Chapter 56

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Wings composed from a thin magical power enough to seem transparent.
Small limbs that look as if they would break at any moment.
A dress-up doll-like slender body.
Even on this slender body, things that should be sticking out are greatly sticking, and things that shouldn’t are tightly locked.
She has a distinctive sharpness in her sleepy, half-opened eyes.
From her size and features, and also Kuti’s words, she also is most likely a fairy.
Unlike Kuti, her raised long hair stretches up to her waist, and she opens her small mouth.


“I’m Sanin. The director of the Sorcery Research Institute in the Forest next to the world. I have heard ridiculously much from this Smugface. I got interested in the operation of magical power you have shown to this fool. That’s the reason I came here.”

“She’s saying this, but~ she was seriously interested, and that’s why she came along, you see~”

“That isn’t wrong. It’s the matter of the greatest concern and interest. For that very reason, I was not afraid to go outside for the first time in 500 years.”

“She’s a hikikomori, isn’t she~”

“Hiikooi…… a, arashiwa…… n~ n~ arashi…… n~……”
   (Hikikomori…… s, suspicious……. n~ n~ suspicious…… n~……)

“Ah, don’t overdo it. Your body is obviously that of a toddler. You are still developing, it can’t be helped that you can’t say ayashii properly. Besides…… you are able to communicate by writing in magical power, right? It would be better to continue like that so we don’t wake up this woman.”


She with a clear and smooth voice――Sanin, takes Ena into consideration.
She appears to have heard a lot from Kuti, she probably wants to see my handling of magical power at once.
Well, I would feel sorry for waking up Ena either way, so let’s communicate with writing.


(Then, this way. Once again, I’m Lilianne La Christophe. Please, treat me well. Sanin-san.)

“Yeah, just Sani is fine. My close friends call me like that. You already seem considerably close with Kuti. …… Since she returned to the report, there wasn’t a day she wasn’t talking about you. Seriously, it was quite the treat.”

“Don’t say that~”

(Ahaha. There also wasn’t a day I wasn’t thinking about Kuti!)

“Really!? Ehehehehe~ ehehehehehe~ what to do~ I’m so happy~…… gee……. gee!”


Kuti who was twisting and turning next to Sani already melted, her face awfully softened.
Obachan best regards, ban, ban, she strikes Sani’s shoulder while looking very delighted.
Just watching makes something warm spread through my body. As expected, the sense of security is preeminent with Kuti around.


(I’m incredibly happy that Kuti returned in good health. You will stay with me again, won’t you?)

“Of course! I won’t separate from you until the next regular report! Absolutely!”


Smugface puts hands on against her waist.
Indeed, this expression suits Kuti the best. Seeing her wonderful smug face, my cheeks loosen on their own, Kuti who saw that suddenly leaped towards my face.


“Ahh~ n, you are so cute after all~ Lily is cute~ Mufufufu~n…… rub, rub~ you are so cute~”

(Ha, ha, ha. Kuti, you startled me~)

“Umu, I see. I can certainly nod that Kuti has become strange. Are you that? Some type of devilish woman? Besides, Kuti who is sticking to your face can’t see these words. I see, writing in characters has such weakness. As expected, I won’t understand without seeing much.”

“Rub, rub, rub~…… I don’t want to release this cute one anymore~ rub, rub~”

(Geez…… Kuti~)


On the contrary to the calmly analyzing Sani, Kuti is completely engrossed in me, not seeing the words anymore.


Nevertheless, a devilish woman she said…… certainly, I don’t usually loosen my cheeks every day……
I have quit the taciturn character recently, but since the expressionlessness has already stuck to my face unconsciously, it seems I don’t have expressions unless I strongly display them.


For a while, Kuti continued rubbing her cheek against mine until Sani tsukkomi’d in.
Incidentally, because the rubbing Kuti was happy, I didn’t try to stop her myself.




“So. I have an inseparable relationship of childhood friends with this fellow. I don’t know by what fate, but since I was born, I was close to this fellow and this fellow’s younger twin sister. You will understand even if I don’t tell you the rest, right? She was like this since the old days. She does only whatever she likes, and she can only live however she pleases. That’s why, even though she was chosen as a queen, she pushed it onto her little sister and calmly escaped.”

“Haha~ the disguise sorcery I made that time was good, wasn’t it~”

(You did such thing…… rather, Kuti is so amazing you were chosen as a queen.)

“That’s right~! I’m amazing, you know!”


Fufun, she roughly breathes out through her nose, turns around zubishii, she twists her waist and points at me. Of course, her face has a smug.
It’s so wonderful that a halo shines in the background. Of course, it was drawn with Kuti’s magical power.
Nevertheless, as expected of Kuti. I would like to see her little twin sister too, but it’s Kuti’s Kutiality to make her little sister into a substitute.



“Fumu. It also has such use, huh? However, you bring out the flow like that? I see, then how about this…… I see, I see……”


Sani was muttering something while observing the halo drawn with the magical power she sees for the first time.
She must be an important person because she’s a director of a research institute, but how to say it…… she’s smelling of a mad scientist.
I thought that I could observe these two forever, but Kuti who was holding the same pose surrendered first.


“U~…… It’s my loss~”

“No, wait, Kuti. Don’t disturb the magical power. Stay like that for a little longer.”

“N, no way! Yes, it’s already over!”

“Mu…… it can’t be helped then…… This fellow who returned for the regular report wanted to return awfully fast for some reason. But, the regular report has a set procedure, so she was at my place during that time and bragging about you. I got curious about you because of that. So I came along.”

(U, umm. I understand the details. But, I don’t think I’m that interesting?)


The conversation continued as if nothing had happened, but I was a little taken aback by the my pace researcher-san, but I could accept it considering she’s Kuti’s childhood friend.
Kuti is the center of all.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that my world is eroded with Kutiality.
No, that might be an underestimation. She is my world.
I didn’t think that my feelings would grow this strong after not being able to see her.
Something different from love. It’s not admiration nor worship…… but, considerably close. I can’t put it into words, but it definitely exists.
Such unnamed feelings are warm and nostalgic.


“What, you don’t have to mind it. As long as you communicate in writing with this fellow and do that magical power practice of yours, there won’t be a problem. Just observing that is plenty for me.”

“That’s right~ Therefore, Lily has just to do what you always do~ Ah, if Sani becomes a hindrance, I will immediately chase her out, okay!”

“Well, I will resign and get driven out. I have no intention of causing you trouble. Anything this fellow does is trouble, though.”

(Ahaha. You two get along really well, don’t you? That’s somehow envious.)


Chikuri, there was a slight prickling in my heart, but there was no negative feeling.
If Kuti is happy, I’m happy as well. Because she’s the same.
Therefore, sad feelings are the same. I don’t want to see her sad face.


“We are friends of a little over 2000 years after all. She’s already like air to me, don’t mind it.”

“Right, right, like air that I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t here, but also air that I don’t mind having around!”

(Fairies don’t need air?)


I’m aware that they don’t need to eat. But, are they existences different from every other creature that needs air to live?


“Fairies will live for as long as there’s magical power. The world is full of magical power. The day that the Fairies perish is the day the world collapses, so it’s very unlikely for us to die.”

“Eternally immortal~!”


The smug-faced O’fairy-sama says with a wonderfully wonderful smug face.
The background effects behind her make for an impressive and cool fairy-sama.
As expected, just by having Kuti around, the mood becomes bright and colorful. I can hardly recall the days she wasn’t here.


“That being the case, I will trouble you for a while. Excercise magical power to its fullest.”

(Ah~…… that…… Obaasama is currently here, so I can’t practice magical power much.)

“What!? What does that mean!”

“Obaasama~? Lily’s Obaachan is here? What person is she? Kind? Scary?”

(She’s very gentle person, but amazingly powerful. She’s the person who taught me not to practice magical power in the public because powerful people would be able to sense it.)


Recalling the day Obaasama cautioned me, I remember the strongest Hermit-sama.
Since that day, the only time I can do magical power practice is when Obaasama is taking a bath.
Because Obaasama enters slowly for about an 1 Hals, I completely compress and consume magical power, but the total amount has become quite a lot, so I can only make it barely.
If the total amount increases, even more, it would be very difficult to finish in 1 Hals.


“Fumu…… I see. Well, but that can be easily resolved. Rather, it’s also a reason I came here.”

“Thaaat’s right~ I told you before, right? That I will ask a specialist. Sani is that specialist! It will surely be alright!”


That confidence is overflowing in her half open eyes was clear villainess similar to Kuti’s smug face but a distinctly different…… it was a nihilistic smile.

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