Chapter 27

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and Almanac and Gods and
There is a lone infant on top of Ena’s lap.
Of course, that’s me, Lilianne La Christophe.

After the storm-like hugs and praises, in contrast to those two who left with glossy skin and good smiles, I was left haggard.

Pitying such me, Ena raised me up on her lap and was stroking my head.
The fairy in front of me is fanning me with magical power in the shape of a fan.
Naturally, there’s no breeze coming out.

I intended to encourage them a bit, but I have received an unexpected counterattack.

Regardless of this area, I see no color of growth.
I feel like I keep repeating the same mistake.

However, that’s inevitable.
As a baby, I’m overwhelmingly lacking things I could reward them with.

Therefore, as a result of doing the only thing I could do, it turned out like that.
That’s why it can’t be helped that they were overjoyed.

I thought that I would like them to stop with that soon, but asking for that would be unreasonable, so it might be better to get used to it.

Although getting used to an expressionless, taciturn character is way easier.
I wanted to do something about it, but I always end up forgetting when a problem arises.




After having my head continuously stroked by Ena and getting fanned by Fairy-sama, my spirit has returned.
I think that I will play innocent today and deal with some of the shelved problems that are collecting dust.

I could write again since I have made a complete recovery, so I have asked about the races first.
I was thereby more convinced that this is a different world.
If this is a different world, there should be many different things.
Therefore, it’s necessary to ask various things about the field called common sense.


Right…… Almanac for example.

In my previous life, 1 year was 12 months, 365 days. 4 seasons changed during the year. 1 month was 30 days, 1 week was 7 days, 1 day was 24 hours, 1 hour was 60 minutes, 1 minute was 60 seconds.


But, this is a different world.

If the world is different, the time or things related to almanac must be different.
But, this field is the so-called common sense.

It’s an indispensable knowledge that one should know at least minimally.


Thus, Kuti sensei has started teaching me about almanac.


“First, 1 year has 13 months, 1st Month, 2nd Month, and it continues like that. When the 13th Month ends, it returns back to the First Month, and the Green History increases by 1.”

(Green History.)

“800 years ago, the four countries on the Lizwald continent were at war. The end of the war marked the beginning of a new era. They named it after the God of Peace and Earth, the Green God Alastria, therefore, the Green History.”


The Fairy-san with upside-down triangle glasses made of magical power explains with zamasu tone and swings her teacher’s cane.

As expected, it’s different from my previous life.
Since there are 13 months, is a year of this world longer than the year of my former world?


She writes “13th Month→1st Month” and “Green History+1” on the magical power blackboard, and moves on with the lecture.


“The Green History is currently at year number 787, and the month is the 6th Month. 1 month has 4 turns, 1 turn has 7 color days. The 7 color days are the colors of the 7 Gods ‘Green→Red→Blue→Yellow→White→Black→Transparent’ in this order”

(In other words, one month has 28 days?)

“Right, right, as expected of Lily! You are good at calculations as well!”


Fairy-sama expressed her impression by hugging me while steadily adding Green History, Months, 4 turns, and 7 color days at the blackboard.
Since the place to write was too small, the blackboard has expanded horizontally into a large rectangle, while also considerably expanding vertically.

I feel a bit like a fool for being praised for such calculations, but Theo is studying two digits calculations at 9 years old, and he’s being called the school’s number one.


Is this world’s academic level low, after all, I wonder……

It’s not very good, but I’m thankful for that so I decided not to mind it, but then I realized something.


Sometimes I forget, but…… I just a baby, right…… 1 year and a half old……


Considering that I’m a year and a half, being able to do calculations is incredible.
However, another question arises there.

But, Kuti definitely doesn’t think of me as a baby, right……

Since associating with me about a half a year ago, she has not been treating me like a baby.
It’s apparent by my appearances, but that is also one of the Kutialities.
Although there’s no way possible of treating a one-year-old as an equal individual…… this is Kutiality as expected……

Because it’s Kuti, saying that will make me consent to everything.
Because she’s such Fairy-sama, she definitely hasn’t noticed that I’m just a baby.

I think that it will be necessary to explain to her one day, but studying the almanac is more important now, so I will leave it for later.
Although it may rot on the shelf, I wouldn’t mind if it did.


“Thereupon, right now, it’s Green History year 787, 6th Month, 2nd turn, Red day. Incidentally, the writing in the Forest next to the world is the same as on the Lizwald continent.”


Fairy adds more entries on the blackboard.
Every time something is added, the old information gets pushed up, and the new information is written under it.
She draws a “Drawing of a forest” and “Drawing of four unshapely, distorted, all over the place frames.”
“Forest next to the world” is written next to the drawing of forest and “Lizwald” is written next to the unshapely drawing.


“That should be about everything about the almanac~ Is there something you don’t understand?”


With her index finger on her chin with a slightly tilted head, Fairy sensei asks.


(Ummm…… 7 color days are 1 turn, 4 turns make a 1 month, 13 months make a year, and 1 year has 364 days?)

“Ah~ umm…… 1st day of the 1st Month is a special holiday that isn’t counted at the Lizwald’s almanac. The holiday is for two days once per four years, the forest’s astronomers said something about sun and moon movement, but I already forgot, I wasn’t really interested.”


Lastly, she becomes a wonderful smug-faced sensei-san.
It appears that a year is 365 days long just as in my previous world.
They even have a leap year.
Even a solar calendar is being studied by the astronomers in the fairy country?


I’m really thankful that there are only minimal changes to the number of months and days from my previous life.
The 7 colored days of Gods are quite interesting.
I remember being taught a bit about the Gods before.


God of Peace and Earth, Green God Alastria.
God of War and Love, Red God Uretom.
God of Healing and Knowledge, Blue God Sefiry.
God of Protection and Arts, Yellow God Gatastol.
God of Light and Sun, White God Mitoroum.
God of Darkness and Moon, Black God Metztli.
God of Nothingness and Arbitration, Transparent God Lahm.

A myth about the creation of the world by the 7 Gods is being taught around the world.
(I have heard about the 7 Gods before, but are the colors related to the creation myth as expected?)

“N~ I don’t know the details, but a long time ago, the 7 Gods appeared on Aureole to teach or something. They don’t descend to this world much in recent times, but because the seniors of the forest, Jijisama and Babasama actually met them, so it’s certain.”


They have met the Gods?
In other words…… The Gods actually exist in this world?
Incidentally, Aureole is the name of this world.



Kuti tilts her head to the side, wondering if she said something strange while looking at me who is blinking in surprise.
I form three swaying questions marks overhead.


“What is it~? Is there something you don’t understand~?”

(Ah, umm…… The Gods are real?)

“? …… Of course, they are~? According to Jijisama and Babasama, there are gentle ones, mischievous ones, serious ones, everyone’s different. Well, but I have never seen them myself and I haven’t heard about God descending since the war 800 years ago.”

(They really exist……)

“That’s right~ It’s a religion where the races on the Lizwald continent can freely believe in each of the 7 Gods. The teachings and influence of the 7 Gods are deeply rooted on this continent, you know~”


Kuti has never seen them……
But, this is a different world, the existence of Gods is not such an impossible story.

And the religion of 7 Gods where you are free to choose which Gods you believe in and you can change the belief anytime you want. That’s considerably lax religion.

Unlike the religion of my previous life, you can easily change the target of your worship.
Religious conversion should have been fairly difficult in my former world.

I wasn’t religious before so I don’t really know……

Does religion become so placid only in a world where Gods are confirmed to exist?

Well, that’s a great advantage for religion so I don’t particularly mind, but.


Incidentally, Kuti sensei is irreligious.


So there are irreligious people too……


“Do you have any further questions~?”


It appears that Kuti sensei’s lesson is nearing the end.
When she asks me if I have any further questions, it usually means that the lesson is coming to an end.


All that remains is the definition of time…… Whether there are means and units of time.
There will be a rough guess, but it might be difficult if there are no means to accurately measure minutes or seconds.

The most simple clock is the sundial, but it would be difficult to measure minutes and seconds with only that.
Making a clock that can precisely measure the units of seconds should require considerable technique.

Looking at the level of paper manufacturing technology, making something like that should be close to impossible.
Hourglass could exist at most.

But, if it’s a civilization on a level of air-con, a small wristwatch should be possible.
Perhaps, the definition of seconds may properly exist.


(About time?)

“Time, huh~…… Umm you see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The numbers of time going one by one are Gou. 60 Gou is 1 Rin, 60 Rin is 1 Hals, and 24 Hals make one day~”


The interval which Kuti counted at was roughly one second.
In other words, Gou are seconds, Rin are minutes, and Hals are hours.

It matches my previous lifetime.
However, since they are able to define seconds, it leaves only one conclusion.
In other words, the clock is developed.


(Are there tools that tell time?)

“There are, there are, a clock, for example, ~ But, that fellow is really complicated so only a few people possess them, you see. Most of the races tell time by the church’s bell or by the sun.”


As expected, it’s too complicated mechanism to spread widely.
Church’s bell for telling time is standard for a different world, but I have never heard a bell in this house.
Is it perhaps quite far away?


(I have never heard church’s bell before, is it perhaps too far from this house?)

“This place is soundproof after all~ If it weren’t, you would be able to normally hear it in this room, you know~ The church’s bell is properly operating and resounding every 3 Hals from 6 Hals in the morning, resounding 5 times a day.”


Soundproofing equipment, this residence is incredible as expected……
Rather, from 6 Hals in the morning…… Does the morning start at midnight just like in my previous life?
Are? But, then if people in this house don’t hear the church’s bell, does it mean they tell the time by the sun here?

No…… it’s not like the whole house is soundproof.


Sensing what I was thinking about, occasionally sharp Fairy-sama tells me the surprising fact.


“This residence has a considerable amount of clock, so they are alright even without hearing the bell, you know? There is no clock in this room, but Ena carries a pocket watch, you know?”


Pocket watch!?
I don’t understand the level of this civilization more and more!


Although I didn’t hear most of it, I looked up at Ena who is reading me a book while I was getting confused about the technology of this world. Ena noticed me looking at her and smiled at me.
My head which was in chaos once and for all settled after seeing Ena’s dignified Oneesama smile.


No…… This place has air-con, I should have thought of it as given……

However, a pocket watch…… Ena certainly did remind Claire the time before.
I thought she took out something at that time…… So that was a pocket watch.

Looking at the clock technology, I would say about a middle ages level……
No, wristwatches may actually exist here……


(Kuti! Does a clock you can carry on your hand exist?)

“On hand……? I don’t think such a clock exists, but wouldn’t something so heavy be difficult to carry around~?”


She draws a large clock attached to a figure’s hand, but the face of the figure was full of sweat.

There are no wristwatches yet……
The clock technology goes only up to the pocket watch.

But, pocket watch alone should be technically high enough.
In my former world, I’m sure spring-driven pocket watches appeared first appeared in the 16th century.
If I’m not mistaken, the paper has replaced papyrus and parchment around that time, but……

But, this is a different world, so there will be differences from my previous world.


While in such thought, Fairy sensei removed the blackboard and ended the lesson.
Kuti sensei erases her glasses and teacher’s cane and moves on top of my head.



“A little break~ It’s not good to cram too much, you know~”


I wanted to hear more, but Kuti has completely entered a comfort mode, so it appears that I have to abandon the thoughts of a further lesson.

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