Chapter 3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Two Weeks After Birth – Continuation
I can’t forget the feeling of deep emotion when touching mother’s(Temp) magical power(Temp) for the first time.

My previous thirty years of life can’t be compared with that occurrence that happened two weeks after birth.

I want to reproduce that feeling myself.

But, I won’t be able to do it when I’m in haste, so I intend to take it slowly and build my foundation.

I have decided to wait until I am able to control my magical power (Temp) to some extent.




After another two weeks, I have reached a point where I can control it freely to some extent after, I have decided to start the release practice today.

Releasing means letting the magical power (Temp) outside of my body.
I understand that the magical power (Temp) inside me is thick, but when it becomes thicker than my own body, it immediately becomes difficult to control.

To be specific, trying to control magical power (Temp) that exceeds the thickness of my arm a little,

“My consciousness flies.”

When my consciousness returned, I was startled.

It’s not difficult.

The fact that my consciousness flew means that the stamina necessary for control is quite large.
However, this incident happened a while ago…… even if I say that, two weeks ago wasn’t that long time ago, it’s similar to the accident that happened when I tried controlling the magical power (Temp) for the first time.

Since the stamina necessary for controlling magical power (Temp) should have increased considerably compared to the first time by continuous training, I wonder if it will be possible for my consciousness not to skip soon.





Because my arms are the only body part that can move in my field of vision, the control practice is basically done with arms.
Although it’s possible to do without seeing, the control for the release practice is very difficult.
To be safe, it should be done in arms I can carefully observe.

I make the thickness of magical power (Temp) in my fingers as thick as possible.

Because the thickness of my fingers is not certain, I go for the thickness of the index finger while being conscious of it first…… I increase the thickness when I can.

Just letting a bit on the tip of my index finger makes me considerably fatigued.
This degree of fatigue…… I’m certain my consciousness would already fly without practice.
However, with time, the degree of fatigue does not rise, and I increase the amount of magical power (Temp) little by little.

I try thickening, thinning, extending, and shortening the magical power (Temp) outside of my body.

In terms of fatigue level, there is no different from usual.
Apparently, it’s tiring only the moment it goes outside, and it seems to be the same as controlling magical powers (Temp) within my body once it goes out.

I run some experiments and tried how far I can extend it outside of my body. The control became unstable once it reached about 50cm out.
Because it is difficult to control it in that state, I have judged it would be best not to overdo it since I have just begun.
After extending it to the extent where it almost reaches the limit, I tried changing the thickness.

As a result, I have found out that the magical power (Temp) extended outside became difficult to control like the distance from the body increased, and the degree of fatigue raised.

The magical power (Temp) I have controlled so far is connected to my body.
The thing I want to do eventually is to control the soft and fluffy that detaches from my mother’s (Temp) body.


Therefore, I wanted to try separating the magical power (Temp) from my body…… but, a problem has occurred here.




…… How do I separate it……?

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