Chapter 24

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Fairy and Race and
A little over seventeen months old.
Six days after getting the fever.

Doctor Randolph came to examine me today as well.

My condition is perfect today, I feel neither feverish nor languid.
It will be probably all right, calm and composed.


“Umu, no problems. If any problems arise, call for me without reserve.”

“Thank you very much Randolph-sama. Then, is it alright to resume the moving exercises?”

“There won’t be any problems. She’s a good child that doesn’t lose her temper, she’s a really intelligent girl. Normal children would take more effort to cure. Babies can be more selfish you know.”


The old man’s serious expression completely turns around, and he strokes my head gently.
It seems that exercise and reading ban will be lifted today.
When I think about returning back to the usual daily life, those days full of boredom turn into motivation.

Well…… I had so much spare time I might have gone rusty, though.

Nevertheless, this old man investigated Cloudy Eyes, and even helped so much during this fever, he really is a caring doctor.
I feel like he’s looking after like he would after his grandchildren.
Well, he’s Ojiichan by age, and I don’t know about my blood-related grandparents, so he might really be my real grandfather.

Will he be happy if I call him Ji~ji?

I wipe the lingering thought about the old man who’s stroking my head because the drowsy-eyed Fairy-sama is getting up to give her morning greetings.
No matter how kind he is, he’s a stranger.
It would be better not to act recklessly.

The half-asleep swaying fairy thrusts into my hair.


“…… Fuaawaaaa…… Lily’s hair smells good as always……”


She rolls around my hair and sniffs it, acting like a pervert, but I naturally leave it.




Since the old man gave his consent, the practice and study ban has been completely lifted.

Studying has relatively lightened up, I occasionally draw what’s read with magical power, while pointing out typos and strange words.
Kuti occasionally comes out during the reading and explains me the words. They have the same meaning, but are different when composed in a sentence differently.
It’s some kind of idioms and phrases.

There seem to be many words

Having the study ban lifted, I asked about the “Magic Battle” that I have shelved.


“Ah~ It’s like that you see~ There are four countries on this Lizwald continent, and they take turns in hosting a large festival. Various races fight and dance.”


Did she say various races!?

Kuti sensei doesn’t seem to be much interested, but I have heard something interesting mixed in her explanation.
The name of the continent and the four countries immediately vanished in the thin air.


(By various races, you mean that there are different races besides humans!?)


My eyes are undoubtedly sparkling and glittering right now.
If there are different races than it has been decided that this is a different world.
At least, there were no intelligently advanced races other than humans in my previous world.


“U, umm…… Lily’s eyes are somewhat terrifyingly sparkling, just my imagination?”

(Your imagination! Rather than that, the races!)


It seems they are sparkling after all.
But, that doesn’t matter right now.
It’s about races now.
I form words of magical power to hurry Kuti.


“U, umm, this Lizwald continent has four countries and six different kinds of races. Lily and others with no special characteristics are known as ‘humans.’ Humans fundamentally possess average abilities and are the most populous race on the Lizwald continent.”

Kuti blinked her eyes in surprise, but she recovered and returned back to sensei mode.

As expected, humans are the most numerous just like in the many novels I have read in my previous life.
And, the humans with biggest numbers are the average to balance it out.


“Next is~ Human-looking guys with animal ears and tails, ‘Beastmen.’ Well, they don’t have any other special features besides that. Their ability is not much different from humans. The animal races don’t have any particular powers, and they are also not too quick-witted.”
(What kind of ears and tails?)

“N~ you see~……”


She places her index finger on her chin, slightly tilts her head adorably and starts drawing various animal ears with her spirit power.

Dog ears, cat ears, fox ears, bunny ears……
A wide variety of ears was drawn.
The drawn ears were ears of many animals that lived in my previous life.
There are no peculiar ears in this world, I have memorized all ears that Kuti has drawn.

After finishing drawing the ears, she starts drawing tails.

A slender tail, a thick tail, a round tail, a short tail……
All of these tails were covered in fluffy fur.
Truly mofumofu inducing.

In my previous life, there were also types with no hair, but the tails that Kuti drew were all fluffy tails.
Truly splendid.

It cut off the tails that can’t be mofumofu’ed.


“Something like that, you understand~?”

(Yes, I understand clearly! Thank you!!)


The wonderful Beastmen.
Ah, why was I reincarnated as a human?
If I had animal ears and mofumofu tail, not being able to see wouldn’t even matter.
God is hateful……!
“Next one is~ Let’s go with “Devils” ~ Compared to Beastmen who have animal ears and tails, this race are people with horns and wings. Their ability is not much different from Humans and Beastmen. Ah, but even though they have wings, they can’t fly in the sky as fairies can, you know? By the way, if you call Devil people Demons or Monsters, they get really angry!”


The splendid mofumofu objects fade away, and Kuti sensei draws faces with rounded, sharp horns and short horns. She draws many faces with one or two horns on each head.
Kuti who is flying in the air takes a little distance from the faces, draws a ground-like line, and she then attached a large ” o ” above the line.
After attaching the ” o “, Kuti…… she starts drawing stick figures with bat wings and bird wings on the ground-like line, and then she attached big ” x ” next to them.
Naturally, the winged stick figures have horns on their heads.
It seems to display the ability of flight.

After finished drawing, Kuti flies into the ” o ” circle above the ground-like line.


(Then, Devils are different from Demons or Monsters?)

“Of course they are different~ Monsters are monsters. Demons are generally monsters who possess high intelligence. Devil people won’t forgive you if you put them in the same category as monsters or demons.”


The Devil race drawings change into beast-like creatures with huge fangs and claws with a certain “gushing out” feeling.
The feeling that is gushing out is.


“I’m a Demon! I’m super strong.”


It’s written all over the drawing.
It appears that this possesses creature possesses intelligence.

It appears that the reason the Devils get offended by being compared to Monsters and Demons is that they possess the same characteristic horns and wings.
Being similar in appearances is enough to be subjected to persecution.
Perhaps it’s a difficult era.

Well, that doesn’t matter.
What’s matters are horned girls!
Viva! Girls with horns!


Crap, what is this world…… It’s too good.


Although my blood is boiling, it doesn’t show on my face.
Because there are other people besides Kuti around!
But, if nosebleed comes out it’s the act of God!
I would like you to forgive me from that!


It won’t come out, though.
Being so excited that nosebleed comes out happens only in the manga.
Such a thing is superstition.

Although red pathos is gushing out from my heart’s nose, I use another high-speed processing area of my brain in order not to miss a single word about races from the Great Teacher Kuti.
Naturally, my delusion area is also running at high speeds!



“The last three races are about the same in population, they are “Longears” and “Longhairs” and “Pygmies.” The Long-eared race is, as the name suggests a race with long and sharp ears. They are many beautiful people, but I would say that their bodies are slightly weaker compared to other races? Instead, they are good at art and music~”

(Long-eared race, the Elves?)


“Elves and Longears are different~ Elves are Elves, their numbers are scarce, but they are a proper race, you know? The Elves that come out in the books is a race that properly exists, you know~? They do share long ears and beautiful facial features with the Longears, though~”

Kuti erases the I’m a Demon! drawing, and draws a face with long ears.
The face she draws is awfully detailed and beautiful, unlike the faces, she drew until now.
To be precise, she drew two beautiful faces than draw ≠ in between.
She then put Longears and Elf nameplates on top of them.

Are Longears and Elves really different races?
Moreover, Elves are on the brink of extinction……
Kuti and others apparently investigated, but she can’t tell me the exact numbers.

Were they originally the same race that has divided into living in the forest or the city and became known as different races?


(Were Elves and Longears originally the same race?)


I was interested, so I tried asking the Great Teacher.


“N~ They were already separate races when we started investigating so~ We don’t really know.”

(I see, it can’t be helped then.)


It can’t be helped if she doesn’t know.
There’s no reason to know so much in detail.
Longears are Longears, Elves are Elves, knowing that much is enough.
Moreover, if they are on the brink of extinction, the probability that I will meet them is low.

To be frank, having long ears and looking elvish is enough!

Elf ears banzai!
My delusions are running wild, Kuti sensei!


“Right, right, it can’t be helped~ Well, I didn’t do the investigation so I wouldn’t know~ Investigating is for underlings. Then, next one is~ Next ones are Longhairs, they are a race that has a slight gender difference~ The males grow a beard even before adulthood. The females have long hair, but compared to the males, they don’t have any special characteristics, it’s just their hair grow faster. Also, both men and women grow shorter compared to average height human. Ah, right, right. Also, compared to other races, their physical strength is on the powerful side. They are strong, but it’s not enough to be their greatest trait. Their greatest trait must be their beard hair. Ah, also, the women are stronger! Violence wise!”

(I see…… so that’s why they are Longhairs.)

“That’s right~”


The detailed, beautiful faces disappear, and Kuti draws a bearded face with a great amount of hair and a face with a wavy hairstyle next to it.
She draws ” < ” in between the bearded face and the wavy hairstyle face.
Naturally, it’s beard < wavy hair diagram.

Kuti flexed her biceps while saying “Violence-wise!” but there was no change in her arms, but Great Teacher apparently didn’t mind it.

In short, they are a dwarf-like race that places women above men.
Dwarves have the blacksmithing feel to them, but it appears to be different in this world.
Or is that the Dwarf race is actually the Dwarves?
There’s the Elf thing going on too.


(Are there no Dwarves?)

“Dwarves are that, right? Those fellows that appeared in the book Ena read once before, right? Races that appear in the book don’t usually exist in reality, you know~? You have to properly distinguish between reality and delusion, alright~?”



Being told by Kuti that dwarves are just a product of my delusions is vexing…… but!

…… I was about to go crimson, but I was barely able to hold my ground.
Somehow, I don’t want to lose to Kuti! Grr!


“The last ones are~ The Pygmies. That race has an extreme trait. Even as adults, they reach just little over half of an average adult human’s height. But, in exchange, they are extremely nimble. Also, their rounded ears can be considered a unique feature.”

(Truly pygmies, huh.)


She draws three stick figures, she writes “Human” above the tall one, “Pygmy” above the small one, and “Longears” above the middle one.
Indeed, a special trait.
Taking the opportunity, she draws a child-like face and rounded ears on the Pygmy.


“That’s it~ Most of these six races live on the Lizwald continent. Also, Elves or “Dragonkin” mostly don’t live here.”



It’s interesting because the race’s name came out for the first time, making my imagination run wild.
Well, it’s that, right?
Dragon girls, ya know? Dragon girls!


“I have heard that only one person of the Dragonkin was discovered during the investigation, and it’s already an old story. By the way, they have a strength that Longhairs could only wish for, with an agility that overshadows the Pygmies, they are a really tough race. One of them had enough strength to crush countries, so the people of the past feared them and eventually got destroyed by them. There’s such past, but they seldom appeared in front of other races, and because they have the ability to perceive fairies just like Lily, the investigation didn’t proceed as expected~”

(Enough combat power to singlehandedly destroy a country…… It might have been unavoidable to be feared.)

“Well, that’s true, but…… I don’t think they deserved to be destroyed, it’s a regrettable past. To be frank, the documents from that era left behind many mysteries.”


She draws a line, six points which represent a mountain and a stick figure that’s swinging its fist.
It seems that the mountain was blown away by a fist.

The stick figure which swung the fist is blowing a flame from its mouth.
It’s a mystery, huh~ While Kuti was shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, the Dragonkin blew away another mountain with its flames.

They were a terrifying race.
But, they are not here anymore so there shouldn’t be problems.
I wanted to meet a dragon girl, but my life is more important!

Still, this confirms that this is a different world.
Well, it’s a more wonderful world than I thought, so everything’s rather OK!


Ah…… I want to make friends with Mofumofu-san quickly.


…… Which reminds me, the Cosplayers on Alek’s birthday party…… it means they were real.


The employees are mofumofu…… Gulp.


According to the Great Teacher Kuti’s lecture, the four countries are jumbled together…… In other words, many non-human people are living in this Ovent Kingdom.
The fact that the races are so intertwined, probably means that there may be only a few cases of discrimination.
The Dragonkin thing is apparently a thing of a past.
The Devils get insulted, but they live here in greater numbers than the Longears, Longhairs, or Pygmies.

Well, I still don’t understand the situation quite well, so let’s refrain from assuming.
Because the only source of information is this Smugface-san.

It would be easier to collect information if only I could read books on my own.
My family reads me books that they are fond of, they don’t read anything that’s about of that special area.


Mofumofu-san, horned girls, winged girls, Elves, Dwarves, little girls, and shotas.
I definitely want to get along.


What is this…… wonderful world.


Right…… Kuti has told me about six races, but Elves and Dragonkin weren’t counted.
In other words, there might be many other races……!

Possibly…… those fellows……!


The face in my heart laughs with gufufu suspicious smile, and I form the words of magical power with expectations towards those races.


(Grass or Shellfish races that can physically stand up, are they……!)


“Such races don’t exist!”


…… What a disappointment.

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