Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Success after Failure
Distance to the target――Approximately 50cm. Few Gou (seconds) until arrival.
Just in case, I look back at the scolded blue object J――The Expert is still leaking out fierce magical power, and it seems they don’t notice me. They are absorbed in the scolding.
Theo, Ellie, and Ena who are taken aback by the sudden scolding are not paying attention to me either.


It’s my chance of victory.


Right now, my eyes are white and cloudy, but they must be dazzling with the light of determination in the depths.
The mission is crosslinking. I carefully step forward.


Everything to reach the fascinating, wonderful field.
The reason I have mysteriously reincarnated in a different world was…… for this!


I quietly advance forward and extend my little hand. The completion of the mission was brought by the touch of cloth I felt on my little hand.

I tightly grasp the wonderfully equipped (dog ears) maid-san’s long skirt.
However, I noticed something.


What should I do from now on!?


The subject of the mission, to reach the maid-san with wonderful equipment has been completed.
In other words, a separate mission starts from here.


Right…… it’s a different mission from now on!


The mission sheet in my mind clearly states “Target secured.”
My brain sprung out into high-speed, I pick the most optimal and fastest routes from the numerous simulations in order to complete the mission.


And then, I put my certain death secret technique into operation.


It’s the “pull on the hem of the skirt to notice me” strategy.


I grasp the edge of the cloth in my little hand. And then, I pull with my all might.
However, even the full power of one year and half old baby is insignificant. Naturally, such a thing was within the expectations. That’s why I pulled with the greatest strength I could.

After being pulled while struck with a spectacular sight of scolding demon and small blue muscles――the maid-sam apparently took notice of me.
But, the panicked maid-san became acting even more panicky.
She looks here, she looks there. Is the reason she can’t speak because she doesn’t understand the current situation?

Well, it’s understandable. She was in a panic because of the abrupt scolding development. Then, although prohibited from approaching me, I’m suddenly pulling on her skirt.
It can’t be helped that she can’t compose herself. I must not criticize her.
But, this is the time of the offense. It’s an urgent mission that must be completed even if the opponent is pitiful. It’s unfortunate, but you have to be sacrificed. Give up.




The words that left from my mouth were a little hopeless. It was supposed to be “kagande[Stoop/crouch down].” I have lisped as usually, but I can’t possibly give up here. How many more chances like this will I have?
But, before I could fire more words, maid-san urgently avoided me.


“T, that! Elliana-sama…… Ojousama is……”


Her voice stopped all movement. It’s all if everything that moves has paused.
Even the scolding Annela Obaasama which turned into scolding devil, the blue little muscle daruma――Roland, the two as well as Theo, Ellie, and Ena were stunned.


“Eh……? …… Ah!”


The addressed Ena turns her gaze towards the maid-san’s legs, then towards the sofa, I should have been sitting at and back at me.


Is this the case of seeing twice?


The inconsequential thought floating in my mind marked the end of the mission, and in the world that came alive again, I was instantly captured by Ena without resistance.


Ah…… It’s over.


Hugged by Ena’s warm and soft body, my movements were perfectly restrained.


The magical power signboard of my pal――Kuti who’s currently not here,


(Mission Failure.)


Vividly surfaced in my mind.

The chance that came with the best possible timing…… ended up with a success of the first mission and unexpected failure of the second mission.



“Wait, Elliana. It appears that Lilianne has an interest in the maid. Because she doesn’t seem to be afraid, everything’s an experience…… Won’t you let her do as she pleases?”


The little muscle daruma who turned blue looked as if he was a bodhisattva surrounded by a brilliant halo. There were two Deva Kings in front of him, though.


“H, however……!”


The bodhisattva-sama shining with a brilliant halo which wasn’t blue nor little anymore――Roland…… No, after Roland Ojiisama stared at Ena, to the Deva King in front of him――He switched his gaze at Annela Obaasama.
When he directed his gaze towards Annela Obaasama, she wasn’t a Deva King anymore as she was nonchalantly smiling at me.
Acknowledging that, Roland Ojiisama nods and returns his gaze back to Ena.

The two confronted each other for several seconds. Ena usually addresses the two with honorifics, but her gaze was strong not wanting to lose on this one.

However, it was Ena who compromised.
She deeply sighed and slightly relaxed power in her arms which were embracing me.


“I understand…… However, it’s conditional to be within my hand’s reach!”

“Of course, I understand.”


Ena’s words were uttered quietly, but I could feel an intense power behind them. Roland Ojiisama who was bathed in such a voice composedly nodded with a serious facial expression.

It appears that God has not abandoned me yet. To think that there would be a continuation of my pulverized mission, I’m trembling and gleaming with excitement.

Ena released her restraint and looked at the wonderfully equipped (dog ears) maid-san.
She pitifully stiffened. Is there a hole in the skirt――Her tail has been perfectly exposed and standing behind her skirt. It was minutely trembling.


Have I somehow made her pitiful? This person is definitely in cold sweat.


After glancing at the maid with the wonderful equipment, Ena moved her gaze in another direction. A different maid-san was there. She didn’t have wonderful equipment. It was a little disappointing.


“You over there, could you put away the tea cart?”


The different maid quickly acts according to Ena’s words.
Yes, maid-san gave a short reply and half run, but her movements didn’t look rushed, she approached with elegant movements and pushed the tea cart away.

For Ena to eliminate as much danger as possible may be considered common sense. According to her common sense, the thought of being interested and coming in touch with maid-san may be ridiculous.
But, I have no choice but to push that common sense onto Ena. I don’t want to trouble her, but this is the only thing I won’t back off from.
I can’t live if I always hold back. I have to stick to my own ideas.


Even whether it would cause inconveniences.


She turns towards the wonderfully equipped (dog ears) maid-san and stares at her. She is facing us, but because she’s completely frozen, she just stands still. I won’t be able to approach the target like this.

Accordingly, I extend my hand towards the hem of her long skirt. Ena noticing that,


“You…… could you stoop down a little?”

“Ah, ye, yes! I’m terribly sorry!”


The flustered maid-san with wonderful equipment (dog ears) deeply bows and stoops down.


“I, is this all right, Ojousama?”


Her expression was quite stiff, but maid-san was smiling at me with a trembling smile.
She has her hair compactly gathered up just like the other maids. Slightly above, there was a fluffy, soft-looking dog ears, and maid hairband.
Her face is considerably cute, but not as Claire’s. But still, her face is so lovely she would be a school idol in my previous life. Not beauty, the cuteness is her point. She seems to be in half of her teens.
Judging by her movements and appearances while redoing the black tea, she seems to have quite the experience of being a maid. Her ability is obviously not ordinary.
And then, connected to the base of her back, is the fascinating that. A bushy and smooth, truly soft-looking, elegant and graceful swaying tail.

That’s the most valuable asset. The highest form of art that can be openly and without hesitation declared as the world’s treasure.

I can’t reach her dog ears. Even though she stooped down, as a baby, I can’t reach on top of her head without someone lifting me up.

Therefore, the target is the most valuable asset――The tail.


Ena’s hand which were restraining me――Are unfastened. Roland Ojiisama has pinned down my biggest obstacle, Ena.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that all of the obstacles has been removed!
Now is the greatest and the best chance!


Oh God! Lilianne La Christophe…… Is going for it!


The step forward with my heart filled with determination, hope, and excitement was truly vigorous.

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