Chapter 41

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Ultimate after Treasure
One step forward.


And the route continues from the first step on the route around and behind the wonderfully equipped equipment.


The objective is her tail. The bushy soft-looking, smooth fur. It’s a supreme work of art and not inferior to any world treasure.

I will soon get hold of this world treasure.
The emotions of excitement and expectations mix together, and it goes without saying that my composed thinking scattered a long time ago.

Therefore, I haven’t noticed. I couldn’t notice.
The little voice Ena has let out.




That little voice has reached my ears, but everything has been snatched by the treasure in front of me, and it passed through one ear and out from the other.


If I had to sum it up in one word, ultimate.


The texture, the touch, a smooth quality fur slipping through my fingers. I claim all of this as the supreme existence of the utmost limits.
Impression. No…… those feelings far exceeded that and dominated my whole being.
An existence far more wonderful than I imagined, my mind as if completely nonexistent, I can’t think of anything.

Indeed, it’s not exaggerated to say that my movements were completely impulsive as to the ultimate most valuable asset I got my hands on――to the mofumofu tail, I buried my face in it.
It was impossible to listen to the tiny scream “Hiyaaaeea” I heard immediately after.
No one is able to stop me anymore. I will kick away anyone who would try.

It’s a totally different touch I felt with my hands. It’s as if everything was amplified in a torrent-like feeling. Words are already not enough.
Silky and fluffy and warm…… it’s the best feeling able to erase all negative emotions just by this warm touch.


Precisely, the Supreme Mofumofu-sama.


In my 31 years and a half, I have not savored such feeling before. I can declare. You can’t come across such texture in my previous world.


I rub my face buried in the Mofumofu-sama.


The scent is sweet and lovely. The lovely scent may be a too abstract impression, but the lovely scent it certainly exists. Distinguishing it from the scents I have smelled so far, wonderfully fantastic, so lovely that I can imagine it precisely by closing my eyes. It’s the scent of Mofumofu-sama.

Just how long have I been enjoying Mofumofu-sama? A few minutes…… no, a few hours. Or it might have been only a few seconds. I was so absorbed that my perception of time has completely disappeared.

Something like that is first.

I have entrusted all of myself to the feeling. But, I have noticed.


Perhaps, I have strengthened the touch on my face with magical power…… Isn’t magical power a proficient skill of Mofumofu-sama as well!


No one is stopping me. Naturally. Because all was decided in my thoughts.

And then, I immediately put it to practice, the strongest concentration of the ultra compression magical power enhancement so far.
I touch the Mofumofu-sama with the super high density of magical power in my palms, I arrange it all over my face and finish the enhancement.


What was obtained is…… something extreme that can’t be put into words.


The wonderful sensation was amplified by more than several times, the pleasure was already so brutal it would be more appropriate to call it torture.


Aaaah…… life is wonderful……


I surrender myself to the brutally pleasant feeling for a while, then I noticed strange voices coming from above my head.
It was a tiny voice in tears that sounded almost as if crushed to death. Hiu and Au and Wau, occasionally erotic voice, it’s appropriate as a flirtatious voice, but the mouth was covered, it was so muffled as if dying.


When I timidly raise my head, the ultimate most valuable asset’s――Mofumofu tail’s owner maid-san was covering her mouth with both hands and trembling.


Cra~p! Have I done it~!?


When I noticed that, my back got immediately wet with cold sweat.
I reluctantly separated form the mofumofu tail, I moved in front of the trembling maid-san and peeked at her face, but she was totally crying.


Ah~…… what to do…… I have completely done it. Will she forgive me if I apologize……


The time of ecstasy has completely vanished with the disastrous scene in front of me. Because there’s only one proper action to take, I do it resolutely and immediately.


“Me~doshan….. goennashai[Maid-san…… gomenasai / I’m sorry]”


Saying such, I deeply lower my head. I thought it would be nice if she forgave me if I apologized, but feelings saying it’s impossible were larger.
However, such thoughts were immediately denied with the maid-san’s next words.


“Eh…… ah…… p, please raise your head, Ojousama!”


Raising my head after hearing such words from above, when I glanced at the crying maid-san covering her face, she was now acting suspiciously.

She looked at me, Ena, Roland Ojiisama, Annela Obaasama many times over and she was in a pitiful panic.


This child has experienced many frightful things today, didn’t she?


The main cause is me, though. I calmly criticize myself in such a way.


E, Elliana-samaa…… when maid-san asks Ena for help with an almost weeping face, that voice completely rebooted Ena.


“Ha! Ah, eh…… umm……”


She might have rebooted, but it seems she still didn’t process what happened. All other five are still absentminded, Ena recovered early.


However, Ena immediately approaches maid-san, and


“S, say…… is tail a weak point for beastmen……?”


she asks in a low voice. Even though it was in a low voice, I who was beside heard it all.


“N, no…… that shouldn’t be the case, but…… t, that…… Ojousama’s…… te, technique? was, what to say…… hau.”


She was able to say that much embarrassedly with a bright red face, but maid-san covers her face with both hands again. Such a gesture was super cute. It strangely tickled my male instincts, it was an expression I truly wanted to appreciate.


I must be making an expression where gulping would be heard at any time. Of course, in my mind. My expressionless character is not just for show.


“…… I, is that…… so?”


Ena’s face stiffened a little, but she immediately ordered “Y, you can return for now” and maid-san “Yes” answered with a little, embarrassed voice and hastily started moving.

I thought she would move to the wall――maid-san had a bright red face, but she stopped at the door, opened them and left the room.


Somehow, I ended up doing something bad, didn’t I……
But, it felt super good. I wonder if she will let me touch it again~


She was making a supreme face which stirred my sadistic heart, she with the most valuable, ultimate asset, the mofumofu tail, I would like to meet her again by all means.

Rather than feelings of guilt for making her cry, the feelings of expectations were far larger, though. I will have you resign yourself, I licked my lips in my mind.

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