Chapter 23

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Fairy and First Time…… and Part 6
Five days after getting the fever

When I woke up, Ena was wiping the windows.
Kuti seems to be still asleep.
She has an expression of agony.




The meaning is unclear.
She probably drank gonyautoxin or ate tetrodotoxin.
Otherwise, she’s saying the lyrics of the “subesubesube manju manjuu” love song.

Because that thing is poisonous……
It’s a poisonous crab in a double meaning.

While drowsily gazing at Ena, Claire came to give me a morning greeting and kissed me on my forehead.
Ena noticed that I was up after Claire entered, so she also kissed me on my forehead.

Now that I think of it, does kissing on the forehead have a different meaning from kissing on the cheeks?

Well, both are pretty suitable, so there’s probably not much difference.
It goes for so long I don’t know what’s what anymore.

After being kissed by Ena for a while, doctor Randolph entered the room.
It seems he’s going to examine me today as well.
Incidentally, there are no kisses from the old man.
Even if there were, I would like to decline.

As always, he places his hand on my forehead, looks into my mouth and examines me to no end.
As ever, he doesn’t use things like a stethoscope, I’m getting worried about this world’s medical technology.
It seems you can understand quite a lot with palpation, and because this is a doctor’s visit, the old man naturally doesn’t carry many tools on him.
Still, I think that at least carrying a stethoscope around would be a good idea.

I know next to nothing about medical care, so I don’t really know well, but the “blue light of healing” from before seems to be a medical treatment tool.


“Praying to God will heal wounds and cure diseases.”


I just pray that it’s not something uncertain like that.

Naturally, I pray to God!


“There’s no problem, her temperature has returned to normal, let’s wait and see for today, if there are no further problems, it will be a complete recovery.”

“Sensei, is it okay to return to the usual meals then?”

“Umu, no problem. But, she’s convalescent so control it to eight of the portions. Also, I will prescribe the same medicine as yesterday, so make her drink it properly.”


When the old man informs Claire that there are no problems, Ena asks about the meals.
It seems I will be finally able to eat the usual menu starting today.
Well, I still have to drink that bitter thing, though.

Claire was relieved after hearing the old man’s verdict, but she approached me with a still somewhat worried expression.


“Lily-chan…… Okaasan has to go to work today as well…… Be obedient and properly listen to Ena, okay? But, if you feel lonely let Ena know right away, okay? …… Ah~ Lily-chan~ Mama doesn’t want to go~ Uu~”


Looking at Claire’s childish appearance, the old man gently smiles.

Are you going to fight a chivalric order…… Are you going to return only after destroying it?
Our Okaachan is not half-assed.

She kisses my forehead over and over again, then she matches her forehead with mine and worriedly stares at my cloudy eyes.

I have made you worry, huh…… I feel really apologetic, but it was so sudden without any signs, so I couldn’t take measures against it. There wasn’t anything I could have done.
Besides, there are no particular problems except the fever, it’s a consolation in sadness, right?
Babies have fevers fairly often, after all.

Does she act like this when Theo or Ellie have a fever?

I feel like she does.
Or are my eyes perhaps the source of her anxiety?

That seems to be very likely, I guess.

While regrettably hugging me close to her and rubbing our foreheads together and kissing it, Ena returned.

When Ena said that she has to go…… Claire shook her head while hugging me in her arms.
Claire’s good-smelling hair tickled my face.


“…… Geez…… ‘Magic Battle’ is close, so you have to do your best, you know? Leave Lily to me and do your best at what only you can do.”

“………… Yes……”


She really reluctantly relaxes her arms and slowly places me back into the baby crib.
Her last kiss on my forehead felt lonesome, but Claire has properly said “I’m off” with a smile before leaving for work.

Looking so dejected that even shadow thickens wouldn’t help, right?


“Magic Battle”

I heard some unknown words again, so I will put it into the dusty corner and ask Kuti later.


Speaking of that very Kuti-san.


“Filth must be sterilizeeeed~~”


It seems that the stage of her dream moved to the end of the century.

My physical condition is perfect, I don’t feel characteristic languidness during convalescence.
In the first place, there’s nothing wrong with me except the fever, so that may be a matter of course.
However, a baby’s immunity and resistances are weak.
Overestimating myself is taboo, while that may be true, I’m so bored, so free that my stress is in the mach.
Is it almost time to lift the magical power practice ban~? I look at the dweller of the dream world.


“Wha! What are you planning to doーーー”


The dream stage changed from the end of the century back to the 19th century Great Britain, and the overdramatized face returned back to the usual lovely smug face.

The muddy diet for patients was switched back to the usual, but more finely made baby food.
It was somewhat chewy, there was some response when eating.

It seems that our Kuti-san has woken up while I was chewing.
I wanted to ask if she successfully defeated the empire, but decided not to.




(I think it’s about time I resume my magical power practice, what do you think?)


After breakfast, I was rolling around as an exercise to help digestion and asked Fairy-san who was rolling together with me.


“Not before you recover.”


Kuti-sama says while rolling around.


(I’m already all right, though?)


(My temperature has returned to normal, I don’t feel any languidness, in the first place, there wasn’t anything with me beside the fever?)

“…… Muu~~”


Fairy-sama stopped rolling around and sat cross-legged mid-air with a troubled expression.


(Then…… just a bit!)





As a last resort to convince Kuti who is still making a difficult expression, I put out a large signboard on top of my head.


“…… Really just a bit, alright?”


Fairy-sama sighs in defeat.

At the very end, the gentle smug face listened to my plea.
She’s not making a smug face right now, though.


(Thank you, Kuti. I love you!)

“…… !!!”


To my slightly exaggerated thanks, the Smugface-sama opened her eyes wide and stiffened.
I leave that little statue alone and begin a serious magical power practice after so long with excitement.




It’s my first time not training for five days since being born.
I am born for just a little over a year, though.

I was slightly worried if I can do it properly, but it was a needless fear.

First, I gathered a lot of magical power inside my body, then I separated it.
Magical power doesn’t have a physical capacity limit I can gather, so no matter how much I gather in my body, it won’t go anywhere if I don’t will for it.
And yet, there’s still the sense of it growing.

I push the large-volume separated magical power outside.
The magical power goes outside so easily now, it’s difficult to feel the consumption.
I shape the released magical power into a cube of about 1m.

It won’t probably hit the ceiling, as I guess by the eye that the ceiling is approximately 3m high.
I guide the cube to a height it nearly reaches the ceiling.

There’s no feeling even if I touch it, but just in case.
I’m not alone in this room.
Ena is now doing light cleaning.
Naturally, she’s not using a broom, but dust cloth-like thing.

She’s using it even on the soft and fluffy carpet, is that really a dust cloth?

After watching such Ena and confirming that she’s not aware of the magical power, I slowly control the huge cube.
As the number of times I control increases, I can tell that the magical power inside the cube decreases little by little.
Even if the magical power decreases, the shape of the cube doesn’t change a bit, magical power is really a curious thing.

I turn to cube into octahedron, dodecahedron, and sphere

After changing it to a sphere, I finely control it.
I enlarge it, shrink it, make it thicker, make it thinner, make it lighter, make it darker.

And then, I gradually increase the speed.

I branch out the released magical power and form a shape on each branch.
I change the hardness of some parts and stop controlling when it takes the shape of Yggdrasil.

Un, it’s finely made if I say so myself.

After that, I keep controlling that released magical power until it runs out.
When the magical power nears exhaustion, it disappears into thin air.

When I confirm the exhaustion, I immediately generate new magical power and release it outside.
I control it similarly, and after doing it several times, my “warm-up exercise” has been completed.

Now then, the real thing comes now.

I make the magical power gathered in my body “thicker” and I gradually “shorten” it.
As I increase the concentration and shrink it, the magical power becomes “compressed”.


Compressed magical power is far “stronger.”


The strength of magical power is just a sensual one, I can’t really tell how powerful it really is.
However, it becomes so powerful I can clearly tell that it’s strong even if only by feeling.

I compress the compressed magical power even further.
Once compressed, and the feeling becomes smaller, I collect more magical power inside my body and compress it as well.

I have discovered this magical power compression at Alek’s birthday party, but I was able to compress only a small amount at that time.
When merging the compressed magical powers, the control becomes remarkably difficult.

Nevertheless, the advantage of compression is that the consumption of just releasing the magical power is “far greater” than releasing compressed magical power.

While practicing the releasing of large amounts of magical power, I found it difficult to release more than 20% of my total magical power.
That’s where I have discovered compression.

Large releases took a toll on my stamina, but it became far more efficient thanks to the compression.
The control of the compressed magical power was very difficult at the beginning, but I saw the potential as I have continued to compress.

I am able to release enough magical power to fill up the whole room, but I’m able to compress it to the size of my fingernail.

After releasing it, I switch over to the normal control practice.
After released, the difficulty of control increases by several times.
It was really difficult in the past…… it’s not that long ago, though.

Given the amount released before the compression, it’s twice as hard to control.
However, taking the time required for compression into consideration, it’s more of a disadvantage.

“Magical power consumption is far greater.”

That is the merit of the present compression.

It would be nice if there were any other merits, but…… I’m currently using magical power only to write words and strengthen parts of my body, so I have faint hopes.

I release the compressed magical power and control it at high-speed until exhausted.
It was when I was about to repeat it for the tenth time.


“Practice over~! I told you just a bit, didn’t I~!”


Fairy-san tells me angrily while giving my head a chop.
It seems that I got caught up in the moment and overdid it a bit.

Sorry, sorry, I form words to apologize.

I did the compress practice a hundred times before the fever, though……


After that, Angry-san was rolling with me around the baby crib, and I took a nap for a while after lunch.




When I woke up, Theo and Ellie were looking at me from sides with cute smiles.


“Good morning, Lily.”

“Have you slept well? Your sleeping face was very lovely, you know?”


As if watching my sleeping face for a long time, the two looks very joyful and satisfied.
I’m not perturbed by having my sleeping face seen anymore.

If I were still perturbed by something like that, I wouldn’t be able to live in this house!

After talking about the school for a while, the two studied in my room.
Ena probably already gave up as she didn’t say anything.
Rather, it’s to the point they worry together when there’s something they don’t understand.

Apparently, Ena is not good at studying.

Everyone is studying except me……

Today also without reading, my practice time is over, so I’m free and bored, rolling and rolling around the baby crib.

Kuti is rolling around with me.
It’s unexpectedly fun when doing it for a long time.
I wonder if it’s the children’s privilege to enjoy everything?


My brains should be adult’s, though.


Looking at me rolling around the crib, Theo, Ellie, and Ena are smiling.


Keep on studying folks~ I keep on rolling.

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