Chapter 8

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Eleven Months After Birth
Eleven months has passed.



A big event has happened, a birthday of a family member.

Nine months after birth, my mother Claire had a birthday party.
Elder brother Theo, Elder sister Ellie, and the nanny Ena decorated the room, but because the decorations had no magical power (Temp), I couldn’t see them.

It seemed to be handmade as it felt like origami when I touched it, the kind of rings made of paper often done for a birthday.
In addition, there also were flowers made of thin paper.

I also made flowers from paper together with Ellie.
I couldn’t do it well, but it was fun.

A lot of dishes were brought into the room, and we had a modest but warm birthday party.

Incidentally, I have confirmed Claire’s age. She’s 26 years old.
She’s quite a young mother of three.

A few days later, it was Theo’s birthday.
Although their birthdays are rather close, they were properly celebrated separately.
I hope it stays like this, so the party doesn’t become too big when combined, though.

This time, the decorations were made by Claire, Ellie, and Ena.
Naturally, I have helped to make flowers from the paper this time as well, and I did better than the last time.
Have I become more accustomed to moving my fingers?
It seems my daily training has produced steady results.

Just like Claire’s birthday, a lot of dishes were brought to the room, and we had a birthday party.
I feel like there were too many meat dishes.
It was fragrant, full of good smell.

As expected a boy would like meat dishes.

I have also confirmed his age, he’s 9 years old.

Four weeks later, it was Ellie’s birthday next.

Mother, Elder brother, Elder sister, it seems to be a month of consecutive events.

This time, the decorations were made by Claire, Theo, and Ena.
Naturally, I have helped with the paper flowers.

I was greatly praised when I made one all by myself.
As expected, if you have the opportunity to make something like that, you should make it by yourself!

Just like the two previous birthdays, a lot of dishes were brought in the room.
Vegetable dishes were abundant with almost no meat or fish dishes.
Is Ellie possibly a vegetarian?

But, she seems to have eaten meat and fish too, she may just like vegetables that much.
She raises plants that can be eaten after all.

Of course, I have also confirmed her age, she’s 7.

As expected, I thought it would stop after three consecutive birthdays, but…… I was naive.
Within four weeks from Ellie’s birthday party, it was Ena’s birthday next.

There sure are a lot of birthday events!

Naturally, of course, obviously! The decorations were made by all three people, except Ena.
Ena went into another room in the meantime.

Besides the paper flowers, I also helped to make paper decorations this time.

As three times before that, dishes were brought to the room and the birthday party started.
The main dishes were seafood.
It was incredibly delicious.

In the Ovent Kingdom, meat, fish, and vegetables commonly appear on the dining tables.
It’s a good country with abundant ingredients.

Ena is 28 years old this year.

She’s two years older than Okaachan…… Claire is baby-faced after all.

This is the end of all birthday parties other than mine and my father’s, Alek’s.

If it continues like this, won’t it be Alek’s birthday party next month?
This is a birthday party rush, it will surely be like that!




In conclusion, Alek’s birthday party is still far away.




As usual, Elder brother and Elder sister are switching, rather they are competing witch each other and reading me books about trees and flowers.

It’s Elder sister’s turn now.

The title is,

“Moon, Sun, and the Madder Plant”

I thought it would be a romance novel after hearing its title, but it’s actually a super adventurous novel right from the start.

Apparently, the author is the same person who wrote “Even a Single Grass” which she read me before.

It starts at the bottom of a deep valley where a red grass blooms and stands on three legs.

One more book, one more leg……

It doesn’t seem to be split into volumes this time.
The thickness of the book seems to be only half compared to the previous one.

Naturally, I just touched and confirmed it, so it is possible that it actually continues, but as far as I’m listening it’s going to finish soon.

Other than the super-development at the start, “Even a Single Grass” was a quite enjoyable adventure book.

The grass which stood up against the laws of nature and went on a journey met other plants who stood against the laws of nature in the same way, in a story of laughter and tears.

In the last scene where the grass’s first friend died, I cried a big deal that day.

It may have been “kill and cry” guy, but I cried.

Elder sister Ellie who read it to me, Elder brother Theo who came together, nanny Ena-san, mother Claire, and even the old doctor who came for the medical examination has cried.

Because everyone cried, no one noticed that I had understood the content of the story.
Because everyone cried, they may have thought that I cried in sympathy, though.

By the way, father Alek was at work as usual.

I thought I may not remember him already, but I wonder why do I remember him so well?

It’s the author of “Even a Single Grass” who left me with such an impression of a perfect adventure until the end.

I thought that the “Moon, Sun, and the Madder Plant” would also safely end.

But, saying that it was pure nonsense would be naive.

When I thought it was over, where I thought the FIN letters would finally appear, Ellie said with a smile,


“To be continued. Saa Lily, let’s enjoy the next 29 volumes~”


I couldn’t understand what she was saying for a moment.


How strange. My hearing should be perfect…… I see, it wasn’t a proper language? Oneechan is such a tease, introducing me to an unknown word again.

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