Chapter 25

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and Mission and
I have confirmed that I have reincarnated in a different world.

According to Kuti’s race lecture, this world has many races besides humans.
There were not many races like this in my previous world.
Just from that, I can conclude that this is a different world.

Because I love reincarnated stories, I have read many novels about it.
I have been attracted by such a world as is pretty normal to do.


And I came here.


To the fascinating world of mofumofu!


The cosplayer employees at Alek’s birthday party weren’t cosplayers, but the real deal.
That’s right…… The real kemonomimi.


The real mofumofu people.


Viva mofumofu!


I’m a baby of about one year and a half.
It would be quite difficult for me to go to town to meet the mofumofu people.


But, how about that?


There are at least thirty servants in this house.
About half of them are mofumofu people.
In other words, there’s no need to go out to the town.
I can search for mofumofu around the house.


But, the problem is my family.
First, although I’m already one year and half old, I have met the employees(mofumofu) only once at Alek’s birthday party.


I don’t know why, but they didn’t enter this room even once.
It may be because my nanny Ena is constantly looking after me.
That Ena is a master of this house, she is on the equal standing of Alek and Claire.
No, she’s partially above them.

If someone like her with such control is in my room, there’s no need for servants to enter.
Or, it may be a question of credibility.
You don’t need to ask whether Ena who has an equal or even higher standing than the masters of this house has credibility.
But, what about the servants?
Although they will be carefully selected when hiring, but that does not mean they will be instantly fully trusted.
Much less when their partner would be a blind baby.
There would also many things which are more necessary than reliance.

But, while that may be true, I think it’s a little bit of an overkill to not let them enter the room for more than a year, but this is a different world, and this is a house of rich people.
There may be some inconceivable reason.

But, that does not matter.
A wonderful world of mofumofu is right in front of me.


As an urgent matter for the future, I have to come up with a strategy to leave this room and reach the fantastic field of dreams, hope, and romance.
Fortunately, I can expect the servants to come to the front of the room.

Preparation of meals and etc. corresponds with that.
Occasionally, Ena would slip out to make the meal herself, but usually, the servants prepare the meal, bring it in front of the room, and Ena receives it.
I have not noticed at first, but there’s a difference in the knocking when it’s a servant notifying the people or a “person entering the room.”
The servant type of knocking…… Even if they don’t enter the room, they never enter the sight where they could be seen from the baby crib.
I wonder if being like a shadow is considered as manners?
It was on my mind why they are so thorough, but that does not matter now.

I have to approach the servants who come near my room as early as possible.
To fully enjoy mofumofu, the target has to be “ears” and “tail.”

If they are thorough like this, it’s safe to assume that servants won’t lift me up to their arms on their own.
Therefore, I must consider that as part of my strategy.


The more I think about it, the more difficult it becomes.


I have left this room only twice before.
Furthermore, my target are the servants who I have clearly limited contact with.

Even after reaching my target(mofumofu), there’s a need to maintain the contact to fully enjoy it.


A truly high difficulty mission.
Can I really succeed!?


No…… I have to do it!


Even if I understand that it’s nearly impossible, I have to live for the moment!


If it’s for mofumofu!


I will do it!




Mission No.1 “Open Sesame” start!


I finish the brain simulation and put the plan into practice.
The first stage, “escaping from the room.”

First, a frontal attack.
It’s the turn the doorknob, push open, and escape type.
Naturally, the door doesn’t have magical power, so I don’t see them.

But, I will know that I can’t proceed further by releasing my magical power towards obstacles such as walls.
Using this, I can position myself by the wall.
And then, I can fumble by the wall and find the door.
Right now, my own height may reach to the doorknob, but I can’t open it myself.
Rather, I can imagine Ena bringing me back if I open the door by myself.


That’s why I will have Ena open it for me!


Right…… There’s no meaning if she brings me back.
I will make Ena open the door for me and lead me out of the room by hand.


It starts here.

Let’s go! Towards the wonderful field!


I strike to book to interrupt Ena’s reading.
Since I can stand without assistance, I slip from her lap and stand up.
Because I have never interrupted reading for exercising, Ena finds the situation a little unexpected.
I start moving thanks to that opening.

I extend the magical power towards the wall in a straight line and measure the distance.
There’s no doubt that if I start running that I would encounter some obstacles.
She was reading to me until just now, the are be books laying around.

In a preliminary meeting with Kuti, I have had her mark the obstacles in my route with her spirit power.

Therefore, there are no problems even if there are obstacles.

But, I can’t be hasty and start running here.
Because me being able to see the obstacles is way beyond Ena’s thoughts.
If I start running Ena will immediately catch me.

Therefore, I have to walk while greatly avoiding the obstacles.
If I don’t walk towards the obstacles, Ena won’t stop me.

She will respond only to sudden accidents so there shouldn’t be a problem unless I go head-first sliding.

One step, two steps, I walk towards the wall first.
My, oh my, how rare, it seems you are in an exercise mood rather than books today, I hear from behind.

It seems she doesn’t plan on stopping me.
Then, when I arrived at the first objective(wall) safely, I fumble around to confirm.
Glance, when I check Ena, she was looking at me from about two steps behind with a warm smile.


There seem to be no problems.

The feeling of the smooth wall turns into a soft feel of wood.
It appears I have arrived at the door.

When I stand on tiptoes and stretch a bit, I can feel a doorknob……




There was a signboard from magical power attached.

When I looked towards a side, I saw a smug-faced fairy giving me thumbs up.

There was no reason to fumble around!

It’s too late for that now, so I only tsukkomi in my mind. I turn around towards Ena and lightly banban strike on the door.


“Hm? Lily that’s the door, you know? You want to take a look outside?”


Yes!!! I make a victory pose in my heart and strike the door twice again.

This time, Ena’s gaze switches on the door.
With this, Ena is surely convinced that I want to go on the other side.


“Hmm…… We have decided not to let you outside the room too much, but…… You want to go outside that much?”


Smugface-san came over from the side and hit the door together with me.
“Pofupofu” is an appropriate SFX.
I hear no sound, though.

I banban on the door once again and look at Ena.
My hand started to hurt a bit.


I stare at Ena with the intent of pleading.


“Hmm~…… You certainly were outside the room twice, and I think it’s okay to go out, but you see? I was told by Claire and Alek not to let you out of the room yet. I’m sorry, Lily.”


What have you just said, Ena-san?
Are you telling me that I can’t go out of the room yet!?


Then, what am I supposed to do!
What about the wonderful field that lies behind this door!?


I freeze while staring at Ena.
Seeing me like that, Kuti exploded by herself.


“All you have to do is to escape by yourself! Adventure! Chaaarge~!”


All is decided with her voice.
Carefully, to the doorknob.




A magical power nameplate is attached above the doorknob.
If I give up here, I can’t call myself a man!


…… I’m a girl now, though.


This door is the push to open type.
I would be outed if this was pulled to open type.

The God has not abandoned me yet!

Quickly changing my plan, I grab the doorknob with both hands and turn.
You should adapt your plan depending on the situation!


Tu…… rn…… turn…….

The doorknob was hardly moved by the one years old baby’s power.

…… The hell is this doorknob! It’s super heavy!

The doorknob is the turning type, but it’s made out of tin or copper or something, it’s cold and hard to move.
It’s like a badly oiled machine part.


“He~y, stop that. It’s properly locked with a key, it won’t open no matter how hard you try.”


W, what~!

Opening my eyes wide and staring at the place where the doorknob is located, the nameplate changes.




Smugface-san who strangely leaves out the small details is hateful.

When I release my hands from the doorknob and fall down in defeat, Ena holds me up in her arms and returns to the place of reading.

Just when did they lock it up?

When Theo and Ellie come in, I don’t hear a sound of unlocking, and there’s no one unlocking the door from inside.


Now, let’s continue reading the book, okay~ This voice that reached me who was down because of the wonderful field(mofumofu), sounded only like a voice of evil.


The leave out the small details fairy-san shrugs her shoulders and comes back.


The nameplate above the doorknob changed into,



(Mission failure.)

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