Chapter 37

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Expert-san after Shock
In the entrance hall which is about the height of the 3rd floor, servants were orderly lined up, silently and deeply bowing down.
Two people are advancing slowly towards us along with the servants.
Together with the approach of the two people, Ellie and Theo also advanced a step forward.


“”Roland Ojiisama. Annela Obaasama. Long time no see.””


Since they were one step in front of me, I was able to see the actions of my siblings from the high hold of Ena.
Placing his right fists on his left side of the chest, Theo straightened his back tensely.
Grasping the hems of her skirt with both hands, Ellie elegantly bends her waist a little.
The actions of the two were smooth, it was perfect without any hesitation.

As if they were practicing, their words also overlapped perfectly without any differences, it’s almost as if I was watching a scene of a play.


The two visitors who were about two meters in front of my siblings――warm smiles floated on Roland’s and Annela’s faces.


“Umu, you have become big, Theodore. You had grown into a lovely lady just like Claire when she was young, Ellistina. I almost mixed you two up.”

“Yes…… I’m glad you two seem to be doing well above all.”


Roland is a man with a solid mass of muscles, it’s hard to call him Ojiisan.
Annela is the precise image of Claire ten years in the future, calling her Oneesan would be appropriate, she doesn’t look like Obaasan by any means.


“It has been a long time, you two. Now Lily, that’s Roland Ojiisama and Annela Obaasama.”


Ena who was carrying me couldn’t do the curtsy, so she only slightly bent her knees while closing her eyes and then introduced me to the grandparents.

As for my honest impression, the two simply don’t look like Ojiisan and Obaasan.
Claire is 26 and Theo was born nine years ago…… If she gave birth at 17, if I consider Annela did at about the same age, it would be probably natural to say that she has not turned 50 yet.
If Annela, Claire, and Ellie lined up, it wouldn’t be strange to mistake them for sisters. They are obviously from grandmother’s side.


Is this the so-called different world’s grandmother is super young in appearances law!?


Because I haven’t thought I will be able to experience it myself, I unconsciously swallowed my saliva.


I then noticed that the grandparents who were introduced to me were staring at me tremendously.
Especially the muscle daruma Jiisama was staring at me hard.
Annela Oneesama――calling her Obaasama is somewhat impossible so――ha, as expected of Claire’s mother, she’s watching me with a nonchalant smile.

This continued for several seconds, but the muscle daruma has begun to tremble.


Just for an instant, I saw something absurd, a hard to describe hot wind…… I think.
It wasn’t hot, but I instinctively felt as if it was a hot wind.

The next moment, the muscle daruma――Roland slides through the air….. behind――watching from here, he rushed parallel with the floor.
It as a leap just like from manga.
I did not expect to see such move, in reality, much less right in front of my eyes.

Roland flew somewhere, but he easily turned around in the air and poked the floor with his five fingers.
The floor of the entrance hall seems to be made from marble or some high-quality stone, as the five fingers buried “without sound.”
Roland made a round by turning on his fingers and started pretending that nothing has happened.
As if the incident of him flying parallel with the floor never happened, Roland pulls out his fingers which were buried in the floor and vigorously rushed towards me with his arms open wide.


“Uooooh…… Please, forgive your Ojiichan Lilianneyoouoouu.”


With tears flowing like waterfalls――the monster rushed towards me from 20m distance.
I could only keep blinking my eyes with surprise at the old geezer because of the astonishing incident.


Just what, this monster…… what were you originally trying to do anyway……


He suddenly went flying, then he rushed towards me at high speed while crying and apologizing.
It’s too shocking my thoughts can’t catch up.

The distance between me and the shedding tears like waterfalls Jiisan shrinks.
In contradiction to my thoughts on the verge of suspension, the world was flowing slowly as if in slow motion.


When a person’s life is in danger, I have heard that they may experience their thought process accelerate.

The so-called phantasmagoria experience.
I have not experienced phantasmagoria up until now, but Jiisan’s high-speed movements are in slow motion.

When Jiisan was passing by Oneesan――Annela.
In the world of slow motion, I could only see the after image of Annela’s arm.
The moment that arm touched Roland, the world of slow-motion ended, and Roland prostrated on the floor with a foot on his back.

With no sound or shocks, Roland who was approaching at high speed was disabled powerless, almost kissing the floor.
Just what kind of technique did she use? Roland is completely unable to move.
He’s just trembling without moving an inch.


The person who disabled the high-speed muscled waterfall of tears is looking at me with an unchanging smile.
She has the attitude as if what happened now is what always happens.


The moment I saw the real monster, my brain started working at high speeds again.


“Obaasama strangled a dragon to death by herself!”


The exaggerated story that I heard, when I saw the skill that supports the genuinity of the story, my heart shuddered and received a great shock.
But, I mysteriously feel no fear or any other negative emotions. Instead, there’s this unshakable something that tells me this person is my ally.

Is the reason I think that about a person I have met for the first time because she’s my grandmother related by blood?
It now seems natural that Theo and Ellie have such unbelieve trust for her.


“Fufu…… Dear, you can’t? Lilianne is startled.”


With a calm, gentle tone, the Expert-san admonished the person with wobbly legs as if nothing.
The person J dumbfounded and shaky, somehow squeezed a voice out.


“S, sorry….. I just, end up losing control of myself…… I’m already fine, won’t you remove your foot?”


When Expert-san removes her foot, he slowly stands up and he――Roland, quickly dusts off his clothes.
The fingers that stuck the marble floor seem not to have any damage.


Half of the story that was supposed to be made up, I started believing because of the skill that was displayed to me.


It appears that both of these two are in the place to be called experts.
Annela Oneesama goes without saying, but Roland, after leaping parallelly to the ground and receiving an attack and hammering his fingers into the ground seems to have no injuries.
And there was complete silence when he drove his fingers into the marble floor. If a person who can do such a thing is not an expert … what kind of person is considered an expert in this world…… I honestly don’t want to think about it.


He should surely collapse after so many shocking events in rapid succession, but Roland slowly approaches me after dusting his clothes off.


“Cough…… Lilianne, sorry for startling you. You look…… like Claire…… you look exactly like your mother when she was little so…… I ended up forgetting myself a little.”

“Lily is an angel after all! It can’t be helped, Ojiisama!”

“That’s right, Ojiisama! Forgetting ourselves because of Lily’s adorableness is already common sense for us!”


The muscle daruma clearing his throat with red cheeks from embarrassment didn’t feel right, but approvingly――my two siblings agreed with smiles blooming on their faces. I would like you two to be more collected, please.


Just what kind of situation is this……


This development made my head hurt a little, and my thought process seems to be on the verge of stopping.


I mean, if this intense stuff happened in only several minutes, it’s going to be hard from now on.
No, seriously.


“Umu, I understand, I understand Theo! Ellie! This beauty, this sweetness…… It can’t be expressed in words!”

“”I understand! Ojiisama!””


I would like to ask what kind of a skit this is, but no one stopped the three who are completely hit it off.


The discussion about how Lilianne’s cuteness is the best in the world continued for a while, and I decided to do some magical power practice because I couldn’t stand it.

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