Chapter 26

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Fairy and Reflecting and
The first stage of the strategy that would open the wonderful world of mofumofu has failed.

In my previous world, there was a saying “failure is the mother of success.”
Investigate the cause of failure and correct it.
Realizing that failure precedes success, I think about the causes of failure.


First, both of my parents prohibited me from leaving the room.
Second, a key that can lock the door without making a sound.


There’s nothing I can do in regards to the prohibition.
There’s nothing I can do to persuade my parents as I’m just a year and a half old baby.
I can talk, I can understand.
But, only Kuti and I know about that.

I was about to remove this restriction so I could enter the mofumofu world, but there are things that can’t be overlooked and risks associated with it.
Therefore, aside from my actions, there’s no other way of communication.
Both of my parents seem to be very busy at work recently, as they seldom come back home.
Therefore, it’s not a problem I can deal with immediately.


There’s one more difficulty.
The door was locked with no locking sound nor locking action.
There’s a possibility that it was locked from outside, but there’s no need to make it so difficult to prevent me from leaving the room.

Therefore, I don’t want to think about that option if possible.

Rather than a reason for locking, it’s better to think of a situation where the door is not locked.
There are only a few people in this room, but people are certainly coming in and out every day.




Judging from the results, I found out that the mofumofu world is an unreachable paradise.

Unlocked state, in other words, I put the mission where I got to utilize the door when it’s opened in operation.
It goes without saying that I have failed.


Mission No.2 “O~pen da doa Ena.” Waiting for the timing when Ena opens the door to get lunch.
I was moved to the baby crib, movement incapacitated.
I can’t forget Kuti’s beautiful smile when she successfully looked at me from the other side of the door.


Mission No.3 “Go~ Ho~me Braza and Shista~” Waiting for the timing when Theo and Ellie come to the room.
I slipped from Ena’s grasp, tripped on an obstacle before reaching the door and got captured by Theo.
As a result of acting so quickly, Kuti who was angry for leaving her behind was laughing and rolling.


Mission No.4 “C’mon Dinna~” Waiting for the timing when Ena opens the door to get the dinner.
Held by Ellie, escape not possible.
I have explained to Fairy-sama beforehand this time, but because I couldn’t do anything, I tried not to see her splendid smile by the door.


Mission No.5 “Ret’s Go~ Braza~” Waiting for the timing when Theo opens the door to take a bath.
I was captured by Theo before he opened the door and was handed over to Ellie.
Since that fairy was giving me an ill-natured grin when I got captured, I will use that face as a magical power signboard.


Mission No.6 “Ret’s Go~ Shista~” Waiting for the timing when Ellie opens the door to take a bath.
Probably noticed my numerous missions today, Ena was tightly looking after me.


Because I was completely restrained, the ill-natured fairy also gave up and didn’t have any particular reaction.

Just why did it turn out like this!
Far from passing through the door, I didn’t even reach it!

Ena has completely seen through my last mission, so I couldn’t do anything.

I may have no choice, but to leave it for another.
I should charge again once Ena’s vigilance fades.

Besides, she might speak about this to my parents.
Ena herself said she wouldn’t mind bringing me out of the room!

Today, I acted upon the timing of the door opening, I should be able to escape if I don’t show any suspicious behavior.


After that, it depends on the heavens……
I went to sleep while captivated by the mofumofu world.



My dream, the mofumofu world was out of reach, and the ill-natured fairy kept on shrugging her shoulders, it was a terrible nightmare.


It goes without saying that waking up the next day was the worst.
I feel like I had a terrible, surreal nightmare, I have decided to forget it.

Fairy-sama who continued to sleep together with me even after my complete recovery is still in the dreamland.


Ena who noticed that I woke up gave me a light kiss on the forehead as a morning greeting.
She doesn’t kiss me on the cheeks often.
I wonder if there’s some kind of policy or something?

Claire, Theo, and Ellie are kissing me excessively both on cheeks and forehead, but…… There’s no need to talk about Alek.
But, I will defend my lips to death.

While still half asleep, Ena gives me a warning without consideration.


“Lily…… I clearly understand that you want to go outside the room, but please don’t try to forcibly leave just like yesterday, okay? I will speak about it to Claire. It’s still early for you to go alone, but it should be all right if I’m with you. Therefore, promise me? Okay?”

(Ah, pardon me.)


Ena gently admonishes me while brushing my hair that grew longer a little with a soft hairbrush.
Ena naturally can’t see my words of magical power, but I put her words to heart.


“One and half years old child would not understand me, but Lily is clever! You surely understand me, right?”



Thinking that a small reply would be good, I utter a sound and nod.
Ena’s hand which was brushing my hair suddenly stopped and she instantly stiffened like an ancient stone statue.


Crap…… Is it still too early?


While thinking so, I look over my shoulder at Ena.


“Yaaaan! Gee! Lily how cute you are!”


Ena throws the hairbrush away, lifts me up to her arms and rubs her cheek against mine.

Yaaaan, she said…… Ena-san you are the one who is cute!

Kuti who was woken up by the noise saw Ena rubbing her cheek against mine so she flew towards my other cheek and started rubbing as well.


(Good morning, Kuti.)

“Go~od morn~ing’, you did something again~?”


Please, go to sleep a little more if you are still sleepy.


(The usual~)



The double rubbing continued for some time.




After eating breakfast, Claire and Alek came to the room together.
Seeing the two after so long, I have received a storm of hugs, kisses, and cheek rubs.

When the storm calmed down, the two sat down before me.


“Lily…… We can’t return for about a month from now on…… But, you see! I will do my best for you, Theo, and Ellie!”

“Ah…… My cute, cute Lilianne…… Even though there were so many days I couldn’t see you…… Papa won’t be able to see you for another month……”


The two of them are sad together, but their enthusiasm is contrasting.
I don’t know what they are enthusiastic about, though.


“Look, get a grip Alek! You have the duty to protect us and the duty to show off your swordsmanship. You can’t afford to show Lily your uncool side!”

“U, umu…… That’s right. Lily, Papa will do his best! I’m sad that you can’t see Papa’s gallant figure, but I shall win one of the seats of the four countries for you!”

“That’s the spirit you two. Leave Lily to me, Theo, and Ellie and do your best!”


The awe-inspiring Claire encouraged Alek as he made a fist and motivated himself.
Magical power bursts out from his body like flames.

Alek’s first magical power was released like flames.

Did he unconsciously release magical power because of strong emotions?

I was considering such while watching the two who were overflowing with motivation.
But, I would like to know what these two want to work so hard at above all.

Even if they declare their enthusiasm, I have no idea what’s it directed at.

Alek brimming over with vigor is releasing magical power like flames.
Claire warmly watches over the reliable husband.


(↓Baka couple↓)


Kuti who gloomily observed Alek’s flames of magical power put a signboard over the two.
It’s a sign that is troubling, but most definitely not wrong.

It’s wonderful that my parents get along well, but please stop this passionate exchange in front of children.
Hey, you there, do not start passionately kissing.

Ena also feels as if she gave up on them as she shrugs her shoulders.

After the passionate embrace and kiss ended, the seriousness returned on their faces and they turned towards me.


“Then, we are going Lily. I will properly pray to the Red God Uretom.”

“We are going, Lily-chan. We will return as quickly as possible, okay?”


Red God Uretom is the God of War and Love if I’m not mistaken.
In other words, the two are going to fight.

Ah, didn’t they say something about “Magic Battle” before?

After finally understanding, I decided to take a small action before Alek could turn the doorknob.

Totetote I trot and approach the two.


“To~shama, Ka~shama.”


I call out to them.


“Iterahiya~i.” [Itterasshai / Have a safe trip]


I crack a smile and wave my hand.


In an instant, Alek with an overflowing smile moves to me, holds me up in his arms and rubs his cheek against mine, and praises my growth while shedding tears.

And Claire who hugs me not getting defeated by Alek.


After the storm of hugs and praises lasted for a while, Ena Hurry up and leave! forcibly put an end to it.


When I looked overhead during the storm, O’Fairy-sama put a very suitable signboard above the two.


(Doting parents × Foolish parents ○)


It’s Kuti with complacent smile, big nostrils, and satisfied look.

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