Chapter 48

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Sapling after Summer Day
It appears that my clothes were decided on yesterday, so it didn’t take that much time to change the clothes today.
Unlike yesterday’s lolita fashion, I’m wearing a simple dress with a large flower ornament with a ribbon on the chest.
Elaborate costumes are not everything. Simple clothes make the individual stand out.
That’s the digest of Annela Obaasama talk.
In other words, what I want to say is…… even if the selection of clothes doesn’t take time, Obaasama’s fashion discussion does.


30 years old talking about fashion to a 1-year-old…… no, today’s Obaasama looks in the second half of her twenties. She’s a true monster.


The lively Obaasama seems to be enjoying from the bottom of her heart.
She’s nearly as lively as when she’s teasing me.
Continuously staring at Obaasama who seemed to be enjoying herself might have spurred her long speech.
I wonder if fashion is her interest?


In fact, I’m not interested in the woman who’s interested in fashion, but in “you,” a person with such atrocious fighting strength, Hermit-sama.
I’m just a baby who won’t say anything no matter what, though.


When the first stage of the fashion discussion ended, we went outdoors just like yesterday.
Naturally, it was to watch my siblings’ practice.

The hot sunlight and wind of summer are not to the extent as yesterday, but there’s a breezy, dry wind.
Not as the high-humidity wind as in my previous life’s homeland, but it somewhat feels like a dry season may be coming.

When we arrive at the practice place, robust people were guarding the surroundings as usual.
Their flexibility exercise seems to have already ended as they are doing push-ups and sit-ups.
Today is hot as well, so they are surely dripping with sweat. But, I can’t see the sweat so I can only guess from their expressions of anguish.

It seems they don’t suffer from muscular pain, they are doing the work.
After doing that much flexibility exercise, I have no doubt the muscular pain must be at a minimum.
Or rather, it might not be that bad because they are children. The child’s resilience is a word of abnormality, after all.
When I did some sports in my previous life, I would keep up only for two days. A terrible muscular pain would attack me on the third or fourth day.
The body of 30 years old coupled with no habits of exercise seemed to bring a lot of muscular pain.

We arrive at the place that I consider to be two chairs with a parasol and I sit on the place that can be by now considered the usual――Annela Obaasama’s lap.

Because the sunlight on the way here was blocked by Ena’s parasol and we seem to be in the shade here, it’s not hot at all…… that’s not the case, a refreshing warmth is falling onto my body.
Because I spent over one year in the temperature-regulated room, this refreshing summer heat is comfortable.

Ena hands over a cup filled with fruit water to Annela Obaasama.
I watch the two working hard while drinking.
A space that I can’t feel in the room. I wonder when the day I can go out freely will come?
I see off the three who left for a run while thinking such.




When today’s practice finished, the two were still full of vitality.
Today after lunch, Theo and Ellie are negotiating with Ena using Annela Obaasama as their shield.
The contents of the negotiation,


“Because she is able to come to see our practice, it’s alright to show her my trees as well, isn’t it?”

“That’s right! I want to show her my flower bed! isn’t that fine, Ena!”

“I will accompany them, wouldn’t that be all right, Ena-san?”

“…… Well…… I certainly don’t think there would be any danger if Annela-sama accompanies you……”

“Well then, it’s decided. Let’s promptly make the preparations, Lily-chan.”


In other words, they want to show me their important things which they take care of every day. It appears that they have asked Obaasama to cover for them beforehand, so Ena reluctantly backs down.

Because I would like to go outside, any reason is fine with me.
I don’t have any discontent with the room I have spent my one and a half years of life, but as expected, I want to feel the wind and season and other things that can be experienced only outside.
I suppose I was an extremely indoor type of person in my previous life, but I would like to become more active now.

Annela Obaasama dressed me into a lovely blouse with a round collar. Arranged with flower and butterfly-shaped buttons, with frills as a central point.
I can’t see the colors, but it feels like spring clothes rather than summer clothes.
I’m wearing a shirt below because it’s made of thin fabric.
The bottom is a pleated skirt with a velours ribbon. It’s not wholly pleated as it feels fluffy on my bottom.
I can immediately understand by wearing it that it’s a soft knee-high skirt.

I was a neat and clean little girl in the dress, but am I supposed to be a casual little girl now, I wonder?

Well, the crotch part feels unbearable in both……


When the changing of clothes is finished, the five people went out.
Roland Jiisan seems to have some business, so he went out somewhere.
When he went, he went out big,


“I will return at once, okay! At once! It won’t definitely take a long timeeeeeeee.”


He was dragged away by the robust people while shouting.

By the way, when Theo came in after the changing of clothes finished, he was standing as if in a trance again, this is already the usual after changing clothes.

Is he really all right, I wonder……
What a troubling Oniichan.


Two maid-sans open the door and five people walk out.
I’m still not used passing by silently lowered heads.
I who was a commoner in my previous life is now a great mansion’s Ojousama. Moreover, I have met maid-sans for the first time just recently. There’s no way I can get used to it.


Someday, when I get accustomed to it…… will I become a noble-like existence?
No…… in this house――in the Christophe family, I won’t turn out like that.
I consider them a kind family trusted by servants. They have expert class power, but I have reliable grandparents who treat me with gentleness, grandmother even said that she would destroy Demon Lord and Heroes for me.
I’m surrounded by such warmth. It’s unlikely that I would turn out like that.


The five people slowly walk in the opposite direction of the practice place.
The sun seems to be more intense than in the morning, the dry wind has disappeared…… it’s quite hot.
The blouse is thin, and the ventilation is good, but it’s still considerably hot.
Naturally, because Ena seems to be holding a parasol, I’m not being basked in direct sunlight, but hot is still hot.

Theo and Ellie are wearing hats.
Ellie seems to be wearing a big straw hat.
Theo is wearing a silk hat-like tall, rounded hat.
The hats also seem to reach the boundary line so I can see them properly.

If I don’t strengthen my vision and adjust the focus, I obviously can’t see the hats as they are blurry, but I’m able to see with just a bit of focus.


We seem to be heading towards the place that casts shadows over the far away barrier as the shadows keep on getting bigger and bigger.
Are those the trees Theo is taking care of, I wonder? They seem to be of considerable size.


I think that taking care of trees of such size must bring considerable hardships……


As we approach, I start seeing countless magical powers in a faraway place that wasn’t visible before.
It’s slightly exciting because the area where the siblings’ practice has close to no magical power.
When I strengthen my vision to confirm what it is, it appears that the things with magical power are close to the ground.
I focus to see, but I can’t quite focus.
Whether it’s because of the distance, it doesn’t go smoothly.


The slowly and carefreely walking five. The distance between those things shortens while Theo and Ellie happily talk about their treasures.
The servants near the place are silently and deeply bowing while we are slowly approaching and I finally focus on a small sapling-like――there was a small tree different from the big black shadows next to it.

I call it saplings because of their thin shape. The whole picture of magical power might not have shaped yet.
I’m able to see the magical power of people in a complete picture with fine details. But, trees may be different.

The trees I’m seeing are small, and the flow of magical power is so slow it could be hardly called a flow.
If you think of magical power as blood, the flow of magical power in people is much slower than that, but it’s still quite fast.
But, the blood of trees――the flow of water or nourishments is not that fast. If it’s that, I can understand the slow flow.

The problem is the very thin overall picture, but is that because the magical power itself is a little?
Or perhaps, the magical power can’t pass through the tree’s bark?

While I ponder about the phenomenon I see for the first time, apparently, our place of destination are the young saplings.
As expected, the nine years old Theo can’t look after trees this big. Speaking of appropriate, that is the appropriate choice.


The slowly advancing group will very soon reach the place of destination.

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