Chapter 29

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and Kutiality and
An infant staring at an evil smile.


That’s me……!


I came across the thing ranked first on my list to do when in a different world.

“I want to use a magic-like ability.”

Ha, I have suffered a great setback.


(10 years old…… Is there no other way……?)


Pale expectations and faint hopes…… Her most incredible smile today looks so provocating I want to hit her.


“I think it could be done in the large-scale facility in the forest, but…… That’s only for fairies!”



Right now, something like the ectoplasm will surely jump from my mouth.
Such shock ran through my whole body that my thoughts completely stopped.


“Well, you turned ten years old a long time ago, so there’s no problem for Lily, right~? So, what were the results of the examination? The examination is generally done in the school or in the castle, which did Lily choose~?”

I wonder what this Fairy-san is talking about…… Because my thoughts have completely stopped, I can’t catch up.


“…… N~? Lily, did you hear me! He, Lily!!”


Fairy-san who finally noticed that I show no reaction hit me pechipechi on my cheeks.


“Do~n’t sleep~! I’m not sleepy yet~!”


Because of the Pechipechipechi Fairy-san who kept on hitting my cheeks, I wanted to tsukkomi so my thoughts returned.


“Lilyyy!! Wa~ke~ up~!”

(…… Ha.)


I was able to completely recover thanks to Fairy-san’s shouting.


(…… Sorry, sorry, what were you talking about?)

“Gee~ To start sleeping all of sudden! Perhaps…… Are you tired? Then, it’s better not to overstrain yourself? It would be terrible if you caught fever again……”


Her angered expression immediately changed, and the lovely Fairy-san asked in worry.
This adorable Fairy-san’s feeling stunned me for a moment.


(Sorry, sorry, I’m really fine. I was just shocked a bit by reality. My thinking just stopped for a moment so please don’t worry, okay?)

“Mu~…… Then, that’s fine, but~ You really don’t have to force yourself, okay? Be sure to tell me immediately if you don’t feel well, okay?”


I smiled in my heart at her who was purely worried about me.
It goes without saying that smiling in front of Theo or Ellie is dangerous.

In this way, I approach the completion of taciturn, expressionless character, I sigh.


(So, what were you talking about?)

“Umm you see, you have already taken the 10 years old examination, right? Where did you take it?”


My thought process stopped again…… But, just for a moment.
Although I have considered this before, my thought process stopped when realizing that it was the truth.
But, if there’s still a chance…… I don’t think there’s one, but I will ask just in case.


(…… E, errr…… How old do I look for you, Kuti?)

“……? U~mmm…………???? Dunno…… How old are you……?”


She looks really loveable when blinking with surprise, but it seems there was no chance.


(Kuti…… Please, listen well, okay? I’m a baby. In years, it would be about 1 and a half?)



It would turn out like this, wouldn’t it……
After not moving for a moment, her eyes gradually opened wide in disbelief, and her mouth becomes bigger and bigger.

And then, when the realization hit her, she scanned me from ankles to head over and over again.



“…… Eh…… ah…… Uhumm……”


It seems her thoughts have not settled yet.
Speaking of her Kutiality, she can’t recognize a baby when a baby is in front of her.

Saying it nicely, she has the ability not to fuss about outward appearances.
Saying it badly, she can see nothing…… In the meaning that her brain intercepts things conventionally.

I don’t really understand how it happened, but her usual speech and conduct, studying methods or the difficult vocabulary she uses when studying obviously should not be used for babies or even elementary school students.

It was a simple method when I couldn’t hear her or when memorizing words, but the short sentences, the long sentences, and their application gradually became more complicated without much time lag.
The study method should be sophisticated, but shouldn’t interfere.

In her defense, the fairies are investigating various races.
And, Kuti is smug-faced big shot-san.
Because she naturally knows the results, there might have even been a race that stops growing in appearances as babies.
Well, she has never talked about such race before, but~


She omitted the explanation of the minor races so it’s not an unlikely story.


Well…… Still!

Based on the current situation!


There is this strange trust which makes me convinced because I’m talking about Kuti here.


Therefore, let’s say it anyway.


Because it’s Kuti!




It took some time until Kuti’s mind returned to normal.
I wonder if she has accepted that the baby which is me before her is really a baby.


(Calmed down?)

“Y, yeah…… Lily was a baby, wasn’t she…… Certainly…… You are a baby no matter how I look, right…… a Human baby, right…… no matter how you look……”


Slightly…… No quite depressed Fairy-san.
Her shoulders magnificently dejectedly sunk.

“…… T, that…… But you see…… Normally, babies can’t write letters, right? Besides Lily is…… You know…… Incredibly smart, right? Also…… Also! That when we met the first time! To let out magical power from the body like that! Even a skilled sorcerer would find it difficult, it’s not something a baby can do! Because you could do that…… I was certain…………. Say…… Why……?”

(Hmm~…… Because I, you know, I am me?)


She asks while extremely reserved with upturned eyes, so frail looking not comparable to her usual self.
I would definitely want to bring such Fairy-san home with me, but I kept the answer appropriately muddy.


Besides…… Frankly, I’m a 30 years old man who reincarnated from a different world!


No matter what I say would only confuse her more and I am half confident that will be with a long relationship, so I should probably just talk about it when the time is right.

However, I see…… Claire’s releasing skill is difficult even for a skilled sorcerer.
Well…… It’s not something normal people can see.
Claire is also releasing it unconsciously, and it took quite a while until I was able to do it myself.
Judging from Kuti’s words, skilled sorcerers should be about the same as Claire…… Aside from looks.


“…… Right…… That’s right! Lily is Lily, right! Other babies aside, Lily is Lily! Only mine Lily!”


Let’s pretend I didn’t hear the last sentence, yep.


(Thereupon, umm, the sorcery talent examination? I’m only 1 year old, I can’t take it yet.)

“Ah~ Yes, that’s the case, right…… I understand. Then, to wait until you are ten, or go to the forest’s facility, but……”


Fairy-san tilts her head to the side with an index finger on her chin.
It seems she’s thinking about something.

She said that it’s impossible for me to go to the forest’s facility, but is there perhaps a special method?


If there is one, I would most definitely want her to tell me, but there’s always someone beside me.
In such a situation, would it be really possible to go to the forest’s facility for an examination?
Even if it’s possible, it would have to be finished as fast as possible.


Or do it at night when Ena sleeps……
Doing it without causing a fuss would be the best for me, but……


“Hmm…… It’s about the method to reach the forest’s facility, but……”


I stare at Kuti who started speaking while fidgeting for some reason.


“Y, you see…… In fact, it just came to my mind that it would be probably best to request Natasha when I return to report the mission……”



Glance, glance, Kuti keeps peeking at me, acting obviously different than usually.


“Natasha is the Queen of the Forest next to the world.”

(Is it all right to request from the Queen-sama?)

“Ah~ There’s really no problem with that. That fellow can’t refuse if I ask her~”


At last, her smug face returns and she hmph proudly blows her nose.

I heard that she’s directly under the control of the Queen, but…… Is she such a big shot-san that she can act like that towards the Queen?
Kuti is incredible.


(Then, could I ask you to do that~?)

“Yeah…… I don’t really mind that, but you see? Ummmm……”


Evasive big shot-san again.
I wonder if she has still something difficult to say…….


(Is there something difficult to say? Don’t worry and say it, it’s just between Kuti and me, right?)


We have met just a half year ago, but that does not matter.
Time is more or less important for trust, but there are things more important than that.


“Yep! That’s right! You see!”


Kuti declares with a radiant smile that appeared in an instant with paaaa~ sound effect.


“Tomorrow, because I have to return for a regular report tomorrow, I will ask then!”



…… Tomorrow?

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