Chapter 2

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Two Weeks after Birth
2 weeks has passed.

It appears that I have really become a baby.

A word reincarnation comes to mind.
One of the last memories I can recall is reading a light novel where the protagonist has an accident and reincarnates in a different world.

I can’t laugh because this is too strange.

But, even if I have reincarnated, I have no evidence that this is a different world.

If I can’t understand words, it’s possible that this is a foreign country.
Above all, I am unable to see so I can’t check my surroundings.
However, besides the distorted white foggy people, and the illumination? on the ceiling, I have found out that there are other objects that look like white shapes and lines.

The temperature of the room rises when the heater-like thing on the wall, a white, thin, foggy thing is put out.

There seem to be little lanterns? beside the ceiling light.
I figured that they are lanterns because the people that come in always bring it with them during the night(?).


I don’t have conclusive proof.


My sense of noon and night is vague, and I realize that the information which I obtain with my eyes is quite important.


And the best thing is, that I have become able to see my body in white now.


I wasn’t able to see it at first.
After several days, by observing the people who kept me company in the room, my ability? to distinguish the people and see their outlines increased little by little.

I understood that it was because of my eyes’ growth.

When I look at my hand, I can see a tiny, white outline.
Because I can hardly move my neck, I can see only the visible parts of my body, I have learned that by trial and error.

There were several discoveries.

The outlines gradually thickened as I concentrated.
Even if it becomes thick, the outline is still very thin and white. Since I couldn’t understand at all, I have focused on making that white darker.

The concentration of the thickness slowly and gradually kept rising.
It was when the almost transparent white, turned a bit white.


“My consciousness flew.”


It seems that when I increase my concentration on the thickness, the consumption of my stamina exceptionally increases.

It’s my first time, so I didn’t know how far I can go, but now that I can consider the limit, I can start the dangerous work.

After concentrating to the limit, I sleep to recover then concentrate to the limit again.
After repeating the process over and over again, I noticed that I had not consumed as much stamina when reaching the limit like when I reached the limit for the first time.


This apparently is also growth.


Well, it’s simply a growth of a baby’s body, so it’s difficult to say that my strength increased.
Has the consumption of stamina while concentrating decreased after getting used to it?

This is still necessary to verify, but I am not able to do that, so I decide to be patient.

I begin thinking that this white stuff I see from my body and people’s bodies needs a name.

Under present conditions, conversation with others is impossible.
It’s also impossible to read books with the body of a baby as well.

Rather, I don’t know whether I could read the letters in the first place.

Because I’m not able to read which is fatal, I can’t gather information.


For the time being, I open the theater in my brain and hold a meeting.


Myself A: “Because I can see my and other people’s body foggy, wouldn’t life force be correct!”
Myself B: “That wouldn’t be possible since I can see the illumination, heater or lanterns the same way!”
Myself C: “There’s no evidence that the illumination is really illumination, is there? Is the heater really a heater? Rather, is it noon right now? A night? Rather, since when? When’s the snack time~?”
Myself D: “Is a name really necessary? It works for now, isn’t that enough?”
Myself E: “I finally got an interesting power. Naturally, it needs a good name! Like…… with a chuuni-like feeling!”
Myself F: “Like I said, what exactly is that feeling!”
Others: “Gyaa~ gyaa~ ha~ ha~”

Myself wearing judge clothes: “Silence! Silence! I’m announcing the decision!”

Myself D: “Huh? When did the meeting turn into a trial?”

Myself dressed in judge clothes: “The name of this power is ‘Magical power (Temporary)’! I adopt this name in hopes of this world being a different world!”


The intracranial myself meeting…… the intracranial myself trial has successfully ended.




I concentrate on the thickness, sleep and repeat for a few days.
As a result, my eyesight has improved.
It reached a point I can roughly understand.

The foggy figures looked like people, but I can now distinct them as humans.
I still can’t distinct them individually.
Just to the degree of “foggy humans.”



The person with the most contact is the tall person who lets me drink from breasts.
Because it’s two weeks after birth? the meal is naturally mother’s milk.

I can’t really distinguish the details, so I’m not really embarrassed.
I think I may be embarrassed if I could see clearly.

No, my mental age is already in the thirties so I already did some breastfeeding play, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed, but……

No excitement either……

In the first place, I don’t really have an interest in breastfeeding play…… it’s true, you know?

Why is it, rather than embarrassment, peace of mind, something warm…… I savor the meal.


Well, that this person is my…… the reincarnated my’s mother is still unknown at the present time.
If not a mother, a wet nurse?

She takes care of my meals and other various needs.
She hugs me and carries me around the room, squats on her knees and watches me, she reads me books, and sing songs.
I can’t understand a word from the books she’s reading, and I also have no idea about what the lyrics of the songs are.
The songs are something like slow children’s songs and lullabies.
I feel very at ease when listening to them.
I definitely think that this person could make money by singing.

I spent most of my days like this with this person.
When she lays me in the crib, she speaks to me a lot and plays with the toy-like thing above me I can’t see because it doesn’t have magical power (Temporary), but it makes noise when moves it so I know something is there.

Although I say that, it’s not like this all the time.

When she puts me in the crib to sleep, she seems to be cleaning the room.

Even though I say cleaning, she’s not sweeping the room.
It’s obvious because a baby is in the room, but she’s not sweeping the ground, but she is cleaning it with a cloth.

The operation range of my neck has extended, and I’m even able to move my arms occasionally.
She’s most likely wiping a window now.

Even if I can distinguish people, I still can’t differentiate between walls and windows, so I can’t be certain, but considering the situation, she must be wiping a window.

Caring for a two weeks old baby and cleaning the children’s room including the wiping of windows.
Isn’t she working too much?
She doesn’t have it that hard because I don’t cry, but I somehow feel that this person is not my mother.




Two little people come to visit me in the room every day, I suspect they are my siblings.

It’s impossible to distinguish their genders just from the pitch of their voices.
It’s possible to distinguish the gender of an adult just from their voice, but.
The room becomes very lively when the two come.

They talk to me with strange voices full of warmth and gentleness and timidly touch my body.
When they touch me, and I return the touch with my tiny fingers, they get very happy.
The two siblings (Temporary) have an excellent time with the daily skinship.

This room may also be their room, but they are going out for so long every day that they may have a different room.
Every time before the two leave the room, they say something and kiss my cheek or forehead without fail.

I don’t understand what they are saying as per usual, but they may be saying goodnight or something.
Because they say the same words every time.




Usually, it’s my siblings (Temporary) and nanny (Temporary), but a different person comes by every two days.
This person is a woman, she’s very warm, when she holds me, the magical power (Temporary) slowly releases from her body.
The magical power (Temporary) she releases is incredibly warm…… I feel very at ease when I touch it.

Yes, this magical power (Temporary) can be touched.

I was very startled when I touched it the first time.
But before being startled, I was deeply moved.
Right, I was moved.

I don’t know the reason, but the moment I touched this released magical power (Temporary), I was moved, and something was overflowing.

This person is the only person releasing magical power (Temporary), and it’s being released only when she holds me.
Is this phenomenon a normal occurrence since my siblings (Temporary) and nanny (Temporary) show no reaction when we are all together or…… they can’t see it?

I think that this lady is most likely my mother.
The warmth and gentleness when she holds me with is very similar to my sibling’s (Temporary).
No, to be frank, it’s way above theirs.

As for nanny (Temporary) and siblings (Temporary), they don’t release the magical power (Temporary).
Besides mother (Temporary), there’s a man who visits me once or twice a week, but he doesn’t release magical power (Temporary).

In regard to this man, I have met him only three times, so I don’t have much information about him.
I think he might be my father.
The warmth and gentleness are similar to mother’s (Temporary), and he talks with my siblings (Temporary).

I’m being held almost all the time when my father (Temporary) is here.
Nevertheless, it’s not for too long.
He stays here for about an hour.
You look like a busy person, you have it hard, father (Temporary).




As of now, only these five people are around me.
It’s only two weeks since I was born so that may be proper.
By the way, nanny (Temporary) also sleeps in this room.
Babies shouldn’t be left alone at night in case they start crying so it can be said it’s only natural that she sleeps here.

Well, I have not cried yet.
I have never cried for the past two weeks.
Indeed, I would wonder if something is wrong with the baby if it wasn’t crying, but crying seems somewhat embarrassing.
I won’t yield on this.


I spent my first two weeks like that.
Thanks to being able to spend most of the time practicing magical power (Temporary) and growth training, the control over the magical power (Temporary) in my body became quite good.
To be specific, it has become possible for me to make it thicker and thinner, and to increase and decrease the concentration quite freely.


I think it’s time to move to the next step.


Precisely, releasing the magical power (Temporary).

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