Chapter 38

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Fascination and Legend after Briefing
The mysterious discussion which can be hardly understood still seems to be continuing.

While controlling the compressed magical power inside the spacious entrance hall, there was a person who stopped the three nonchalant, impossible to understand life forms.


“Dear, Theo, Ellie…… please leave it at that, okay? Lily is already tired of you?”


The three impossible to understand life forms came back to their senses when their head the voice of the unchanging smile.
Seriously, this Brother Fool, Sister Fool, Grandchild Fool……


Un? Because the foolishness of Foolish Brother and Foolish Sister are related to me, doesn’t Foolish Grandchild sound weird?
Wouldn’t it be Geezer Fool? But, I feel like he’s also a Grandchild Fool.
Because he’s foolish towards his grandchild like a fool, I feel like it matches well, but……


When thinking about something inconsequential, I noticed that the servants standing in the entrance hall have already returned to work――Ena urged to continue in another place.

When we moved a bit from the entrance hall, a butler-san made an opening door like gesture, then moved aside.
It wasn’t the typical old butler, but a young butler-san in his twenties with masculine features.
His gesture of opening the door and moving aside with a flow truly seemed appropriate for a butler-san of a wealthy family.
It was a pretty simple action of opening the door and moving aside, but it had smoothness and gorgeousness to the extent that his skill was clearly visible.


If he had an opportunity to work in a butler cafe, being nominated as number 1 wouldn’t be too difficult.


I have never been to the butler cafe so I can’t really say, but if he said something like ‘This way, Ojousama’ while extending his hand, it would be difficult to escape from his attack.
Rather than playing with a maid-san, I wonder what kind of stuff is available from a butler nominated as number 1.


The young butler places his hand parallel to his stomach, slightly bends his waist and lets us enter inside.
Because it didn’t feel like we were going outside, it seems to be a room.
There are many maids and butlers alongside the walls――at fixed distances. There were many people with wonderful equipment. Unfortunately, those were among the butlers as well.


Let me say it again and again, what kind of benefit is there for a butler like that!


Ah, but however, having the mofumofu world so close…… the excitement truly can’t be stopped.
The surging pathos is causing antithesis.


Incomprehensible words started running wild in my head, but there was no follow-up to the fascinating, wonderful world.




Ena quietly sits on the soft and fluffy sofa while holding me, Ellie sits on her right and Annela Oneesama next to her. Theo sits on Ena’s left side and muscle daruma next to him.
It seems that my siblings don’t want to give up the sitting position next to me even to their beloved grandparents.


However, why is it necessary for everyone to sit on the same sofa……


Considering the distance the maid-sans and butler-sans are staying at, this room should be of considerable size.
And yet, my grandparents gathered at one place.
I wonder if they want to quickly get in contact with their grandchildren they see after a long time?
I don’t really understand, but although it’s cramped, there’s no feeling of oppression.

Theo and Ellie didn’t turn their eyes to grandparents, they are looking at me. Needless to say, both of the grandparents are looking at me as well.


You will stare a hole into me if you keep watching like that…… no, seriously, spare me from that, please.


I will soon start crying.
I have no hobby of being seen.


“Fumu…… After all, her eyes are just as stated in the letter…… Was there any progress since then? Elliana.”

“Yes…… It’s vexing, but there has been no special progress…… rather, that……”


Muscle daruma was sending a strong gaze which can be safely called a stare――It seems that Roland has confirmed my Cloudy Eyes.
He must have known about my eyes only from what was sent in the letter.
Ena looks down with closed eyelids, trying to say something difficult to say.
Not only Cloudy Eyes, but she must also have trouble answering because of my recent coma.


“…… Is it something hard to say in front of Theo and Ellie? Let’s change the place if that’s the case.”

“No…… the two already know…… A few days ago, she suffered from a coma for about half a day.”

“W, what!?”

“Dear. Calm down.”


There seems to be a table in front of the sofa, as I heard Muscle-san vigorously stand up after making a hitting sound.
Expert-san has instantly moved in front of Ena, nonchalantly extended his hands to grasp her both shoulders――Annela Oneesama obstructed by seizing his arm.

Oneesama’s left hand coming from behind Ellie’s neck has completely extinguished Roland’s vigor.
Because I’m sitting directly on Ena’s lap, I was able to confirm the strange movement of magical power in her small hand.

It appears that this Expert-san’s power is somehow related to magical power.
The magical power that should be flowing finely, is uniformly smooth as if it was a single crystal with no crevice.
And it was beautiful, powerful, and shining brightly as if it will explode at any moment.


Was this the real nature of the hot wind I felt at the entrance hall?


As I have been practicing magical power control only for one year and a half, I can assert that it’s impossible for me to reproduce that.
Magical power with no crevice, just how many layers of compressed magical power would that take?
Moreover, it was so beautiful and scorching bright…… just how much skill is necessary for that?
But, I was able to reach one conclusion by observing that.


This is not sorcery, right?


I can hardly say that I know about sorcery with the knowledge I have.
This beautiful, scorching bright crystal technique, may not be sorcery.


Roland who was remonstrated by such Annela Oneesama has cleared his throat once again and returned to his place.
Because he has confirmed what he wanted to know, two butlers who were refraining from approaching came closer and returned the table back to its original position.
I thought it was quite a heavy hit, but it seems it has suffered no damage from the attack of this muscle daruma. What a startling durability.


“…… Cough, then, what was the result of Randolph-dono’s examination?”

“Yes, the reason for the coma seems to be unclear even to Randolph-sama. She had a fever before the coma, I have asked if the coma could have any relation to that, however… It wasn’t a kind of sickness, nor it was anything related to sorcery…… the cause remains unknown until now.”

“I see…… but, the person herself seems to be doing quite well.”


Muscles was frowning while listening to Ena, but his expression changes to a gentle one when he looks at me, and he lets out a little sigh of relief.

One thing they were concerned about is whether the coma was due to some sorcery reasons or not.
It seems so from the content of the conversation, but there might be sorcery with a similar effect. The so-called debuff.
It weakens your opponent. If aimed at a baby who still has low resistance, it may be able to take its life.


Was the daily life so strict because of that?


“So, how about you?”

“Ah…… that’s……”


When Ena asked, Roland couldn’t talk properly after looking at Theo and Ellie.
It seems it’s something he doesn’t want Theo and Ellie to hear.


“…… Roland-sama, Theo, and Ellie independently applied to the school’s library and are studying on subjects relating to eyes. They also heard the story from Randolph-sama, there’s no problem to speak.”

“That’s right Ojiisama. We are also doing our best to cure Lily’s illness! Please, let us hear it by all means!”

“Ojiisama, please!”

“…… I see.”


It appears that Theo and Ellie are studying about eyes because of my condition.
Anyway, the school’s library can’t be used unless you apply for it?
This might have just increased the value of the paper even more.
No…… the paper might not be so, but the literature is? I’d like to see that place someday.


“I have gathered every single piece of information about Cloudy Eyes around the whole kingdom I could in the past year, but…… Honestly speaking, it wasn’t anything good. The fact is, we have not found anything more than Randolph-dono in his examination. It’s unfortunate.”

“…… Is that….. so.”


Roland stated the fact that there is no progress.
Indeed, it’s not something that I would want Theo and Ellie to hear. It would only discourage them.


“Well…… don’t be so disheartened. It’s not like we have not found any good information. We didn’t obtain any information on the treatment of the eyes, but we have found something that might help.”

“Is that true, Ojiisama!?”

“Yes, of course. But, we have got our hands on it just recently so it will require a little more time.”


It appears that there’s something in this world that may assist with Cloudy Eyes.
There were a few ways to assist the visually impaired in my previous life, but this world has sorcery.
Perhaps I may expect assistance that exceeds that of my previous life?


Oops, I shouldn’t. I can’t expect too much. According to Roland, they were searching around the whole kingdom for the past year, if he has found something that can give expectations, he should be more enthusiastic about it.
In other words, it’s not a thing that will be able to assist me that much. It’s most likely only enough to think that it’s better than nothing.


“Well, that’s about all from our side. Oi, you there. Serve this tea again. It cooled down a little.”



When did that happen――there seems to be tea served on the table and Roland who drank it found it cold and told the nearby maid to make it again.
Was that a little while ago when the table was placed back in its place? I was bewitched by Annela Oneesama’s magical power, so I have not noticed at all.


Rather, endure it if it cooled down only a little, this muscle daruma has a mindset of the rich as expected. I can’t drink cold tea! Is he that fellow? What a conceited muscles.


While thinking so, the maid-san who answered approached while pushing something.


That maid-san had the fascinating that on her head, and I saw the thing from legends hidden under her long skirt, the muscle daruma has instantly vanished from my thoughts.

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