Chapter 4

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4 Weeks After Birth
The power I call magical power (Temp) consumes stamina to control.

It doesn’t feel like the magical power you use to cast magic in games.
Therefore, calling it magical power (Temp) may be wrong.

That’s why the name is temporary.
Because there’s no problem with it at present, I don’t plan on changing it, but……

I want to know the official name quickly.




It has been four weeks since I reincarnated.

The siblings (Temp) come every day to play, and mother (Temp) whose pace was once every two days risen to twice every three days.

Father (Temp) is as usual.
Nanny (Temp) takes care of me every day without change.

As for the most recent change, I have discovered that my vision will considerably rise when gathering the magical power (Temp) around my eyes.

My vision which gradually increased, has increased to the degree I can distinguish people even without gathering magical power (Temp) in my eyes, but with this control, it was possible to see the details.


I have somehow understood it, but my eyes can’t see.


Even though my eyes are open wide, all I can see is magical power (Temp).
The colors I see are a pitch-black background and white magical power (Temp).


Nothing besides that.


If it has magical power (Temp), I can grasp the details by concentrating the magical power (Temp) into my eyes, but if it doesn’t have it, I’m not able to see it.

I have been reincarnated with a considerable handicap.

If this were a normal reincarnation, I would get a special ability or some kind of a cheat, but……


I have never heard of reincarnation with a handicap?

God, just how cruel you are.


Thanks to the blessing in disguise which is the magical power (Temp), I am able to recognize objects with magical power (Temp) inside them in detail when I concentrate.

I have to do something about identifying objects without magical power (Temp), but I have heard that people with visual difficulties develop other senses.

Hearing ability, sense of smell or the sixth sense?

It’s still only four weeks so it may not be necessary to be impatient.
But still, I’m considerably uneasy about the handicap of being blind.
Because of this uneasiness…… because I didn’t want to feel such uneasiness, I have immersed myself in the training of magical power (Temp) control.

I want to think that things won’t be different from before, but it is actually different.
Even when my siblings (Temp) and mother (Temp) are involved, more than half of my consciousness is focused on the control of magical power (Temp).

I think that because of that, my multitasking ability drastically raised.
In my previous life, doing two tasks at once was a limit, but presently, I’m controlling the magical power (Temp) and playing with my siblings (Temp), while practicing my limbs by moving.

The difficulty is not that high, but because I’m doing three things at once, my multitasking ability should be increasing.

Well, the importance of the tasks is 7:1:2.





Although the magical power (Temp) release practice is essential, I have reached the limits.


First of all, the degree of fatigue when exercising the magical power (Temp) outside the body is not a joke.

Firstly, there is currently no other way to increase my stamina.

Secondly, this is the biggest problem, but I have no way of separating the magical power (Temp) from my body.

This has caused me to reach my limits.
There are no particular problems in controlling outside of my body.

I have also tried thinning a part to the limit, but I can’t cut it even if it is thinned.
At the same time, it’s impossible to reduce the concentration to separate it.

When I extend it to the limit, it becomes unstable and retreats back.
When it retreats back after reaching the limit, it becomes stable again.

As a result of repeated experiments, I have concluded that this phenomenon is confirmed and decided that it is impossible to separate the magical power (Temp) using disappearance.

I have only thought about the control of magical power (Temp) itself, expansion and contraction, change in thickness, change in concentration, change in elasticity.

The change in elasticity is to change the magical power (Temp) in whatever way I want.
Of course, because it is a change in elasticity, it has become possible also to change the firmness.

Besides changing the elasticity, it also possible to strength only a part of an area by covering it.

Although I say covering, it’s the feeling of stopping the magical power (Temp) from leaving my body at the last moment.
It’s possible to strengthen it by increasing the concentration of the cover.

This is what made it possible to strengthen the eyes and improved the vision.

I also tried similarly increasing my hearing, but there were no results.

If I could see, it may not be related just to the vision, but I have no way to ascertain.

My vision can be strengthened with magical power (Temp), so it may be possible to do the same with hearing, but I have never heard of it so I don’t know.

I have reached the limits of release practice like this.

No, speaking accurately, I have reached the limits, but I have not stopped trying with a great effort.

First of all, if I can overcome the problem of fatigue, the scope of the experiment will also expand.

As I have found strengthening with the change of elasticity, I may be able to find something that hints to a solution in other training.
Therefore, I have decided to put the release practice on hold.


I have to build up stamina.
The development makes other practices leap.


If I get more, will it be possible to do increase hearing to some extent too?
Speaking frankly, even if I could talk, I feel that I shouldn’t.

I remember when my older brother’s daughter started talking at about 1 and a half years, our family was in high spirits.
Well, of course, it was just several words, but even then, it became a festival each time the word count increased.
Naturally, when she became able to say long sentences, the festival involved not only the family but also in the neighborhood.

Therefore, I’m thinking that I should not talk until I’m at least 1 year old.



…… My hearing at the present times is not good enough, but I think it’s enough for a tanuki with no choice.

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