Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Knights of the White Crystals after Jiisan’s Delusion
Today, everyone is in the baby room as usual――Grandparents, siblings, and Ena have gathered.

When I got up, everyone came and gave me a morning greetings in order, then we went to have breakfast in the same room as yesterday.
After that, Theo and Ellie went on their daily routines of caring for trees and flowers. Annela Obaasama and Roland Jiisan accompanied the two.

Different from yesterday, I was able to feel the calm and quiet flow of time.


…… Only temporarily during the morning.


After the two finished their daily routines and returned with the two that had accompanied them, the same spectacle as yesterday had developed.
Ena would usually admonish them with this much racket, but today, the two grandparents as well…… she can’t admonish them because Roland Jiisan has mixed in today.
Obaasama who has the position of admonishing Jiisan is happily watching while nonchalantly smiling.


It appears that Jiisan making noise is a usual thing. He was making noise yesterday as well, after all.
Well, rather than making noise, it would be more appropriate to say that a skit with nonchalantly smiling Holy Mother is unfolding before me.
To put it simply, these two…… it seems that it’s not necessary to admonish someone who is noisy on a daily basis.


And I was tossed at the ground zero of the racket.
It would be a waste of breath telling these three something considering the present situation. Rather, if I say something, I would be drenched in a storm of praises and glorification.
Actions unusual for a baby are fuel to their explosive behavior.
Therefore, I remain placid.

Their uproar is not settling at all.
Ultimately, as long as there is the best fuel, me, they won’t stop, they won’t cease, they won’t end.
They might already have trouble controlling themselves. No, they are enjoying this willingly.
Their enjoyment may be strange. They are rather aggressively trying to scramble.
To them――It’s a usual thing for Theo and Ellie, though――Roland Jiisan is the same, and he already became their captive.


Being cute is a sin……

I was formerly a man, though!


There’s nobody to hear my mind’s shouting.
The commotion didn’t end until Ena’s patience reached the limit.




The lunch has finished slowly in the usual dining room, and we have all gathered in the baby room again.
It began with Roland Jiisan’s abrupt words.


“Theo, Ellie. Listen well! I have decided to form Lilianne’s Knights Order!”


“That is a terrific idea, Ojiisama!”


Theo stares dazzlingly at Jiisan as if he had a halo above his head.
Ellie is watching with sparkling eyes as if there’s nothing more to say.


What are these three people talking about……?


There’s a limit to falsehood.
I mean, a Knights Order so abruptly. I don’t understand.
I know that Knights Order exists over here, but that’s only the Knights Order serving the King in the castle, right?
It’s not something an individual could….. which reminds me, nobles had private armies of Knights in my previous life, didn’t they?

In short, a private guard corps exclusive to myself.
Are you saying you want to form something like that?



Me walking around the city while surrounded by rattling and clanging men in armor.
Accompanied and chatting with ikemen that have silver smiles plastered on their faces.


Speaking frankly, that’s disgusting.
I’m sure it must be a scene that girls yearn for, but to my regret, I’m a former man.
If I’m to be surrounded, I would rather be surrounded by cute and beautiful people like Ellie, Ena, Claire or Annela Obaasama.


Harem banzai. I don’t need something like a reverse harem.
It can’t be helped, Theo can enter as well! Ah, but excuse yourself from wearing female clothing, okay!

Are? If Theo enters my harem, he won’t be able to have his own harem?
It’s sad even for a realistic delusion.


While thinking of such unserious delusion, the passionate three are deciding on matching costumes――The delusion is gradually turning into a reality.
Roland Jiisan is a parent of the owners of such a large mansion, Alek and Claire. There’s no doubt he’s also wealthy.
I also realized that the epic stories Theo and Ellie told me were genuine.
With such capability, it’s only natural to be rich.
In fact, he’s collecting information from all around the Ovent Kingdom because of my eyes.

That surely couldn’t be done with no capital.
If gathering information while collecting capital, information that is rooted in the market would be easier to obtain, but the sought information is the treatment of Cloudy Eyes. The information gathering would be hard, he even said that they searched around the kingdom for a year.
I don’t know how large the kingdom is, but it has enough size to be called a kingdom.
In the short term that is a year. If he was collecting funds in the meantime, I have reached the conclusion that there would be no spare time to gather information.


The story of Lilianne’s Knights has reached the member selection.
Many unfamiliar names have surfaced, but it appears that Theo and Ellie know them.
Airan is no good, or Nekusha hates children, so that’s out of a question, they properly select the people Jiisan brings up by their character.


Rather…… it wasn’t just a delusion? They seriously appear to be forming a Knights Order, though.
They are selecting the names of the people that are supposed to be the members of the Order.
At this rate, Lilianne’s Knights Order will seriously be created.


However, I thought there. It certainly might turn into a reverse harem situation, but Ellie is entering it as well.
In other words, Knights Order is not male-only.
Hearing closely, several of the names that they brought up sounded female-ish.
Rather, isn’t the name of men less? Ellie is rejecting the males with main reason of being too rough or that they don’t like children, so it’s mainly women.

Considering it’s Ellie, the least conditions to become Lilianne’s Knights Order’s member seems to be respecting me from the bottom of the hearts and swearing to protect me by risking their lives.
Well, it’s a Knights Order for my sake. Moreover, it’s a Knights Order to protect a baby. That may be only natural.

When the member selection finished, Roland Jiisan made a somewhat suspicious grin, lifted me up to his arms and stood up.
Then, firmly holding me with one hand, he retrieved something from his pocket with his other hand and proudly showed it to the watching two.


“Look! This is Lilianne’s Knights Order’s――the commander decoration proof of the Knights of the White Crystals.”



It appears that the thing he took out from his pocket is some kind of commander decoration proof.



…… Eh?
In other words? Lilianne’s Knights Order…… the name Knights of the White Crystals has already been decided, moreover, he even has the commander decoration proof ready? Wasn’t it just a delusion? Eh? Seriously?


I blink and look at the smug-faced Jiisan, but it seems he was serious.
The something in his hand――Of course, I can’t see it――my siblings stare at it with envy.
Even if they are joking around, I think they might be too absorbed in playing.


It was decisive when Ena opened her eyes and mouth wide open.

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