Chapter 5

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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4 Months After Birth
Four months after birth.

I was able to hold my head up, and it has become possible to sit after three months.

When I was able to sit without support, the siblings (Temp) were deeply moved and shed tears.

Aren’t they exaggerating too much?
It’s not like I can sit on my own.

The nanny (Temp) grandiosely stroked my head and kept rubbing her cheeks against mine while rejoicing.
The moment Mother (Temp) saw me sitting(support necessary), she released a terrific amount of magical power (Temp).
To the extent, I became worried if everything is all right.

Father (Temp) what to say, he was so happy it made me tired. Your beard hurts so don’t rub it against my face, you ikemen! I thought.

Right, right, my vision improved to the degree I can distinct the facial features.
You see, I have realized, to be frank, this family is…… quite good-looking.




Father (Temp) appears to be in his late twenties.
I can’t distinguish between colors, so I don’t know his eye color, but slit eyes with well-ordered looks, a high nose, he gives off a feeling of a European attractive middle-aged man.

He’s rather tall, is it about 190cm?
It’s difficult to measure because there are only family members to compare.

He has short hair and his beard beautifully kept, but sometimes when he comes, he has stubble and that very beard becomes very painful.

I think it wouldn’t be a problem to say that Mother (Temp) is in her early teens?
I don’t know her actual age, but although she has three children, she is quite baby faced.

Drooping eyes filled with gentle feelings, a nose that is neither high or low, her plump lips look so soft…… rather, they are soft.

Because she kisses my forehead or cheek every time she leaves the room, I remember the sensation perfectly!

Every part of her is…… well, probably above standard.
Anyway, there is something that prompts you to raise the level by one or two.

It’s regrettable I can’t see colors.

Her height is not small, nor tall, would it be alright to say it’s normal?

If Father (Temp) is 190cm then she’s 165cm?

Anyway, which entertainment company you belong to? They are beautiful like that.

Naturally, their children, the siblings (Temp) inherited that so……
There’s one more thing I realized when it became possible to distinguish their facial features.

The siblings (Temp) are not elder brother and his younger brother, but older brother and elder sister.

Elder brother (Temp), is like Father (Temp), a headlong ikemen.
His hair is trimmed to a position where it reaches or not reaches his shoulders.

Even though he is seven or eight years old, he is fashionable.

He beautifully inherits Father’s (Temp) manly parts and Mother’s (Temp) gentle parts, he’s cool and gentle looking, a personification of seriously explosive ikemen.

Elder sister (Temp) is a gentle-looking beauty like Mother (Temp).

Because it’s said that girls mature faster than boys so I can’t really tell, but she looks to be seven or eight years old just like her elder brother.

Considering that her growth may be faster, there won’t be a problem saying that she appears to be six years old.

She has a long straight hair which reaches up to her waist.
She inherited most of the parts from Mother (Temp), but her eyes are definitely Father’s (Temp).

Overall, she gives the gentle and calm impression Mother (Temp) does, while occasionally showing Father’s (Temp) sharp, gallant gaze.

Her sharp gaze can be fundamentally seen when a tool used to study is brought to the room.
I can’t tell for sure, but she seems to be writing either on a notebook or a blackboard.
I can’t see because it doesn’t have magical power (Temp), so I can’t understand.

We have been living together for four months already, so I was wondering if the (Temp) is still necessary.

Therefore, I have decided to acknowledge it.

They are my family.
Therefore, it’s graduation from (Temp)!

If they told me it’s Okaasan, you know~ it’s Otousan, you know~ it’s Oniichan, you know~, it’s Oneechan, you know~ right after getting reincarnated, I wouldn’t believe them.
Rather, I wouldn’t understand a word.

I don’t know what to do about nanny (Temp).
Incidentally, she doesn’t match Mother in face prettiness, or rather, they are too different, or perhaps I should say that while Mother is baby-faced, adorable type of beauty, while the nanny is a tall, adult women-like beauty.

She always keeps her hair up and behind.

Her facial features give off a strict impression, but the smile she shows is overflowing with kindness and gentleness just like Mother’s.

You wouldn’t be able to smile like that unless you truly love children.

Also…… her eyes somehow resemble Father’s.

She may be my aunt or person of similar standing.

She is also quite tall.
Not as tall as Father, but at least 180cm.

I am not able to judge her age.

In the first place, I have no special ability in judging an adult woman’s age.

But somehow, I think that she’s in her early twenties.
I have no basis, though.

By the way, my own appearances are unknown.

I can’t see a mirror because it has no magical power (Temp), and reflections naturally have no magical power (Temp) too.

Because I have no means of looking, should I confirm by touch?

I didn’t understand a thing……

If I could understand by touch, I would have no hardships.
Besides, I’m still a baby, I will grow from now on.


I was bright as a monkey when I was born, four months later some personality is coming out…… it should have.




I think that the growth of my body is progressing smoothly.
Well, I can’t really tell because I can’t stand or crawl yet.

When talking about growth, my hearing has improved considerably.

The nanny who is always with me talks to me a lot, and my siblings also speak frequently.
First, I was trying to feel what they were talking about, then I started assembling the words like small pieces of a puzzle, not being able to understand a word was like a penance.

Memorizing words one by one, guessing their meaning, try using them in a sentence, and polishing their meaning.

I can’t really verify if I got their meaning right, but by repeating the same training for three months, I have reached the point I can understand a bit…… I think.

As a result, I have learned about my family’s and nanny’s names.
They have pet names and formal names when the family calls with a formal name, something bad has happened. They typically use pet names.


Mother’s name is Claireteal.
Pet name is Claire.
Because only Father and nanny call her like that, I don’t think I’m wrong.

Elder brother’s name is Theodore.
Pet name is Theo.
Frequently called name number one, it was easy to remember.

Elder sister’s name is Ellistina.
Pet name is Ellie.
Frequently called name number two.
Because her name is called as often as Theo’s, it was easy to remember.

Nanny’s name is Elliana.
Pet name is Ena.
Her name is similar to elder sister’s, is she my aunt after all?

Father’s name is Aleksander.
Pet name is Alek.
Because he’s the person who I’m in contact with the least, his name was the last one I have discovered.
His work seems quite busy.
Recently, I have been able to see him only once or twice a week.


I have also confirmed my name.

As expected, it’s “Lilianne” without a doubt.

It’s quite late, but I’m a girl.

No, it’s not a matter of being late or not……

From the time I heard the name for the first time, I had some conviction, and when I was getting taken care of, I stole a glance down there……

Honestly, I just wanted to forget that I saw it.

Anyway, I have no choice but to recognize it.

I reincarnated and became a girl!

By the way, I was a man in my previous life.
Do you have any complaints? You don’t right, that’s what I thought, let’s leave it at that.




Besides the names, I can even hear long sentences if they tell them slowly…… I should.

However, it’s not possible for me to talk and I don’t even know if the meaning is correct.

There’s also a possibility I got the names wrong.
I think I will take this area easy for the time being.

As for reading letters, I gave up.
I can’t see after all.

There is no magical power (Temp) in books, and there’s no way I can read by touching……

What should I do?

Without being able to read, I can’t write too…… really, what should I do……
Anyway, I have no choice but to postpone it until a good idea comes to mind.




Which reminds me, a doctor? comes once every two weeks since two months ago.
It’s not like I can see a white coat and a stethoscope, so I am not sure whether it is a doctor or not.
He’s an old man whose wrinkles are deeply engraved, but the muscles along the spine are stretched, and it doesn’t make him feel old.

The reason for his visit is the palpation and my eyes.

It appears that everyone in the family knows about my eyes.
Even so, I think that they understand that I can know where the person is by the sound.

Actually, I can see them with magical power (Temp), though.

Since they know about my eyes, does it mean it can be understood from my appearances?

My eyes are not focusing, or they may be cloudy.

I don’t know much about the eyes of people with visual impairment, but I have heard about that somewhere.
I can’t be sure that I’m right, though.

Today too, the same doctor? visits and does the usual palpation, he spreads open my eyelids and looks at my eyes.

He went out of the room after saying something to my mother, but I couldn’t understand the conversation much.

Mother who then tightly hugged me, didn’t release any magical power (Temp) at all.

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