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Maids’ Conversation
Sixth resting room for maids inside the Christophe family’s mansion.
Three maids are having a break between busy work.
Even if called resting room, it’s in Christophe family’s mansion. The provided furniture is high-quality, but they are not too gaudy, only things that emphasize practicality.
The three each sit on a sofa that five people can sit together at the same time. They are installed in a way that two people can pass through between them at the same time.
There are six sofas around the table in total, but even still, there is plenty of space.
There are additional nine of such rooms across the mansion.
The number of servants working at the Christophe house has reached quite the number as can be seen by ten resting rooms.

Three maids are currently taking a break in the sixth resting room.
All three of them are carrying bushy animal ears on top of their heads.
Bunny ears, fox ears, and bear ears. The three are of the same race, but of a different clan, however, the Christophe house doesn’t discriminate against the different clans.
Clan is a generic term that refers to the type of beast that is characteristic to the beastmen.
For example, the bunny-eared girl――Lacria, is from a Rabbit clan.
With few exceptions, clans are few in numbers――clans with weak forces are sometimes discriminated among the Beastmen.
Although the law of the Ovent Kingdom prohibits discrimination against every race, but as expected, it can’t eliminate the remaining deep-rooted customs.

Rabbit clan is a considerably powerful clan, but the fox-eared maid’s――Jenny’s clan――the Fox clan is not.
Much less the bear-eared maid’s――Nija’s clan. Her clan is scarce in numbers, and they are very often discriminated in many places except the Ovent Kingdom.
But, there’s no discrimination in the Christophe house.
Although prohibited by rules, one’s ability is everything that matters in this mansion.
Prejudice against appearances or race doesn’t thrive here. These girls have also safely completed hellish training in the secondary mansion of the Christophe house located in the Landrish territory in the east of the Ovent Kingdom.
This hellish training was carried out for four years.
It was precisely hellish military-like training in which various professional maid ability was drilled into them.
Of course, battle training was included too.
To begin this training, you have to write your will first. That’s in case you die during the training.

In fact, it’s a rigorous training carried to the extremes during which you might die.
Why is such cruel training in which people die publicly approved? There’s no other reason, but the existence of Landrish’s feudal lord.
The person who governs the Landrich territory is a person once called the strongest of the Ovent Kingdom, and the accomplishments that this person left behind are such that they remain told as legends.

The servants who were able to get a job at Christophe house after undergoing such training are all fighting personnel, and they are talented people who can show more than their professional skills.

Naturally, even professionals like these girls have to take breaks.
It’s a break time right now. With black tea and little of sweets, they have a moment of rest and relaxation.


“Hey, have you heard? The story about Lilianne Ojousama.”

“I heard, I heard~ but, I wonder whether it’s really the truth~?”

“…… Truth.”


After taking a sip of the black tea, Lacria brings up a certain subject, Jenny immediately replied, but she was quite doubtful.
The silent girl Nija answered with one word and half-closed eyes as usual.


“It appears to be the truth! Because I have heard it from a guy that was directly on the scene, it must be real!”

“I mean~…… it’s that, right~? look~…… will it really become like that only by burying her face in it~?”

“…… Impossible.”

“No, no, Nija’s tail is just too short!”


While stroking her long, bushy, light brown tail, Lacria tsukkomi’d Nija who was answering her excited colleague, Jenny.
She said a single word while holding her round tail hiding in her skirt with her eyes half-closed as usual, but there was no change in her expression even after getting tsukkomi’d.


“But you see~ just by touching the tail~ there’s no way~ it could feel that good, right~? I have never heard of beastmen~ who have a weak point like that, you know~?”

“Well, that’s right, but…… the said person’s, Mira’s clan is the Wolf clan, right? Isn’t the Wolf clan incredibly powerful considering they low numbers? Therefore, they surely were something!”

“…… Agreement.”

“Right, right! There surely is a girl with a tail as a weak point among the Wolf clan! …… Fufufu…… The・re・fore! Let’s capture her!”


Lacria vigorously stood up from the sofa, but when she opened the storage room in the inner part of the resting room, there was a gagged little girl, wrapped in cloth on the verge of tears.


“N~! N~!”

“…… What the hell are you doing…… but~ you did well~!”

“…… Good job.”

“Right, right! Fufufu. Now, spit it out! The special secret of the Wolf clan!”


The little girl on the verge of tears――Mira of the Wolf clan, was saying something with the tears steadily increasing in the corner of her eyes, but nothing was understood because of the gag.
But, the mastermind and two perpetrators were not concerned about the girl at all.


“Here, here, I won’t do anything bad so~ spit it out~ how about it~”

“N~! Nn~!”


As Lacria was approaching while laughing with an obscene smile, the fear intensified, and Mira who became ghastly pale shook her head left and right.


“Rather~…… she can’t talk if you don’t remove the gag, can’t she~”

“…… Incomprehensible.”

“Oops~ I forgot~ Ahahaha~”


The two people who tsukkomi’d knew very well the pervertedness of their colleague who doesn’t change even after receiving a tsukkomi. Therefore, tsukkomi are wasteful at her.


“Puwa…… how terrible! Lacria senpai! What grudge do you hold against me!?”

“Eh~ I don’t really hold a grudge~ rather, I think that I’m quite affectionate to you~?”

“W, well I think that it’s certainly true, but! But don’t suddenly kidnap me during work, please! Making Linda who was working with me faint is going too far!”

“You have to apologize to Linda later……”

“…… It’s better than having her head fall off.”

“Eh~…… I think it’s just as Nija said, though~?”

“Look here…… this is not the Prison, you know? As a Christophe family’s maid~ you have to be used to surprise attacks~ but you see~…… don’t involve people who are diligently working! If you have to do it~ do it when Mira is alone~!”


“…… Mira don’t escape.”



Prison is the popular name for Christophe’s family’s second residence. It’s an abbreviation for the hell-like lodging house.
While Lacria was getting lectured by Jenny, Nija seized Mira who was trying to stealthily escape by the nape of her neck.
Nija seized and perfectly sealed Mira who is one head taller than herself from escaping, as expected of the skilled maid of Christophe family.
She is shorter than Longhairs, but she has the best restraint technique among the maids of the Christophe household. That basically means one of the best in the Ovent Kingdom.
Mira who was seized by Nija can only hang her head down dejectedly.


“Uuuu…… what do you want from meee……”

“Oh my, oh my~ crying will not solve anything so stop pretending to cry~”

“That’s right~ we will immediately release you as long as you answer our question~”

“…… Clumsy.”

“Uu…… haa…… I understand…… so, what is the question? I heard a little a while ago, but my clan has no secrets?”

“That can’t be true, right? I mean, isn’t there the story of you panting hard after having your tail caressed by Ojousama?”

“I, I wasn’t panting!”


Mira sits on the floor in seiza, not on the sofa after getting released by Nija. She’s lower rank compared to the three maids surrounding her, but she doesn’t have to do that really, but she does.
Mira’s fake crying was quickly seen through, but when talking about something related to that subject, her face instantly turned red.


“But you see~ the girls around properly confirmed it, you know?”

“I wasn’t panting! T, that…… it felt really good, though……”

“Hee~ so it felt good after all~ specifically, how?”

“E, even if you ask me that…… I, umm…… I don’t really have experience regarding that……”

“…… Virgin.”

“W, what are you saying! Nija senpai also has no experience in that matter!”

“…… No problem.”


“Leave that aside, spit it out already.”

“That’s right~ if you don’t tell quickly~ won’t the break time end~”

“B, but…… umm…… I can only say that Ojousama’s technique was amazing…..”

“Hmm~…… it was that after all.”

“Well…… I have not heard anything about wolf race’s tail being sensitive, so it has to be that~”

“…… Erodog.”

“T, that’s not a nice thing to say! I’m not erotic! I’m not at fault! Ojousama even apologizedmon!”

“Yes, yes, I understand, I understand. Nija don’t agitate her.”

“…… Shamdog?”

“Nugugugu…… is it alright to go already!?”

“Ah~ yes, yes, sorry, sorry. It’s fine to go.”



When Mira with her shoulders perked up leaves the resting room, Jenny turns towards Nija who returned to drink tea expressionlessly as usual.


“It would be better~ if you were more kind to her~”

“…… That much is just fine.”

“Tch~ as expected, she got angry for being forcibly kidnapped.”

“…… Lacria overdid it.”

“Bu~ bu~”

“But~ Ojousama’s technique, huh~ I’m curious~”

“…… Super agreement.”

“Right, right~! Would she do it to us as well~…… is it impossible~?”


“…… Impossible.”


The noisy chat of the three continued until the break ended.

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