Chapter 35

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Life Zero after Maid-san
If I were to explain current situation briefly…… It would be a dress-up doll.


There is most likely in front of me, a lot of clothes.


Most likely is naturally because I can’t see.

Then, why do I know…… That’s right, it started about 3 Hals ago.




After Ena had informed Theo and Ellie of the grandparent’s visit, they were restless.


They must love grandparents very much.
The stories about grandparents leaving from their mouths are like from some kind of adventure novel.


As told, grandmother strangled a dragon to death by herself.
As told, grandparents alone traversed through a deep dungeon in which monsters were rampant.
As told, grandmother beat a bandit just with her thumb.


They are obviously exaggerated stories.
The contents are such that I think anyone who heard them would think it’s overkill.
Indeed, it’s precisely a heroic tale.


Is the last story with the thumb about a person with seven wounds from the end of the last century?


Since my siblings who take such exaggerated stories to be real. It clearly shows how much trust they have in grandparents.
If they didn’t trust and admire them, they would immediately notice these stories to be lies.


Hearing so many stories about grandparents from the two, the image I have of grandparents are is strongly cool.
But, the shady contents of the stories steadily settle in my image of grandparents.


The image of my grandparents.

That is…… Typical Ojiisama and Obaasama who exaggerate their glory in front of their cute grandchildren.


It’s the easy to handle type, but also the troublesome to soothe when offended type.

Well, I am still a baby, so it won’t happen that quickly, but it’s troublesome if I think that I will have to attend their bragging talks.
Let’s make the use of my prideful ignoring skill and practice magical power when that happens.

I decided such in my heart.


“Yes, yes, you two, that’s enough. Please choose the clothes you will welcome Roland-sama and Annela-sama in now.”



Ena lifts me up while smiling and then I heard Oniichan’s and Oneechan’s annoyed replies.


Welcoming clothes…… In other words, they have to fully dress up to welcome them?


Assuming the size of the mansion, we are more than rich.
And, this being a different world, after partially confirming the level of technology, and from the talks of my family, I can calculate the degree of the development of civilization.
Judging by that and since there are nobles, wouldn’t this era be close to medieval Europe?


Well, going by different world standards, something like this goes without saying.


But, there’s one more reason I have concluded so.
“Knight” as well as “Knights Order.” Such words were spoken by my family several times.
In the era in which I lived in my previous life, Knights and Knights Order were only things of games, manga, novels and such…… They were only a fantasy.
Even if they existed, they were cosplay or image play at most.

Such a thing actually existed in the middle ages…… In other words, that is a considerably old and low level of civilization.
The technical level at that time and the technical level of this world partially agree with each other, and some of them are completely out of place.


The out of place is “Sorcery,” such magic-like skill didn’t exist in my previous life.


I don’t know much about sorcery yet, but from what Kuti has told me, the people who can use it are scarce, and it seems to be approximately 20% of the total population. There is no reason for such a special skill wouldn’t help in the development of civilization.

Because there wasn’t sorcery in my previous life, science and technology developed simply to “save time and effort.”

If there were sorcery to save time and effort…… the development of science and technology would surely prove to be more difficult.

For those reasons, this world…… The current civilization level seems to be of medieval Europe from my previous life.

And, during that time, a high class called nobles existed.
They lived in splendor and elegant high society, and they dominated the lower classes with authority and wealth.

They valued courtesy and persisted at raising their own status.
Even if they had blood relatives, they would ignore that and even use them as a political piece on some occasions.

The possibility of this world’s nobles to be the same as nobles from my previous life is…… Considerably high.
But, that’s not all.

I think that Christophe family is actually a noble family, yet everyone is gentle and I get the impression that they are liked by the servants.
Alek’s birthday party is a good example.

But, that is that.
The nobles respect courtesy.
Therefore, even my family, when visited by elders――When welcoming the grandparents, fully dressing up might be common sense.

The story goes back to the beginning.

It’s not only Theo and Ellie who should dress up.
Even though I’m just 1 year and a half old, things like formal attire exist.
The dress I wore at the birthday party was also one.

But, I would like you to think about this.
This family is rich.
Will such a rich family let me wear the same dress I wore at the birthday party?


The answer is naturally no.


Going out from the room on the 3rd floor as I desired, we immediately enter another room.
Ellie came together with Ena.

Rather than selecting her clothes, it seems that choosing mine is more important.
She’s a sister before a girl, and she’s “the one who will choose the supreme dress for Lilianne La Christophe” before sister.

When she proudly declared so with Kuti’s smug face, I had nothing to say anymore.


There are three servants in the room in addition to Ena and Ellie.
I have seen it for the first time at Alek’s birthday party and when I returned from the mysterious space for the second time.


One of them was the person with wonderful equipment (bunny ears).
Please let me touch that wonderful equipment by all means…… no…… let me mofu it already!


Please don’t misunderstand, there’s a big difference between touch and “mofu.”
Touch is to touch.
Mofu is a high-class technique of lovingly brushing or rubbing, and at times having a taste depending on the preferences.

But, don’t misunderstand me.
It’s in order to feel the texture, it’s definitely not something you should eat!

The mouth is the best sensing organ!


You must not make a mistake!


Getting back on the subject.


I will say the conclusion.
Far from mofuing, just touching would be difficult, to put it bluntly, it’s impossible.

Their duty is fundamentally helping with changing clothes…… not, they work as hangers while Ena and Ellie carefully select the clothes.

They won’t approach even to the 1m radius of me.

Although only one of them has wonderful equipment all of them are women.
Well…… even though the one who’s changing clothes is me, I am pretty much a girl, so there are no male servants.

“Police Officer, it’s that person!”

It would be settled.


And the three servants――Maid-sans have their hair similarly gathered up compactly.
Each of the three has different appearances, but they seem quite serious when lined up.
Their appearances are what one would expect from a rich mansion’s maids, it’s a line-up of beauties.
Two of the three seem to be in their twenties.
The only one who doesn’t look to be in her twenties is that person with the wonderful equipment.
She seems to be in her later teens.

But, she has a certain diligent atmosphere around her.

I even feel dignity from her.

She’s a pro maid, isn’t she?
She’s obviously different from the part-time maids at maid cafes in my previous life, she’s precisely a maid-san that can be called a craftsman.

Although it may be weird considering maid as a craftsman, but the occupation of the maid is not only to do housework.

Cleaning, laundry, serving, making beds, furniture, windows, key management, welcoming and sending visitors off, guiding to the rooms, responsibility for the reception room, the amount of work they have has no end.
Even in my previous world, it was a professional, well-established job.

Maids work is not only housework but also the management of every place in the mansion.
Being able to do all the work as a professional requires considerable skill.

Even though they most likely share the work among each other, it’s an occupation that pursues only one thing――The job of a maid is actually such occupation.
Not to mention that this place is a large-scale mansion, a rich family’s house.
There is a need for a trustworthy career and skill to be hired, it means they are carefully selected.
They have an appropriate skill to be called as none other than craftsmen.

Since this is a different world, they may perhaps even enter a battle.
Judging from the manner of the three, they have no opening.

If they have no opening, I won’t be able to mofu.
Before that, I’m completely in Ellie’s hold.


Why won’t you release me, Oneesama!


Even if I know that it’s futile!
I have to do it as a man!
I have to~!


Ah…… I’m a girl, aren’t I?


Well, even if I wasn’t held, since my clothes are being rapidly changed, isn’t my HP close to zero already?


I wonder how many clothes I had on by now……


Ena and Ellie seem to be still full of vigor.
This is not good, that is not good, but this seems to be matching her well, this is matching her as well, ahh this is bad, everything is matching, Lily, how scary you are! We have no choice but to put on everything!


…… To be frank, I can’t keep up.


Women are scary……
I can’t stop trembling when I think that I might become like that in the future!


That being the case, I don’t know how many clothes I have tried, but there’s no doubt it took quite a while.


I mean, my stomach is already growling.


Ena who finally noticed the sound of my stomach stopped and slightly moved her gaze at the top of the wall.


“Ah! It’s such time already! I’m sorry, Lily…… You are hungry, right?”


It seems she was looking at a clock.
When I looked there myself, I only saw a faint part of something.

When I tried to see with strengthened vision, I saw it clearly.
It was a fat crescent shape with several thin things on it.

It hardly looks like a clock, but isn’t that part of the mechanism?
In other words, the clock needle is made from a substance with no magical power, while the mechanical part is made of a substance with magical power.

I have seen the interior design of the clock quite a few times before in my previous life.
Wasn’t that similar design to this one?

Well, in the end, I who has eyes that can only see magical power is not able to tell the time by looking at the clock.


“Then, let’s leave it for today and continue tomorrow. There’s still time until Roland-sama and Annela-sama arrive, so let’s choose carefully.”


Is it just my imagination that she said something dreadful with a wonderful smile?


Shall I say it once again?


My life is already at zero!

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