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His Daily Life
When I get up in the morning, I immediately wash my face, fix my appearances and go to the angel’s room.
At the time I wake up, my angel always shows me her innocent and lovely sleeping face.
Transparent-like silver hair which is closer to Obaasama’s rather than Okaasama’s.
Plump and round soft cheeks.
They are closed right now, but she has beautiful silver crystal-like eyes that don’t seem to be cloudy.
There’s a feeble power in her little hands when grasping me, but the feelings of wanting to protect her flare up.
She has recently got good at walking, and she would occasionally call me Nii~ni. Really, only occasionally, though……
Although expressions rarely appear on her adorable face, but I have become able to read my angel’s expressions considerably well.
It’s only natural because I have been with her every day for nearly one and a half years.

While I’m enjoying the sleeping face of my angel, my little sister Ellie also arrives.
And until breakfast, seeing this sleeping face which is more wonderful than a painting of the kingdom’s greatest painter is our daily routine.


After breakfast, I go to care for the trees which are my second point of my daily routine.
The area I’m in charge of is a corner of the large garden.
Many big trees and Asherah saplings are planted there.
Although I was taking care of many trees and decorative plants until around one year ago, I’m concentrating on the single Asherah sapling now. I have been involved in caring for many trees and have obtained various knowledge. However, Asherah trees are truly difficult.

When I arrive there at the usual time, all the gardeners employed by Otousama are already there.
If a person is standing above others, he has to learn how to manage people since young, that’s what Otousama said when employing those people.
I was perplexed at first, but I will be 10 this year. It’s the age I will graduate from elementary school.
The Christophe household is a family with a high noble pedigree.
As the eldest son, I will eventually succeed the household. By that time, I have to know how to treat and manage people. I’m also often told that by Otousama and Okaasama.

Otousama and Okaasama are both kind people, and they take good care of the servants.
Although I remember resisting the word employment, I have learned that there are many positions and occupations, and gradually came to understanding.

I think the first time I started understanding was with the gardener supervisor employed by Otousama――Oban’s words.


“At first, you don’t have to think hard how to manage people. When you want to do something, just inform us of it, and the suitable ones will carry it out. We will raise methods or measurements, and Bocchama will decide. Like that, we will share the workload, increase the work efficiency and smoothly progress.”


I can’t do it all by myself. I can get helped by many people and share the work.
While slowly being helped by Oban and others, I learned how to stand above people little by little.

I think I would be still nervous if Oban weren’t here. I’m really grateful to him.




After finishing my daily routine, I go to school in the usual carriage.
Ovent is a peaceful town, but it seems bad people are everywhere.
Therefore, I always go to school while protected by guards.
Still, I have gotten used to it because it’s like that every day.
Ellie is still in grade 3, so she goes later than me.
Because fifth graders have two classes in the morning, I wouldn’t make it in time if not going at this time.

The guards escort me only to the campus.
The school security system is not as good as at our mansion, but it’s a quite solid system.
There are four guards at the front gate I always pass through, and guards are patrolling everywhere around the stone walls surrounding the campus.
I can also see many guards around when I enter the campus.

A school is a cornerstone of Ovent, a place to produce talents one after another. I have a feeling the King-sama said it like that. I haven’t heard it directly, it was written in the newspapers that are delivered to our house every day.
There is always one or two newspapers, so I can read immediately.
But, newspapers appear to be quite expensive, so there seem to be only a few houses taking them.
The school library has newspapers as well, but it’s quite difficult to apply for the use of the library.

Because there’s still some time, I leisurely walk towards my class.
When I approach the class, it’s somewhat noisy.
I wonder if Pujett and Nicole are fighting again? They don’t get along for some reason. They will start fighting immediately if I’m not there.


“Morning~ Are those two fighting again?”


When I enter the class, Pujett and Nicole were arguing as I expected.
My other classmates are watching from a distance. It’s the usual sight.


“Morning, Theo. Yes, they are fighting again.”


Some my classmates notice me and greet me.
It’s the usual sight, but those two stop fighting only with me around, so it seems they were waiting for me.


“Hey, you two. Why are you fighting this time?”

“Ah, Theo, hear me out! Pujett’s servant bumped into me, and he doesn’t want to apologize!”

“Don’t joke around! Weren’t you the one who bumped into him!”


They are always like this.
I always mediate between them to calm down the uproar, I play with everyone not to leave them out and try to do my best at getting along well with everyone.
I’m aware that I’m popular with girls, but there are no girls like my angel, so I don’t mind them.

I mediate between the two as always, and I encourage the dissatisfied Pujett to mix in the conversation with everyone until the class begins.
He mixes in immediately as if he was waiting for those words. It’s always like this.



Although my class fights, we are on good terms compared to other classes.
It’s a class where both boys and girls get along.
Because I keep Ellie company, I have learned how to treat girls, I casually help them and move in invisible places to make their burden light.
Rather, I have grown accustomed to most of it because of Ellie’s selfishness.

But, because my future objective is to become a knight, I solve the quarrels between boys openly and squarely.
Although there are quarrels with children from other classes, because I mediate between them, there wasn’t any large dispute yet.
Naturally, I’m not the only one mediating, but there are quite a lot of quarrels.
I wonder if it’s because many children are admiring the labyrinth diving adventurers? I admire knights more than I do adventurers, though.
Because there are especially violent children with big bodies among the adventurer admiring children, many children are getting injured when having a quarrel with those children, so I’m called relatively often.
I wonder why I am called to solve fights between children from other classes……
Although I think it would generally be better to call over a teacher, they call me more often for some reason.
The boys from the other classes were fighting today as well, both their bodies were big, enough to match with junior high schoolers.
They are showy enough to form a small gallery, but a teacher doesn’t seem to be here yet.
Because guards are neutral towards quarrel between students, they can’t be relied on as well.


“Excuse me. Could you let me pass through?”

“Ah, Theo. You finally came. It seems like those fellows will get injured soon, please stop them.”

“What are you saying, Arges. You stop them.”

“Oi, oi, there’s no way I could stop those guys, right?”

“Haa…… seriously. I’m going then.”


There’s a classmate, Arges who I’m especially getting along well with among the gallery, but it doesn’t seem like he will lend me a hand.
I approach the two lively, fighting boys after letting a deep sigh out.
Because I’m thin with no muscles compared to them, the girls who don’t know me may start screaming.
Actually, at the time I entered elementary school, I got injured when interrupting the fight of two larger children than me.
But, I don’t make such blunders anymore.


“You two. You will get hurt, so it’s better to stop around here, you know?”

“Shut up! Be quiet!”

“That’s right! Go somewhere else!”


The two who are grappling and hitting each other while pulling on their clothes, spit at me in perfect sync, but I don’t mind because I’m used to it.
I also dodge to a position where the saliva doesn’t reach the last moment.


“Then, you don’t have the will to stop the fight then?”


The two already ignored my voice and started going at it again.
There are many children from other classes who know my face because I do quite a lot of mediating between fights, but these excited two doesn’t seem to know about me.
Haa, I let out a single sigh and decide to use force.
I’m not that fond of using violent means. If quarrel can finish with a discussion, that is naturally better.

I grab the wrist of the near boy who is grabbing the collar of the other boy and twist it with a little strength.
It hurts when twisted where I grabbed him. If not holding firmly, your hand will get removed by the opponent’s power, so caution is necessary when the opponent is a big boy. Pain can also be moderated to some extent, but when excited, you will ignore a trifling pain, right?
Therefore, when fighting in an excited state, I give pain that can be understood well. When I grip considerably strongly, the boy one head taller than me trembles in a startle and tries to shout.
Naturally, I didn’t give him a chance to scream. While grabbing his hand, I sweep him down from his legs and quickly grab the wrist of the other boy who was dumbfoundedly staring, give him the same pain and throw him down.


“Damn! This guy!”


Naturally, their excitement won’t disappear just by making them roll on the ground, but I can make them change.
After that, I rolled over them using self-defense taught to me by Ena’s personal maid, Scarlet.
When the opponent is straight and simple like they, I can handle them with closed eyes. Compared to Scarlet or the bear-eared maid of the same height as me who occasionally joins us, it’s simple as twisting a baby’s wrist.
But, if I twist the hand of my angel, I think that Ena would probably twist my neck at the same exact moment. Of course, I wouldn’t forgive myself as well.

Rather than me who can’t be caught, the two boys with bigger bodies than me are exhausted.

Because a teacher arrived the moment their stamina simply run out, my job finished there.
Although it would be better if a teacher came faster, but I feel like teachers are late every time I meditate in a quarrel.


I spend my days hectic days in school every day like this, and then I return in haste.
Because most of the children have to go straight home after classes, there are not many quarrels.
It happens mostly in the breaks between classes and lunch breaks.

I also hurry home.

In order to play lots with my precious angel.

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