Chapter 39

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Mission Again after Scolding
Dog ears covered in soft looking fur.
A longish and very bushy tail that looks extremely smooth to touch.
A no matter how you look wonderful existence is replacing the black tea.

I can’t hear Roland’s selfishness――the maid-san obediently obeys his demand to serve the tea again.
Her actions of serving the tea are refined and graceful.

The thing that maid-san was pushing in front of her is apparently a tea set on a cart, it’s little far away from me who’s sitting on Ena’s lap, but I can see magical power from the tea cart like thing.
It seems like this cart the tea set is on――it appears that the tea cart is equipped with something that uses magical power. By any chance, is this the thing that manages the temperature of my meals?
As if to prove that, although it would usually be necessary to warm up the cup again, the maid-san took the cup, and after making a gesture of turning the cup upside down, I saw no movement of water being poured again.
It shouldn’t be necessary when there’s heat retention effect. What a convenient stuff.

The tea seems to be already prepared as she immediately filled the cup up.
The way of drinking a delicious black tea in my previous life would be by pouring hot water on small tea leaves and waiting for two minutes, or three minutes with a cover in case of big tea leaves. But, there was no waiting this time.
There’s no way that a maid employed in residence like this wouldn’t know how to prepare black tea. Thus, the way of drinking a delicious black tea may be different in this world.

Or, there might be a chance that the black tea is not the black tea I know. The fragrance that drifts while brewing is exactly that of black tea, though.


The black tea poured in a new cup is silently placed in front of Roland, and when he resumes drinking the tea, the wonderful equipment (dog ears) maid-san pours black tea to one cup after another and exchanges all of the slightly cold cups.

It was only Roland who demanded, but since the time to cool down should be the same, she exchanged everyone’s cup.
Cold black tea has slightly less taste compared to warm black tea. There are many people who like their black tea cold, but the black tea that has just been brewed is, after all, the most delicious.

After exchanging everyone’s black tea for new, the maid-san bowed down and silently pushed the tea cart away, returning to her place.

Speaking of why I have missed the maid-san with wonderful equipment (dog ears) even though she approached so close, although I was fascinated by her tea handling movements, I was tightly embraced in Ena’s hold.
If I weren’t restricted, I would have already buried my face into that tail.


Without figuring out the means to approach the separating maid-san, the surroundings gradually became lively with stories about me.




The imouto boasting rally mainly led by Theo and Ellie continued for quite a while.
Grandparents seemed to have fun listening to this boasting rally. Ena watched over those four with a warm smile.

Right now, I’m on Annela Oneesama’s――I’m sitting on Annela Obaasama’s lap.
Although Theo’s and Ellie’s boasting rally was about me, speaking frankly, I don’t have much interested in something like that.
I feel something heartwarming seeing them talk happily like that, but…… because they are speaking about me, I feel quite difficult.
Because the contents of the boasting were extremely exaggerated simple things, it can’t be helped that I feel complicated about it. It’s inevitable that I have lost interest as a result.

The people around were having such enjoyable, pleasant chat.

Because quite a lot of time has passed and the black tea has cooled down again, Roland demanded the tea to be redone, so the wonderfully equipped (dog ears) maid-san from before approached again.
I decided to think of this as an opportunity and started acting.
To be honest, I don’t know when such an opportunity will come again. If I am to act, now’s the time, all the cells in my brain unanimously agreed.


“Baa~ba, o~chite[Oroshite – let me down].”

“My, oh my, my, my, Lily-chan properly understands that I’m your Obaachan, don’t you? I’m so happy……!”


Obaasama was really delighted, but her arm around me have not loosened.
Even though she has one hand on her cheek while laughing ho ho ho, there’s no escape from the other hand that is holding me. I shudder at this Expert’s restriction technique.


“T, that much is unfair! What about me? It’s Ojiichan, you know~?”


The muscle daruma leaned forward without hesitation, and I was slightly worried about what’s going to happen next for a moment.
I have already called Annela Obaasama “Baa~ba” so there shouldn’t be a problem calling Roland “jii~ji.”


But you see…… I don’t really want to call this muscle daruma jii~ji, to be honest……
But, I feel like this Jiisan won’t give up if I don’t say it……


While thinking such a thing,


“Here~, leave that unknown man alone and let’s talk with Baa~ba, okay~”


Without changing her nonchalant tone, Obaasan who I can only see as Oneesan treated Jiisan like an outsider and drove him out.


Kuuu, I heard a voice that resembled a man bitting on a handkerchief, but I thought it sounded quite pleasant for some reason.


Nevertheless, the men of Christophe family are seriously weak.

It made me somehow sad, but I decided to ignore it considering that I’m a woman now.
While thinking such, the maid-san with wonderful equipment (dog ears) finished serving the black tea, bowed down and returned to her place again.
I let the chance slip away again, but it seems that the pleasant group chat has not ended yet.


Lilianne boasting rally has ended――Theo and Ellie are talking now about how they read to me, play with toys, walking practice and their school.

Jiisan who was excluded and aged because of that has instantly returned to muscle daruma and participated in the conversation. He appears to recover quite quickly.

Even though such lively chat is almost all about me, I can’t mix in the conversation, so I’m just absentmindedly looking around.
Occasionally――rather, quite frequently I give suitable answers to Annela Obaasama and Roland who are speaking to me. When I give a suitable answer, their reaction is exaggeratedly delighted, as one would expect from grandparents who love their grandchildren.
Even an Expert was once a child. It means that even they can’t win against their grandchild’s cuteness.


When such exchange continued for a while, the maid-san with wonderful equipment (dog ears) approached once again to change the black tea.
As expected, because I had my eyes nailed on her again, Roland raised a question.


“Fumu…… Lilianne should not be able to see, but…… can she see the maid?”

“Lily is incredible, you know! Ojiisama! She can immediately tell who is where! She has never mistaken us! Ah, is she perhaps curious about people nearby beside us?”



Theo immediately says as if he was bragging about himself, but he lastly asked a question as if he noticed something.


“Hohou…… I see, she must be curious about the unknown presences.”

“Yes, I think that must be it. Lilianne is very sensitive towards presences. It appears she immediately recognized Roland-sama and Annela-sama as her grandparents, but as you know, we have made sure not to take her out of her room because of safety, so her encounters are limited. Therefore, I think she must find it curious.”

“Umu, Lilianne. Those are the servants employed by your father, Aleksander. They are existences that will do anything you desire.”


As expected, the reason I couldn’t get out of the room is because of safety.
However, they will do anything I desire…… gulp…… this is bad, my delusions are running WILD and won’t stop!

Because I have unconsciously ended up gulping and nodding my head, Jiisan misunderstood that as if I have understood, snatched me from Annela Obaasama and took me in his arms.


“Ooh! As expected of my grandchild! Clever! It seems she understood what I said! As one would expect! Lilianne!”


After taking me in his arms with sparkling eyes, he promptly started cuddling with me.
He’s overexcited this geezer, just like Theo. This degree of excitement is dangerous.


It hurts! It hurts you, damned geezer!


This geezer mistakes my pechipechi tapping on his cheek. He instead misunderstands that I’m enjoying this and starts iyan iyan and swinging with me.


Being iyan iyan’ed by man is meaningless. I’d like to cross-examine for an hour!


But, it didn’t last for long. The iyan iyan’s iyan iya soon ended with “supan,” and even though I was in the geezer’s embrace, I was instantly wrapped up in softness.




The moment a single sharp word was given. Jiisan’s face who was cuddling with me just a short while ago turned blue, and he was sitting in seiza while trembling.

To soft presence――Annela transferred me from her chest onto the sofa, she then dragged the blue object J from the sofa and started scolding.


“Seriously, dear! Lily-chan is still only one year old! She’s a frail girl! And yet you held the poor little her so strongly!”

“N, no but…… I made sure to go easy……”

“Be silent! You know how you are when you are too excited! Actually, Lily-chan seemed to be suffering just now!”


Her nonchalant, carefree tone has completely changed into a strict one and thorn-like magical power objects instantly formed around them. Some of those things were touching the sofa and the floor, but it seems like they have not taken a physical form yet, so there probably won’t be any destruction.

The blue object J which wanted to argue was reproached and start turning even smaller and becoming bluer.

Theo and Ellie also seem bewildered by the sudden scolding. They might not have seen such a scene before.
These two are usually good children, so they probably don’t get scolded mu――no, they were not scolded recently at all.
At most, it’s only when they get out of control while playing with me. This also doesn’t happen that often.
The scolding that is happening in front of us might be the most fierce scolding they have ever seen.
Even the magical power that is emerging with emotions may be a never before seen ridiculous weapon.

Stiffened because of the scolding of scolding master――that’s Theo’s and Ellie’s current status. Naturally, maid-san who came to replace the black tea is also completely frozen in place. Her wonderful equipment (dog ears) is tensely standing, and her bushy tail is completely ruffled.
Ena is also looking at the two all shook up, isn’t this the golden opportunity?

There’s no one to obstruct me. If I miss this chance, it will end with me being able to do nothing just like the other two times before.
My mind has determined, and the determination sparked the action.

I somehow get off the sofa I was sitting on and carefully advance around the table I can’t see.
Everyone around is preoccupied with the scolding, so I have not been noticed yet.


This is it!


I’m confident about the situation, but I must not be careless. There are too many obstacles to successfully complete my mission.

The invisible table that should not exist is in front of me.
The floor――I can tell from the feeling once I got down, but this is not a carpet. Falling down is dangerous.
I think there are not, but there may be other obstacles I can’t see. Chairs or something might be in the way.

Therefore, it’s necessary to move quickly without negligence.

I move carefully along the sofa. In order not to be noticed by touching people sitting on the sofa, I have to advance without my safety belt which is the sofa itself.
Soon, I reached the end of the table――Wonderfully equipped (dog ears) maid-san’s lower part of the body wrapped in the long skirt came to sight.


The mission is at its climax.
Because I acted quickly, I was able to reach this far in no time.

Just a little bit to the goal.


There was no longer hesitancy, carelessness, etc. in my feet that took the first step towards the enchanting wonderful field.

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