Chapter 36

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Further Hell after Hell
The female camp was joyful the next day as well――Ena and Ellie were changing my clothes since morning just like yesterday.

I wonder just how many of them are there…… these clothes.
The majority of them are dress type clothes, but there was just a little bit of lady’s suit like clothes mixed in.

I wonder if they are planning on changing my image to a girl disguised as a boy…… I’m just a baby, you know?
Suit type clothes, what should I say…… there was nothing like standard formal wear, but it ranged from clothes with little ornaments to military uniforms with excess decoration.

As to why do I understand the shapes of clothes without being able to see?
That’s relatively simple.
I have become able to visually recognize the blurry clothes on my body.
By directly touching them, I am able to grasp the image to some extent.

When I look at clothes intensively with compression enhanced vision, the accuracy got better, and it became possible to discern details more finely, so the shape of clothes became clear.
If I don’t concentrate I will end up seeing the magical power flowing inside my body, so a little trick was necessary to do it well.


How should I put it, I have to focus until I feel comfortable?


It’s just that even with the compression enhanced vision, it’s hard to distinguish the details on the clothes of other people…… But, it’s not impossible.
It’s fairly difficult to focus and even when I do, it gets blurry again immediately.

However, as expected even with the compression enhanced vision, I’m unable to see things without magical power, so there’s a mysterious boundary with “clothes and accessories” and other “items carried on the body.”

It’s a shame that I’m unable to see through the boundary unless I’m wearing it, so I’m unable to make use of the maid-sans who work as hangers.
By the way, the maid-sans who have the roles of hangers are wearing a long skirt and apron with old-fashioned ornaments, and there’s a little maid headdress on their heads.
They have the so-called Victorian maid feel which is totally different from the moe maids that have become popular in recent years.
I’m afraid to say that the person with wonderful equipment is hiding her tail under her long skirt.

What happens to people with wonderful equipment who have long tails I wonder……
If the tail reacts because of something trifling, the skirt will roll up, and it would be a certain disaster…… Truly pleasing!


There’s also a time boundary in within I can see the clothes. I don’t see them immediately after putting them on a body, it takes a little time after they are put on.
There’s an individual difference between the time, for example, it takes only 1 second to see the clothes on my body, while it takes around 30 seconds before I can see the clothes Theo and Ellie changed into.
I have not seen other people change so I don’t know.
Incidentally, it’s not like I have become able to see…… I just see black space in the parts where the clothes are.
It’s a kind of a horror.


I have been changed already in more than 30 clothes……
But, even now, Ena and Ellie are continuing to choose the clothes noisily.

Such quantity…… Moreover, all of them fit perfectly on my body.
I’m obviously growing, yet all the clothes are clearly a fit to my body.


I don’t remember having my measurements taken, but……


Even if they expected growth to some extent, wouldn’t they need to minute adjustments to fit the size?
My sewing knowledge is meager, so I may not really know, but it should be difficult to gather so many clothes that perfectly fit on my body, right?


Are they mass-produced items?


There were various kinds of children’s clothing specialty shops in my previous life, but would there be such specialty shops in this world?
There is also an option of rental, but this is a different world.
Is there even a concept of renting uniforms and dresses?
Moreover, it’s for a baby this time.

On top of that, this family is wealthy…… I have my doubts but are you saying that all these clothes are made according to my growth……


When I think about how my family dotes on me, it’s so possible it’s scary……


In my previous life, I spend my salary mainly on my hobbies and to play, but I wouldn’t say that I had enough savings to do whatever I wanted.
I am tempted by the urge to stop thinking and become innocent, but if I turn innocent, I will start thinking of partner-sama.
That will make me inevitable discouraged, and I will end up making Ena and others worried.
I must avoid that at all costs.

In short, the only option for me is to think about something constantly, only like that would I be able to endure this dress up hell.


…… Someone, save me~!


In the end, they spend three days on choosing my dress……
What is really scary is that the two+three maids were doing it diligently all this time.

I could hardly copy them…… Am I really of the same gender as those people?
To think that women were such fearful gender…… I might have a slight distrust of women, even though I’m a girl myself.

After they had finished choosing my clothes, I was surprised that Ellie who was postponing choosing her own dress for three days has already decided on what to wear.

The dress they choose for me after three days of choosing is a summer dress-type organdy dress.
The edges of the overlapping organdy at the chest make a beautiful sequin-like line.
A rose at the left side of my chest, fluffy ribbon around my waist together with the buoyant organdy creates “like a fairy” image according to Theo who muttered so absentmindedly.
It!s also tailored into three skirts and it seems that it’s sewn with a short tulle to put out the volume at the hem.


I more or less got used to a skirt during these three days, but…… The cool sensation is complicated after all.
I feel somewhat uneasy……


I’m by no means cold because of the temperature regulation in the room, but my shoulders and the back are fully open from slightly above the shoulder blades, so it’s quite a bit unsettling.
The color is unclear as usual, but Ellie


“Ah…… White looks on Lily best as expected.”


said so in a trance, so it’s apparently white.
By the way, it took two and a half day to choose the dress type.
The remaining half a day was spent on choosing the color.
Although it was only a half day, it wasn’t a relatively short amount of time……
What I don’t want to think about is that it seemed like there was an equal number of clothes as the number of colors in the room.
There were at least five of the same color, of course, there weren’t only single color dresses…… the number of clothes in the room…… I don’t want to even think about it.

By the way, when this dress was decided, Ellie has suddenly decided on her own dress.
After confirming it many times with compression enhanced vision, she selected almost the same organdy dress like me, the only difference was the color, and the position of the rose at the chest area.
As for the color, Ena


“White and black that compliments each other. It’s wonderful~”


said that it’s black.

These two! Is what I thought, but I endured.
Theo in a military-like uniform with few ornaments lost his position.

Theo seems to be in a military uniform with a slender sword on his waist.
The scabbard seems to be a little thicker so rather than a rapier, it’s probably a saber?

Rather than a soldier, he’s giving off a cool feeling of a young knight with no armor…… Because he’s so pitiful, I want to give him props.

All three of us have no ornaments on our heads.
It might be natural because it’s for welcoming.


Because we are welcoming, Ena and Ellie are attentively teaching me simple greetings.
Slanting right leg behind, straighten up back while slightly bending the left knee and lightly rising the dress by the hem on both sides――The so-called curtsy.


But, remember please, you two…… I’m just a year and half old, you know? There’s no way I can learn something like that…… Think with common sense, please.
No, is it possibly a common sense for one year and a half old to learn such greeting?

I resent not having common sense at times like this.
But, even in the case that I can’t learn it, I wonder if they will remember me as a bad child?


Although I’m thinking such, I’m the one who gave thanks as a 1-year-old at a party in front of 100 people.
It may no longer make sense to do such low-level work anymore.

I don’t want to think much about it, but I shouldn’t be so optimistic.


Well, I would do it if I have to, I should decide before grandparents arrive.
Rather, they said they will arrive in a few days, but they didn’t give a specific date……
When are they coming?


It’s not like I can ask the three, what should I do?

The next day just before noon became somewhat hectic and I was changed into the dress.


I was taken to the room where they chose the dress, and the maids are helping me change this time.
The maids who wouldn’t get in a 1m radius of me during the three days of hell were helping me change.
There’s only Ena, me, and the three maids in the room.
The four people are quite flustered.
Is this the so-called state of emergency, I wonder?


That person with the wonderful equipment (bunny ears) is really close…… I guess I ought to give it a go!
Ah, although I don’t understand well, this is more or less a state of emergency, right?
Is it really alright to entrust my actions to instincts in such a situation…….
Ah, but I’m just a baby, yes, that is the case!
It’s alright to do it, right!?
I can do it, right! God~sama~!


I consult the legendary God of Mofumofu.


“Oke~ Just do it Yo!!”


I have received a reply, so I’m going in! While I was thinking so, she has approached――rather, since when was she here――Ellie was tightly holding my hand.
My clothes were changed before I noticed, I looked up at Ellie who was holding my hand while making gigigi noises. When I gigigi looked back at the front, we were already at the front wall of the room. That person with wonderful equipment was already silently bowing five meters away.


“Now, Lily, Ojiisama, and Obaasama will arrive at any moment. Umm……”


Ellie is saying something.
Although that person with wonderful equipment who is curtseying so deeply is still not that far, shaking off this hand is impossible.


How did this happen!
Mofumofu God! Are you saying that my wish has not reached you!?


While shedding tears of blood in my heart, Ellie tried her best to lift me up in her arms.
It seems I will have no option of pulling her by the hand.

She put her hands under my armpits and tried to lift me, but because she has tried to pull me up forcibly because of her powerlessness, it was really painful.
Well, even though she’s doing her best to hold me up, babies will continue to grow, so I judge that it’s impossible for Ellie to carry me in her arms.
A little girl who would be an elementary school student is trying to hold a baby up in her arms.

Well, leaving that aside, the hands in front of me were swaying and shaking and the person with wonderful equipment was far away from hand’s reach. Everything else became somewhat trivial.


“Nee~ne, hurts.”


“Eh…… I, I’m sorry! Lily, are you all right? Sorry? U, umm…… W, what should I do……”


After I had muttered such words, Ellie’s face became blank, and she rapidly fired words of apology in a little voice.
I kind of feel guilty for making her so nervous.
At my front――the maids behind Ellie are not moving.
They are not able to voice uncalled-for remarks without the master’s permission――so, it’s not that they don’t move, but they “can’t” move.


Even their expressions seem to be quite worried, wouldn’t it be alright to come over to help?


After Ellie was acting suspiciously for a while, there was a knocking on the door.


“Are you done changing?”


Melodious, beautiful voice――this is without a doubt, Ena.


She should have been helping with changing my clothes a while ago, but…… when did she leave the room?


Ellie who heard that voice finally recovered from her suspicious behavior, and a clear expression of relief floated on her face.


“E, Ena! Y, you see, Lily has!”


Hearing Ellie’s voice full of crisis with a tone that’s likely to start crying at any moment, Ena appeared from my left side with a sound that resembled door getting blasted to pieces.


“What’s the matter!? What has happened! Lily! Are you all right!?”


She instantly closes the distance with a terrific force.
That speed might have been close to the speed I have seen before.
I was surprised and stiffened because she has approached with such a frightful menacing look.
I wasn’t able to able to clearly focus on her with compression enhanced vision because of her speed and menacing look, but I can tell that she’s wearing a light dress.
Her speed was so great I couldn’t focus well, but I saw some strange movement of magical power in her legs, but it was too fast so I might be wrong.


“What happened!? Ellie!”

“Y, yes! T, that, when I tried to lift Lily up…… S, she…… Lily said that she’s hurting……”


Completely swallowed up by Ena’s fierce, ghastly expression, Ellie answered on the brink of tears.
I can’t see the tears, but judging from her pitiful expression, she’s one step away from crying.
When the ghastly Ena heard that, she touched all over my body searching for an injury.


“Lily, where does it hurt? Don’t endure it and properly say, okay? Here? There?”


She asks without sparing a single spot on my body.
Her ghastly expression will force me into nodding at any moment.

There’s actually no place that is hurting now. Although Ellie said the truth, Ena should calm down a little.
I’m glad she’s worried about me, but this is indeed too much.


“Ellie, tell me exactly what has happened.”


Ellie immediately starts speaking about how she tried to hold me up in her arms.
The serious expression that Ena listened with relaxes and she let out a small sigh.


“Did you perhaps tried to lift her like this?”


Ena puts her hands under my armpits.
Because there’s no strength in the hold, it naturally doesn’t hurt.

Ellie nods and a troubled expression floats on Ena’s face.
The ghastly mood has already disappeared.
I managed to focus on Ena who has calmed down and looked at her dress――she’s wearing a simple halter long dress with a rose on her chest.
The chest area is quite open, but as expected of Ena, she doesn’t make it look vulgar.
I can’t see on her back, but judging how the dress is made, her back is probably greatly opened.
I would definitely want to take a closer look.
I want her to quickly turn around.


“Ellie, Lily is wearing a dress today, right? This dress is made from a considerably thinner cloth, so if you try to forcefully hold her up in your arms when she’s not wearing her usual clothes, I think Lily will get accordingly hurt. Therefore, I don’t think she’s injured somewhere.”

“I, is that so……”


Ena who smiles in hopelessness and Ellie who has an expression of relief both seem fine.
They must have gathered in the corner of her eyes――I can see Ena gently wiping Ellie’s eyes with a handkerchief.

Since the atmosphere has softened, the three maids who were staying near the wall moved to the door.
One of them, something――she’s rustling with something near what I think should be the door.


No way, is the hinge broken?
It might be inevitable because of the crashing noise from a little while ago, but……
How often does the door get broken?


While watching the maids, I’m lifted up by Ena who was consoling Ellie.
Because I was not pulled up forcibly like in Ellie’s case, but rather wrapped and lightly lifted, there was no pain.
Rather, the sense of security is outstanding.

After checking the situation, Ellie wrapped my hand in both of hers and looked at me while I was carried in Ena’s embrace.


“Lily, I’m sorry…… I will do my best to build up strength so I can hold you without hurting you next time, okay? …… Therefore, don’t come to hate me, okay?”


I smile at Oneechan who’s trying not to cry again with great effort.


“…… !!”


Ellie who saw that stiffened for a moment and then a smile bloomed on her face from ear to ear.
She underwent such a drastic change to the extent that I could almost hear Paaaaa sound effect.
Ellie who has such a lovely smile that I can see flower field in the background doesn’t show the slightest sign of being on the verge of crying.

I totally don’t understand what has happened, but because a smile is better than tears, I decided to leave it aside.


Ena watched us with a warm smile, but she urged Ellie to start walking after a short while.


“Now, Roland-sama, and Annela-sama will arrive soon. We have to properly welcome them, okay? A, but we have to consult with Randolph-sama later.”


I feel like I have heard something I have heard somewhere before, but it must be my imagination.
Besides…… It’s not like I’m injured or have some kind of illness, let’s stop calling the doctor over for every little thing, Ena-san……


That being the case, it appears that the morning was so hectic because Jiisan and Baasan are arriving today.


We join with Theo after walking a while, then walk some more.
Although he had a slightly strange look on his face after seeing Ellie skipping with happiness, he didn’t ask for the reason.


This mansion is really large.
How long do we have to walk――to the entrance?――I wonder if we will ever arrive at the welcoming place?


We have arrived at a place with a quite high ceiling after walking for 10 minutes――There were floating many magical power spheres that were illuminating the room.


Considering the shape and place, I guess it’s a large chandelier?


Comparing it to the light on the third floor, this must be a considerably huge chandelier.
And, when I moved my gaze in front, I saw countless maids and butlers standing in a line.


Is this an entrance hall?


Theo and Ellie stood on the left and right of the lined up servants.
Ena who was carrying me stood in the middle, feeling completely prepared.


It was when I looked up at Ena after seeing the two standing on the left and right.


The sound of door opening resounded from the front and two people walked in along the deeply bowing servants.

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