing.
Because it’s easy to experiment with things that increase in numbers.

Because I’m doing experiments and verifications alone, I have to deal with numbers.

There were a lot of things I learned after successfully releasing magical power (Temp).
1. A unique sensation is required for control, and the number of times I can control depends on the amount released.
2. The released magical power (Temp) is much harder to control than the magical power (Temp) connected to my body.
3. When magical power (Temp) is released, the magical power (Temp) inside my body decreases (it is not the maximum value but the remaining amount that decreases?).
4. The lost magical power (Temp) recovers with the lapse of time (the amount decreases due to release, the total amount will increase?)
5. Decreasing the magical power (Temp) to the limit causes my consciousness to fly in the same way my consciousness flies when I exhaust my stamina.




I succeeded in touching the released magical power (Temp).

I wasn’t as moved as when I touched Mother’s magical power (Temp), but there still were deep emotions and a sense of accomplishment that was close to that.

But, it’s not over yet.
The released magical power (Temp) is filled with possibilities.
There’s still potential for the total amount and control of magical power (Temp).

Eight months later, my handicapped, blind eyes didn’t get any better.
I have eliminated the anxiety from the vision impairment because I found something I can get totally absorbed in.

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