Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After coming out of a tunnel… it was pitch dark.


This famous line I had heard from somewhere crossed my mind…… it was a bit different, though.


When I woke up, it was dark.

Although my eyes are opened wide, I can’t see anything.
Night? Or was I locked up somewhere?
In any case, I have to grasp the situation.

When I tried to lift my hand, I noticed something uncomfortable.
I can’t move my hands well.
Because it’s helpless, I try to move my legs.
I found out that I can’t move anything beyond my arms.

Just what is happening?

Anyway, while trying to move my arms and legs, I realized something more serious.
I can hardly move, no I can’t move my neck at all.
I can also hardly move my back.

But, it’s not like it’s painful, if I couldn’t move because of an injury, there should be a pain, but…… was I tranquilized?
I feel strangely sluggish, it might have been a tranquilizer.

If I got injured and was taken to a hospital…… I wonder how did I injure myself? An accident?

I try recalling the memory.

My last memory is getting my hands on the different world reincarnation light novel, and since I was looking forward to reading it, ending up reading all night, and then I drove my car to the office while rubbing my drowsy eyes.

I can’t remember anything beyond that.

Did I cause an accident because I have dozed off?
However, having done that I walked to the hospital by myself? But, I don’t smell the characteristic medicine-like scent of a hospital, just what is……?




I heard the sound of a doorknob being turned.
Because I can’t move my neck, I can’t change my line of sight, so I can’t check it.
Oh well, still, I will understand when a person comes, let’s talk first……





…… Yes?
I feel strangely sluggish, but I heard the voice clearly.
The problem is that I didn’t understand anything at all.
Suddenly, I see something white, thin, and foggy thing in the darkness.
Because I can’t move my neck so, I have no choice, but to stare at the ceiling, I was staring at it until the foggy thing fixed itself around the ceiling.

My thoughts which stopped started moving.
What is that, what is that foggy thing…… Somehow it looks like a delicious cotton candy…… Not, it fixed itself at the ceiling in a round shape…… No, it’s moving? It seems to be moving at a very slow pace.
While in thoughts, this time, something different than the white foggy thing at the ceiling appears…… a distorted, foggy human figure.
I nearly screamed the moment I saw that.

Frankly, I got quite startled.
This is the most strange thing I have seen in my 30 years of life.

That human figure steadily approaches me from the direction of my feet.
Soon, a similar thing appeared in the opposite direction.
I did not notice it before because I couldn’t turn my head.




The distorted foggy human figures are talking in an unrecognizable language.

Although I was startled at first, the atmosphere I feel is not fear, but a nostalgic warmth…… That feeling of returning to parent’s home after a long time.

I embrace this nostalgic warm feeling, and it strongly wraps around me.
I feel like I could entrust it with everything without hesitation.
And before I notice, I was “lifted up.”
Several performances were instantaneously played inside my brain theater.

After the performances finished, a person dressed in clothes of a judge on trial approaches me and shouts.
Now choose!

Honorable mention “What is with this nurse with Herculean strength?”
It was a great comedy masterpiece, but because of its long pretext, it can only stay as an honorable mention.

The grand winner is “If I return to being an infant.”
I am sick of my boring 30-year-old life, by activating an application on a magical smartphone, I will go back to being a baby. It’s the kind of story everyone dreams of.
Past circumstances and a dream…… isn’t that nice? It won first place because of such reason.


The moment the human figure holds me in its chest, I come to my senses.
There are three big human figures and two small ones.
Because the human figures are foggy, I can’t distinguish their expressions completely.
I can’t understand their words.
However, when they speak to me “Lilianne” is the only thing I clearly understand.


Is that my name?


But, Lilianne is…… that…… no matter how you hear it, a girl name?

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