Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and the World’s Biggest Concern and
While taking a break from Kuti sensei’s lesson, Ena’s calming reading voice filled the room.

It’s not rhythmic reading like that of Theo and Ellie, but a slow-flowing and calm reading that makes use of Ena’s beautiful voice.

Her voice is a kind of hypnotism, when tired it turns into a lullaby and when she reads, her voice draws your consciousness into the book.
It’s troublesome to focus on Kuti’s lessons because I have to make sure not to hear Ena’s voice, so I don’t get unconsciously drawn in.

However, because it’s impossible to not listen completely and getting drawn in, I have to skillfully multitask to listen to both the reading and the lesson.

The book Ena is reading today is,


“Twilight Racoon and One Spear.”


It’s a story of raccoon struggling with this and that to save the world sealed by a spear at the time between the red sunset and twilight.

Just when the knight who sealed the world was about to explain the reason behind sealing the world, Theo and Ellie returned.


“”I’m home~””

“Welcome back, you two. Have you washed your hands?”


“”Of course!””


The book gets heartlessly closed at the most exciting moment.
The fairy who moved on my shoulders let out “Oh my God,” with both of her hands covering her wide open mouth while looking up at me in sympathy.


Just a little bit, I would have liked it if you had returned just one hour later, Oniichan, Oneechan.


I tried using the units of time I have learned today, but since Ena’s reading time fundamentally ends when Theo and Ellie return, I can expect the continuance tomorrow.

I can be only terribly disappointed.


I changed my feelings and planned to listen to the reading of the two, but I reconsider again thinking that it’s about time the break ends.


(Kuti, I would like to end the break and ask you for the next lesson.)


Fairy-san in “Oh my god” pose who doesn’t move an inch.


Therefore, I shake my shoulders a little and catch.
Since she didn’t break her oh my god pose after being shaken down, I shake with her again and urge her with words of magical power.



(You okay?)


While I’m thinking that I might have shaken with her a little too much, the person in question formed stars of spirit power which were orbiting around her head.


“Mu~ Lily, aren’t you too violent lately! I think!”

(There’s not such a thing~ It’s just your imagination~)


It’s just that I have gotten used to treating Kuti like that, but I would like her not to criticize me like that.

I pacify the huffing cute Fairy-san and think about what to learn about next.

In the meanwhile, Theo moved me on his lap and completed the preparations for reading.




“What do you want me to teach you next, Lily?”

(Then, tell me about the ‘blue light of healing’ next, please.)


I ignore Theo who started reading and focus on Kuti sensei’s hopeful lesson.
It’s the hot word the old man dropped during the medical examination.


“Ah~ That thing~ Alright~ But you see~ It’s just my thinking, but that thing might be a b~it difficult to teach~”


“That’s right~ Lily is clever so you might be able to understand, but when it comes to practice, the story is different, you know~ Is that still alright?”


It appears she can put it into practice.
A little…… No, if the considerably boastful smug-faced Fairy-san says something like that, it makes me really curious.

At first, I was wondering what kind of medical tool it is, but I withdraw that thought just after I learned a little more.


(I will do my best! Please, teach me by all means! Sensei!)

“Wrong! Call me Shishou[Master/Teacher]! Ripiito afutaa mi~! SISYOU!”

(Shishou! Please!)


Not feeling the sense of incongruity when she suddenly uses a language of my former world, I draw words of magical power, riding the momentum.

Such a thing is trivial before Kutiality.


“Very well! My practice is very strict, you know! Follow me if you still dare!”

(Yes ma’am!)


I answer with sparkling eyes while facing the overly arrogant shishou.

Thus, Kuti shishou began the lesson regarding the “blue light of healing.”




“What you need to do first……”


“What you need to do……”

(Gu, gulp.)

“………… Umm……”


Shishou who had her hands crossed gradually started averting her gaze, ending with her looking in a completely different direction.


(Shishou? Please, teach me properly.)

“Ah~ Eh~ Umm~”



When I slightly glare at the Fairy who doesn’t match my gaze, she starts incoherently explaining.


“Y, you see…… The truth is that I use it intuietively~ It’s quite difficult to explain it theoretically~ So you see…… What do I do?”

(Even if you tell me that……)


Shishou adorably tilts her head to the side and smiles.
Since she uses “blue light of healing” intuitively since a long time ago, she doesn’t know how to explain.


(For the time being, forget the theory, why don’t you tell me what ‘blue light of healing’ is?)

“Ah~ Right…… You don’t know, right? I see, I see…… Then, let’s start from there!”


After blinking in surprise, she raises her hand into the air and points with her index finger up, with her second hand on her hips, taking a “fever style” pose. Magical power appears behind her like countless disco rays.
She looks exactly like she’s about to fever.


“‘Blue light of healing’ is a second class recovery system belonging to ‘Sorcery’ engraved in a ‘Magic tool.’ Its effect are healing of cut wounds and curing diseases in its limitations in a blink of an eye.”

(Wa, wait a moment! You just said ‘Sorcery’ didn’t you!?)


I interrupt shishou’s explanation and write words of magical power in a fluster to confirm.


After all, is said and done, it’s “Sorcery.”


It’s a wonderful ability which usually appears in different worlds.

There’s no reader who doesn’t long for such wondrous ability.
Naturally, I’m also considerably interested in this wondrous ability – magic.


“Eh, ah, yes, I did say sorcery. The second class recovery system is rare sorcery on this continent, after all~ It’s natural to be surprised~”


The reason I’m surprised is slightly different, there really appears to be magic in this world.
I took exuberant victory pose in my mind, my outward appearance remains calm! Calm and composed!

If there were a person who could peek at my mind, he would see how thrilled and excited I am.


(Magic, can I use it too!?)

“Eh, magic can’t be used, you know? Magic is just the stories from books.”


W, what ya say~!?
Even though you just said it exists, it’s only in books now~!?


(W, what do you mean!?)


Blinking in surprise, I stare at the Fairy-san who is making a what is this child saying face.


“I mean what I said, magic is just vague fantasy merely used in books. I don’t think there’s anyone who can use it?”

(B, but you just said that magic existed a while ago……!)


Once again, Fairy-san stares at me blanky with question marks above her head.


“Ah~ I see! ‘Magic[Mahou]’ and ‘Sorcery[Majutsu]’ is different, you know? Magic is ambiguous power in stories with illogical force. Sorcery is different…… Sorcery is an art with a proper logical system」[The reason Lilianne is confused is that both Mahou and Majutsu mean ‘Magic'”


It was now my turn to form a big question mark above my head.
In other words…… Magic is fiction, Sorcery is a solid art, I think?


(U, Umm…… Then, can I use sorcery?)

“N~…… There are two general techniques in sorcery. First one, people with a talent that can handle a ‘Specific catalyst.’ The second one is ‘Art Formula’.”


I wonder if the former, “Specific catalyst” is some kind of item that assists to set things in motion?
It seems that sorcery is quite the hurdle if you don’t have the talent that can’t even handle that.


(Can people who don’t have the talent to operate the specific catalyst use the second method?)

“N~ That’s the case, but…… It’s not such a simple thing, you see~ Well, I will start explaining from the former first, okay? In regards to the talent for using a specific catalyst, researchers in the Forest say there are two kinds of talents, “Innate Attainment Holders” and “Acquired Attainment Acquisitors.” Innate Attaintment Holders, as the name suggests, are born with the knowledge of handling the catalyst. Acquired Attaintment Acquisitors are not born with the talent to handle a catalyst, but it’s possible for them to use a catalyst because of their knowledge and experience.”


In short, besides being born with talent, sorcery can be used only with knowledge and experience.


“Next is the other method, but…… To be honest, this method is not realistic~ Normally, once the construction is finalized, the forest’s researchers like to call it “Existing Sorcery,” but…… Once the construction of the sorcery confirmed, it’s not possible to change anything. However, the other method allows to construct anything depending on the circumstances, you can make your sorcery that is not used anywhere.”

(Although I could argue which is better, if I would be able to use sorcery myself, I think I would prefer the second method.)

“Well, I feel the same~ But, you see…… There are extremely few people who can use construction magic. In the first place, the number of people who can use sorcery with catalyst outside of the first…… There is less than 20% of all population among all races on the Lizwald continent who can use sorcery. And their ability is just the head of a pin. There are many existing sorceries, but a great deal of that sorceries is just simple sorceries. When it comes to people who can use a 2nd class or 3rd class sorcery, it’s less than 30 people in this Ovent Kingdom. Those who can use the catalyst are few, but those who can use the other method are even less. Not a single person who could use it appeared on the entire Lizwald continent in the last 800 years, and there’s only one elite among elites who can use that magic in the forest.”

(T, that’s……)


To sum it up, sorcery is extra-high difficulty skill……
Magic was quite simple in the novels I have read in my previous life, so I’m quite shocked.
But, it’s not decided that I don’t have a talent like that yet.
Even if I’m not an innate holder, I may be able to become acquisitor with the knowledge I get.
No matter what, it’s the first thing on my what I want to do in a different world ranking.


“I want to use magic-like ability.”


Because I said that!


(T, then…… how do you check if you have a talent for sorcery?)


Even though I’m trying to suppress my impatience, my eyes must be sparkling and shining brightly without a doubt.


“The talent examination on the Lizwald continent is from 10 years old, you see~”


…… Eh?

…… Umm……?

…… How old am I again?





Her wonderful smile was the evilest thing I have seen today.

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