Chapter 46

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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War Demon after Organizations
Knights of the White Crystals.

A Knights Order made to protect Lilianne La Christophe.
The present commander of the group――Roland La Christophe.
Vice-commander seat is absent. Among the selected knights is Theodore La Christophe. Ellistina La Christophe. And twenty other knights.

The current Knights Order feels like that.


Because of the thing that Roland Jiisan has proudly shown, Ena asked with her voice trembling.


“Ro, Roland-sama…… t, that is…… is that the genuine Knights Order certification card……?”

“Umu, naturally. The application to the royal castle has been already approved. Knights of the White Crystals is an official Knights Order.”

“A, Annela-sama! Is that true!?”

“Yes, I thought it was a very good thing. I’m also in favor, you know?”


The state of Ena who gulps and looks like hanging her head down while on her fours, I understand it clearly. I don’t want to understand, but I do.

My, Lilianne’s Knights Order has been suddenly formed.
I don’t understand. I don’t want to understand. Rather, I want to forget.

Heartily ha, ha, ha, ha laughing Jiisan and two who stare at him with pure and sparkling eyes.
Obaasama who nonchalantly smiled without breaking her expression from the beginning to the end.

Ena who’s hanging her head, I, who’s supposed to be the chairman of the Knights Order and three sparkling people, the contrast in expressions is like darkness and light.




“Roland-sama! Isn’t it still too early for a Knights Order!”

“No, I don’t think so, you know?”

“…… May I hear the reason?”

“Fumu…… right. Theodore, Ellistina. Are you two firmly resolved on enrolling to the Knights of the White Crystals?”


Ena who was hanging her head suddenly raised her head and pressed Jiisan for answers.
But, instead of answering such serious Ena, Jiisan inquires about Theo’s and Ellie’s resolve on joining the Knights of the White Crystals.
Jiisan’s voice was serious, and it concealed a dangerous sharpness.


“Of course! If there’s an enrollment test, I will take it! And I will definitely pass it!”

“I’m the same. Protecting Lily is our duty. Even if it’s Ojiisama, I don’t have any intention of handing that duty over.”


When the two give passion-filled answers, Roland Jiisan turns towards Ena.


“I understood the two’s feelings. I judge that their resolve is firm enough. Therefore, I will speak to the two as well.”


The dangerous sharpness has worn off, but his voice grows chilly. Chilly enough to freeze hearts, accompanied by numbing sharpness.


“Organizations that aim at Lilianne, several had already appeared.”



Several seconds were necessary to understand what was just said.


An organization that aims at me.
Moreover, there appear to be several of them.


Christophe house is wealthy, so I thought there would be some scoundrels that would try to kidnap or abduct, but whole organizations aiming at me?

I wouldn’t say anything if Theo and Ellie were included.
But, Roland Jiisan definitely said, “Organizations that aim at Lilianne.”


I don’t want to think about it, has my singularity been already exposed?
But, the actions I have done were only few, the surrounding’s reaction shouldn’t have been such.



The biggest possibility would be to threaten the Christophe house.
But, why expressly aim at me who’s in a house with great security and not aim at my siblings who go to school instead? Wouldn’t that be easier?


Annela Obaasama flatly turned down my thoughts.


“The reason Lily-chan was targeted is quite a lame one. An inferior scoundrel who didn’t understand the purpose of the barrier around the mansion. But, the reason for not aiming at Theo-chan or Ellie-chan, but Lily-chan. That’s…… because they got to know that Lily-chan has Cloudy Eyes.”


Theo and Ellie are healthy. Unlike me, they are children who could resist the abduction.
No, when I think about it, they don’t seem to go to school without an escort.
They are Christophes as well. They would naturally have guards.

Considering that, they focused on me. Such thinking is valid.
But, as Obaasama said, that’s lame.
The security in this mansion is strict. Even the extent of my daily space is limited.
On top of that, it appears that there’s a barrier around this mansion. I should say as expected, but I would like to see that barrier by all means. Because I can see things with magical power, I would be most likely able to see something like a barrier.

And considering such information, the information about me should have been confident.
The information that has been disclosed is that I am suffering from Cloudy Eyes. I can nod at why I am the target.

It means that the enemy is not only outside, but there might be in the mansion as well.


However, what’s on my mind is Annela Obaasama’s words.


“The reason Lily-chan was targeted.”


Right, targeted. It’s already past tense.
It’s clear that the information has already leaked and Roland Jiisan also said “several organizations.”
Interpreting those words, these two have already destroyed or came close to destroying some organizations.

Which reminds me, old man Randolph was taken out from the room after the medical examination.
I was certain that it was post medical examination talk. But, when I think about it, it may not be what I thought it was.

Why did they change places?


The conclusion that can be derived from that is……


“The person who leaked the information was one of the nurses that assisted Randolph-dono. He said she was an excellent person whom he worked for thirty years. It’s regrettable.”

“Then, you mean it wasn’t a deed of the mansion’s servants?”

“The conclusion investigation had already been decided yesterday.”

“Is that so? I’m glad.”


As expected, the old man’s person was the offender. But, I’m glad the old man himself wasn’t the offender.
Betraying after working together for thirty years means that either she was bribed or her family was threatened.
I don’t know the truth, but Jiisan said “It’s regrettable” so that means…… she was executed?

I don’t know the degree of legislation in this world, but in the middle ages in my previous world, leaking information about nobles that would cause an organization to move…… you wouldn’t avoid capital punishment.

There’s no point thinking about it further. This situation is beyond my bounds.

Rather than that, investigation of the mansion’s servants finished yesterday. Just when did they do it?
The most reasonable thing would be that Roland Jiisan’s subordinates also came to the mansion.
In other words, the current security is strengthened even more. That’s a relief.

But, the only information that Jiisan said is that there are two or more organizations.
Because it’s unreasonable to grasp the movements of all organizations, I can’t be completely relieved.
But, there are two people with power from epic tales and their subordinates around me. More than that would be, or rather, I think there’s an excess of war potential.
Thus, Jiisan formed Knights Order exclusive to my use.
It’s not like my two grandparents, and their troops will stay here all the time.
Therefore, the existence that would oppose the organizations――Knights of the White Crystals has been formed.


“Anyhow, I understand the situation. I understand that the Knights Order is necessary. However, I wanted to know the situation beforehand. It would be safe if you used Scarlet as messenger.”

“U, umu. You are right. Sorry about that, Elliana.”

“Please pardon us, Elliana-san. I left everything regarding that to Ro because I had taken the responsibility of extermination myself.”

“No, it can’t be helped if Annela-sama took charge of the extermination. There’s no one more powerful than you in this kingdom.”


Ena understood the circumstances but looked at Roland Jiisan with a troubled face.
Jiisan looked at her in panic and apologized. He must be embarrassed. Iya, having one’s mistake in work exposed would be embarrassing.

Nevertheless, as expected, Obaasama was in charge of the extermination.
It may be the only natural when you consider her strength, but she should also be a person who is master of the Christophe house……
Such a person was in charge of extermination. With all due respect, I somehow think she ran wild on the front lines.

A nonchalantly smiling fighting demon――An image of war demon slaughtering like a machine floats in my mind vividly.


I’m really glad I’m not Obaasama’s enemy.


I’m seriously glad she’s my ally, I thought from the bottom of my heart.

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