Chapter 57

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Fairies and Aptitude
A questionable magical power flowed from her half-open eyes.
She――In the eyes of Sanin, the director of the Sorcery Research Institute in the Forest next to the world, there was something mysterious, yet something unfathomable I had never seen before.


“I’m interested in your manipulation of magical power, and I have been asked by this fellow to teach you sorcery. Therefore, in order to be able to perfectly use magical power at any time, I have decided to teach you certain sorcery.”

(B, but…… you can’t use sorcery without aptitude, right? That aptitude can’t be examined until I become ten…… Won’t it be difficult to examine my aptitude without moving to the institution in your forest?.)


I question the subject Kuti has taught me in the past.
Sorcery examination is carried out when ten years old in this Ovent Kingdom. And other than examining in the Forest next to the world, it would be difficult, is what Kuti told me.


“Ahem. Actually, you see~ It appears Sani has worked hard while I was not in the forest! Ta-dah! Aptitude test kit~!”


Just like a certain cat-shaped robot, what Kuti took out had a magical power of an activated magic tool.
Is that a thing that allows the examination of sorcery aptitude? Kuti always likes to joke around, but she’s not a child that would joke about something like this.


“Umu. This is a piece I made thirty years ago. I had quite a trouble bringing it out because there are only two in the forest. Using this, we can immediately test your sorcery aptitude. What, it’s simple. It will be done when you pour magical power in here. Well, of course, it can’t be used by ordinary people who can’t pour their magical power.”


From Sani’s explanation, pouring magical power is not something people can do.
I understand that act of pouring magical power is basically releasing magical power.
Even though I have seen people manipulate the flow of magical powers inside their bodies, no one could release it to the outside and operate it at free will.
The release of the magical power of Claire and Annela Obaasama can be paraphrased as the emotional expulsion, which seemed to be a work of the unconscious area.
Anyhow, it’s not because they can’t see it. But, in fact, they are not aware of it.
Is it really unconscious or is it conscious? After all, it’s obvious that my thoughts are at the limits of deduction.
But, since they are words of Sani who is the director of a research institute, they are more likely to be true.


“As a matter of fact, pouring magical power is something only Lily and I can do~ Therefore, it would be meaningless to leave it in the forest! So, I brought it!”

(Brought, you say……)


Tehepero, Fairy-sama sticks out her tongue and knocks on her forehead.
The sweetheart that makes me warm and fluffy. It was on the level I would knock out anyone who wasn’t Kuti, but no problems here. It was very cute, after all!


“It’s fine, no problems. This is something I have created, and as said, it’s something only you and Kuti can use. You can understand, right? Kuti and you…… are not common.”

(Is that…… so? I understand. That I’m different from other people. That I cause trouble to my family in various ways.)


I cast down my eyes and slightly hang down my head.
Right, I know. That I’m different from other people.
Of course, it’s not only the eyes. The singularity. The ability to control magical power freely.
The latter is a boon of training since birth, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m different from other people.
I know that there are already organizations plotting to kidnap me because of my eyes.
I know of the strict defensive system and a Knights Order made just for my sake.
I’m far from being able to say that I’m an ordinary person.

But, it’s certain that it’s not a result I have wished for from the most part. Aside from my eyes, no one but my family, Kuti and Sani know of my singularity. Ojiisama knows only that I’m growing up a bit faster.
My magical power might have been exposed to Obaasama a little, but it was only to a degree of advice of not using it in public.
Still, it’s certain that the troubles are caused because of me.
My family most likely doesn’t think of it as troublesome. They are gentle, warm, and important existences.


“You seem to misunderstand something, but it’s no concern to me who you cause trouble for. All you have to do is to satisfy my interest. As a result, you will obtain power. That’s all to it.”

(Power…… sorcery…… is it?)

“Exactly. I consider you and Kuti to be the same. As far as we know in the Forest next to the world, Kuti is the sorceress with the most power. A sorcerer who can stand against her…… it has been confirmed that no one like that exists in the Aureole.”


(Kuti was really so amazing, huh……)

“Of course! With me here, this room is as good as the strongest fortress! No, even beyond that!”

“Fortress, huh. Certainly, that might be so. The barrier set up around this mansion is a considerably complex barrier of a third class, but it wouldn’t take even twenty seconds for this fellow to break it.”


In contrast to the reliable Fairy-sama who has twisted her upper body so that only her thin breast can be seen, the fairy with half-open eyes who speaks of her analytical results with a hand on her chin.
What a good combination. Slightly enviable.


“Various people will try to use your singularity in the future. Therefore, you must acquire power. You desire that, right? I know how enthusiastically you have learned words from this fellow. You want to know the language, you want knowledge, you want to know about the world. In the end, what is necessary to fulfill desires…… is power. And…… existing sorcery with your eyesight is impossible…… however, the results of your aptitude will be enough to overturn those terms and find out an alternative. It depends on your efforts. A not common…… effort.”


I can feel my heart shaking because of Sani’s words.
The wish I thought would not come true, maybe……

I felt great irritation because of my eyes at the Magic Battle viewing.
I’m targeted because I can’t see and I cause a lot of trouble for my family.
That…… if I can do something about that with effort…… there’s no way I wouldn’t do it.
An effort that is not common…… bring it on. Fine, I will do it. I will obtain eyesight no matter what it takes.


(Eyesight…… I want to see…… my family…… this world, I want to see it!)

“I will gladly cooperate. You obtaining power is a target of my interest. Our interests match. This is equal to the so-called contract. I will give you power. You will satisfy my curiosity. Now, let’s form it, a contract!”


She opens her half-closed eyes wide, and fiery magical power starts flowing in her eyes.
An existence that will give me power. And because Kuti brought that existence, it made me put doubts in the corner of my heart.

The aptitude test kit presented in front of me. I put my finger there, release magical power and pour it into the magic tool.
The prickling pain on my fingertip made me frown, but that pain immediately disappeared.



“This is all. Let me see. Fumu…… as expected, it’s the Variation type Two…… mu…… the amount…… c, can this be even possible!”

“Lemme see, lemme see~? Waa, amazing~…… as expected of my Lily~”


The two who are looking at the aptitude test are surprised.
I wonder what they got surprised about. I’m slightly worried.
If I have no aptitude for sorcery, I won’t be able to obtain any power.


(U, umm…… how is it?)

“…… Y, yeah, sorry. I got absorbed unconsciously. The aptitude is positive. You have an aptitude. Although I say that, it’s not an aptitude that allows the use of magic tools.”

(E, eeh? What does it mean? Sorcery aptitude test is for determining whether you can use magic tools, isn’t it?)


Kuti has told me before that there’s a different aptitute from the sorcery aptitude.
Just what is going on?
Certainly, what she said that time……


“You don’t remember? There are two sorceries.”

(Ah…… freely creating sorcery……?)

“Exactly. Incidentally, Kuti has the Variation type Two. In other words, she can freely create sorcery. You have such aptitude as well. But, it appears you have a different talent from Kuti.”

(Different talent? That is?)

“What, it’s a simple talk. You harbor about a hundred times the magical power of Kuti.”

“As expected, Lily is incredible~! I also have a lot of magical power, but it’s only so little compared to Lily~ You need a lot of magical power to freely create sorcery. Therefore, Lily has a super advantage in that area! As expected of my Lily!”


Kuti explains while nodding un, un.
It appears that everyday magical power training bore fruit. It was a practice I somehow continued daily, but I didn’t think it would be that helpful.
I’m very happy that my effort has been praised. Above all, I was praised by Kuti, so I’m extremely happy.


“The premise is no problem. The magical power amount is abnormal, but it’s rather delightful. Fufufu…… I’m getting into it!”



A mad fairy with steadily blackening nihilistic smile and lovely, bouncing up and down Smugface-sama with an innocent smile.
Watching the two makes my heart warm and fluffy. The stinging in my heart is gradually becoming smaller.


“First, let me teach you the general idea. You seem very clever. You will hopefully be able to follow my talk.”

“Because Sani’s explanation is tiresome, I will explain in an easy to understand manner, okay~”

“Every serious talk will turn into a comedy sketch when you get involved, so be silent for a while.”

“Buu~ buu~”


Kyaru~n, the fairy with her half-eyes closed cuts down Fairy-sama with such sound effect.
She raises an objection with her mouth looking like an octopus, but she ignores her and continues as usual.


“Whatever you do, I think that understanding the theory first is the best. What about you?”

(Umm, please, teach me. But, I have no confidence whether I will be able to understand……)

“Umu. That’s fine for starters. First, let your brain hear it. It’s okay if you remember it to the extent where you could recall it during practice.”

(I understand. Please, take care of me, Sani sensei!)


I straighten my posture and lower my head. As
I still can’t sit in seiza, I straighten my back as much as possible in order to show my sincerity.


The person who will give me power. This person is sensei to me.


I will absorb everything I can learn and renew my enthusiasm.

Kuti with her eyes blinking sits in seiza next to me and stares at sensei as well.

Thus, the study of sorcery begun.

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