Chapter 47

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Training after Practice
Knights of the White Crystals.
Knights Order primarily made for Lilianne La Christophe’s protection.
White Crystals not because of my Cloudy Eyes, but because of the God of Light and Sun――White God Mitroum, in hopes of the restoration of my eyes.

The Commander-sama of the Knights of the White Crystals――Roland Jiisan proudly explained.
Theo and Ellie who were listening with sparkling eyes naturally gave extremely high praises.

And the already officially established Knights Order seems to have certain conditions to join.
That condition is to protect Lilianne.

Theo and Ellie who wish to join are still nine and seven years old.
Rather than Theo, I thought that it still might be too early for Ellie to train, but the Commander-sama doesn’t seem to have any problems.

There seems to be a practice menu that’s used only for children.
It appears that this world properly knows that too much practice may obstruct the growth of muscles.
Because of that, they will never have an excess of practice.
It seems that the practice menu is tailored to the physical fitness and age.

Right now, they are having a heated discussion about that practice.
Theo aspires in a shield and one hand sword style.
Ellie aspires in a bow and adjacent hand-to-hand combat.

Theo aims to be a knight. Shield and sword style must be because of that.
It’s truly Theo-like.

As for Ellie, she had never used bow or rather, she never said that she wants to fight before.
Although she’s saying that she wants to protect me, she hasn’t spoken about the specific method.
Nevertheless, she still thought about it properly.
When Roland Jiisan asked about her aspired fighting style, she answered clearly without any hesitation.
It appears that she properly planned her future in her own way.
Identical to Theo, a future of protecting her little sister.


As for me…… I think that it’s good to advance on the road they chose for themselves, but their current road is to join the Knights of the White Crystals.
I think there’s more, but this is a different world. And the level of civilization seems to be that of the Middle Ages.
I wonder if there are no better options?
Perhaps it’s better to think that they are commencing their aspired occupations.




We had lunch slowly in the same dining room as the dinner and breakfast, then the three started talking about tomorrow’s practice menu in the baby room.

As for me, I was playing with Annela Obaasama and Ena.
We are not playing. I’m being played with.
Don’t make a mistake.

Specifically, Annela Obaasama is gently poking my cheeks or body.
I try to catch her hands because it’s ticklish.

It’s safe to say that Obaasama’s physical ability is menacing, so I obviously can’t catch her.
And then she pokes me. And repeat.
…… It was a sorry sight, but Ena didn’t help. She was just watching in envy. Of course, she was envying the teasing Obaasama!

Therefore, it’s safe to say that I’m being toyed with by Obaasama with no interference! I can’t bear it anymore! I want to sulk in bed!

I can’t oppose Annela Obaasama’s teasing another way than sulking.
Koron when I lie down and close my eyes, Ara, ara, are you tired? and the teasing comes to a stop.
And then, Ena holds me up in her arms and sings me a lullaby.

Well, since Ena’s lullabies are sleep-inducing, the pretend sleep will be turned into a serious sleep.

My consciousness fell into darkness while trying to think of a measure against Annela Obaasama’s teasing.

The next day, identical to yesterday, we had breakfast in the usual dining room, and it has been decided that we will go outside after changing clothes.


Right, outside. The outside.


Up until now, I have been able to move just a little bit around the mansion. But, I have never been outdoors.
The organizations that are targeting me. And a security system that anticipates that.
But, there is an organization destroying existence in this mansion at the moment.
That’s why I was most likely given permission to go outside.

My clothes were changed by Ena and Annela Obaasama.
I heard they are clothes that Annela Obaasama has chosen, but the clothes I’m wearing…… they are full on lolita clothes with many frills and laces.
It’s not the usual pants-in skirt, but a super unreliable soft and fluffy skirt.


…… Skirts, I can’t get used to them, after all.


I’m not knowledgeable about lolita clothes, but it feels precisely as lolita fashion with many frills and decorations.
Different from the over the top gothic fashion, the skirt is the so-called pleated skirt which is folded many times in vertical direction, divided into three layers with embroidery at the edge of the layers.
The upper part of the body is dressed in a square neck, with my chest being laced up with string and butterfly knot at the top. Refreshing air is hitting my arms because of short sleeves.
A choker with a small bell is wrapped around my neck, but the jingles sound lovely.


No matter how you look, the makings of a lovely baby have been completed.
The shrill voices make me realize that all too well.

However, I would like you to think about it. Mentally aged at 31 and dressed in lolita clothes…… a former man.
Could you understand this sorrow of mine? No, that’s probably not possible.
If you want to understand at any cost, try dressing in woman’s clothing. It might feel somewhat close.

Anyhow, leaving the tension as it is, we have departed for my first outdoors.

We leave the room, I feel like we have descended the stairs and then we walk for a while.
It’s a seriously large mansion. Although we are going just outside, it’s taking quite a lot of time.
I guess it would take time to penetrate the mansion and reach my room.
It would be hard to get away in case of fire, though.

While thinking such, we have arrived at the entrance hall-like place where we welcomed grandparents, and two maid-sans made gestures of opening the door.

Warm…… no, quite a hot wind is blowing.
It’s the 7th Month now. It appears to be summer even in this world.
The flowing wind faintly smells of flowers.


Is it the fragrance of the flowers Ellie is taking care of, I wonder……



While held by Annela Obaasama, she passes by the deeply bowing maid-sans.
I can see a faint magical power in a far-off place.
Is that the barrier?
It’s partially clipped by black tree-like shapes.

We slowly moved while I was looking at the strange view.
Ena held something in her hands before we moved out and the temperature of the sun has slightly softened, it appears to be a parasol.

There are people everywhere, they seem to be working.
The people who are everywhere must be servants. They turn towards us and bow their heads.
Are they gardeners or guards, I wonder? The area of the garden seems in proportions to the mansion, it’s vast as expected.

Naturally, I can’t see the fence or walls. The location of the barrier is probably at the site of the mansion, but it’s too far to see.
With such size, Theo most likely wouldn’t be able to take care of the trees by himself in the mornings.
He’s surely taking care only of one part.

Just how far are those two practicing? We have walked for quite a while, yet I still can’t see them.
When a pitch-black boundary line which I consider to be a wall was visible, I finally saw the two’s figures.
There are several robust people in addition to the two. Are they practice instructors?
Because selecting the change of clothes and dressing up took a considerable amount of time, it appears that the two already finished their daily routine.

They were sitting together with Roland Jiisan on the ground and doing flexible exercises. By the way, all three of them seem to have a hat on their heads. Judging by the strength of the sun, one would easily suffer from heatstroke, so it’s only natural when I think of it.


When we approach, the robust people leveled up their robustness and saluted all at once.
They feel more like mercenaries rather than servants. I thought they were all men, but there are women in the mix as well.
By the way, even if my vision is strengthened, I can’t see far. Just the details look better, there’s no far-sight effect.

The exercising three have noticed us and are waving their hands.
Ena and Annela Obaasama are both waving their hands, my hand is also being waved by Annela Obaasama.
There seem to be chairs prepared at a place where we can watch the three, so Ena and Annela Obaasama sit down there. I’m on top of Annela Obaasama’s lap. I have a feeling that I’m being held by Annela Obaasama most of the time recently.
Although Ena folded the parasol, I hardly feel the sunlight. I wonder if we are sitting under something?

Annela Obaasama is happily watching the practicing three with a nonchalant smile.
It seems they will be practicing for a while.
Warming up is important. If you don’t do light exercises before training, it would be easier to get injured.
It’s something generally said, but it’s better not do it hastily, but slowly.
It’s better not to do light exercises for 10 minutes, but to do it thoroughly for around one hour.
When the body gets soft, even unreasonable postures could cause an injury. Flexibility is a very important factor in moving the body.

Roland Jiisan seems to understand it well because he’s a powerful person. The flexibility exercises continue for a rather long time.
If you let children of Theo’s and Ellie’s age do flexibility exercises for this long, they would grumble in discontent or even explode, but the two have serious expressions.
For them, this must also be a part of the practice.


Well, just watching is boring, though~


Because I can’t see the scenery, I can’t confirm the situation around even though I’m outdoors.
What I can see is the far-away barrier. Servants and the mercenary-like people. Various black shadows of building-like things.
There are close to no items with magical power outside.

Like this, it’s not possible to enjoy the scenery of outside.

My first time outdoors is quite disappointing.

After a short while, the flexibility exercise finished, Roland Jiisan took command of the practice, and the three began doing sit-ups.
As expected of 9 years old and 7 years old practicing. The number of sit-ups they are doing can be counted on both hands and feet.
Still, their breathing became rough.
The temperature of the sunlight I felt at the entrance door, and the hot wind must be accelerating their fatigue.
They must be surely dripping with sweat.
I think that the clothes I’m wearing now shouldn’t be worn at the current temperature, but this is strangely pleasant.
The fabric seems to be quite thin, the ventilation is good. Because of that, I’m not all sweaty as they are.
But, that’s not the complete case. My forehead is getting sweaty a little, but Annela Obaasama immediately wipes that with a handkerchief-like soft and smooth to touch a thing.

In the meanwhile, it appears that they began running. Roland Jiisan runs in front and the two behind him.
I thought they would run around the mansion for sure, but they only lightly jogged on the place that can be seen.

…… Is what I thought, but they started dashing, then they just lightly jog and repeat.
As expected, the development of stamina has been taken into consideration.

They seem to be properly hydrating, as they are occasionally making drinking gestures.
Ena also hands me fruit water in the usual cup at the same timing. Drinking from a cup is already an easy victory.

Because I have drunk the fruit water several times already, I suddenly feel the urge to pee.
Usually, I would just let it leak into the cloth substituting the diaper, but I was able to hold it in somehow today.
Enduring the urge to urinate in my previous life was given, but I’m just one year and a half old child to my regret.
Potty training is still not in its season.
At first, I thought that it was hopeless and gave up, but I endure it today.
I was slightly surprised because I was suddenly able to hold it in, so I thought about informing Ena right away, but…… I released it.




It’s not a catastrophe, but the cloth is wet, and it’s unpleasant on touch.
If I don’t learn to endure it a little more, we won’t be able to potty train.
But, enduring it just for a little is still a big step.

Crawling and walking were also trained step by step.
Of course, it’s the same for hearing and letters. This is no different from how I usually train.


Just getting the area around my crotch little wet and the typical filthy-like smell appeared!


First of all, I will postpone my enthusiasm and inform Annela Obaasama that I have peed myself.
After pulling on Obaasama’s clothes, I panpan hit my thighs.
Ena understands this almost 100% of the time. It should also convey to Obaasama.


“My, oh my, did you wee-wee, Lily-chan?”

“Ah, then, I will replace the diaper.”

“Please do~”


Because it conveyed properly, I was brought by Ena to a room through the entrance hall, and we returned after she replaced the diaper.

When we returned, Obaasama was teaching Theo and Ellie basics hand-to-hand combat.
From stance to projecting fists. When their form collapsed, she would correct it, and they would strike again.
They repeated this.
In the beginning, well, it would be like this.

At last, they would lightly jog and do flexibility exercises again, and the two’s practice came to an end.

I felt almost no fatigue in the expressions of the lively two.

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