Chapter 22

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Fairy and First Time…… and Part 5
Four days after getting the fever.


Doctor Randolph is examining me today as well.


“Umu, the fever has completely gone down, but let’s watch the situation for a day or two just in case.”

“Understood, sensei. About the meals――”


Claire continued talking about meals, bathing, and medicine before the old man could leave.

Because the heat of the bath is different from the temperature room, it could easily lead to catching a cold, so they have been only wiping my body with hot towels.
I want to soak in a hot bath already.

Although the baby bath is used only lightly, I leisurely entered bath every day in my previous life.
I naturally love to bathe.

Rather, I have been feeling mentally weak the last few days I got only to wipe my body.
I’m really grateful that this world has the custom of daily bathing.

I have read plenty of reincarnation novels in my past life. There were a lot with no custom of daily bathing with such customs only abroad.
If this were another world trip thing, there would be many facilities that I would create myself, but I’m just a reincarnated baby.
Babies can’t do something like that and requesting it is also impossible.
Therefore, I’m really, really glad…… that there’s a custom of daily bathing.

Speaking of greed, it would be nice if there was hot springs, but I would incur divine punishment if I say that much.
Prudence, prudence……

I wonder if I can dig up hot springs in the garden……




It appears that the school Theo and Ellie are attending are in two days school and one day off, two days school and two days off cycle.

Because they have a day off today, Theo went to tend to his trees and shrubs in the garden, and Ellie went to tend to her flower bed after having breakfast in my room.
Of course, the two told me where and for how long they were going, and also told me things like “Don’t worry” or “I will return immediately, okay?” over and over again.

They have kissed me on forehead and cheeks many times, it wasn’t just twice or thrice.

You Two-sans are worrying too much.

Since their school is moving on seven-day intervals, does a concept of week exist here?

Come to think of it, I have left the subject of the calendar totally untouched, so I wanted to ask Fairy-sama who stayed with me during my fever…… I wanted to ask, but.


“Studying prohibited until full recovery~!”

(OK Boss.)


It turned out like that.

Claire and Ena were in my room all the while until lunch.
I was placed under house arrest in the baby crib as usual, but Claire has read me a book for a little while today.
But, Theo and Ellie seem to be prohibited.

Okaachan…… What about yourself?

It’s a secret, okay? Said truly adorably, the mother of three.
I can’t really believe that she’s the mother of three because of how childish she acts, and because of her mysterious and affectionate smile, this is that, right? I can only think.

Blood-related mother, moreover, she’s the same female gender like me, well…… I was a male before, though.
There’s no choice…… Yes, it can’t be helped!

The secret reading lasted until Ena stood up and said: “I will bring the lunch.”

By the way, the Book-sama of today.

“Teary Citrus”

It was about a citrus protagonist and his agrarian reform of the country of fruit.




After the lunch had been eaten, Theo and Ellie were studying just like yesterday.
Because Claire is here today, she became the sensei of the study group.

From their conversation, Theo is studying arithmetic.
Ellie seems to be studying the kingdom’s history.


Arithmetics are two-digit additions and subtractions.
But, it appears that our Oniisama is poor with calculations.
Compared to that, our Oneesama doesn’t seem to have any problems answering Claire’s questions.

Theo is currently nine years old…… by the school system in my previous life, he should be in the 3rd grade of elementary school.
In dire distress because of two digits addition and subtractions…… he seems to be really poor with it.

It’s relatively simple as far as I listen, it’s something that even a first grader could do.
Well…… people have their strong and weak points.
Theo is gentle, and his face is handsome, so there’s no problem.
Well, it would be better if he could do it, though.


(Ikemen go explode.)


I don’t forget to put on a signboard on top of my head.
O’Fairy-sama creates a signboard in the same way and turns towards me.


(Are you okay with your head like that?)


This fairy…… just what is she, really?

When I have such a question, I can’t help but think that all my answers would be wrong.


“As expected of Theo~ To be able to do such difficult calculations at such a young age, incredible~”

“Really~ You are so smart, Okaasan is very proud~”

“Niisama is the school’s number one, after all.”


They are praising him to a great extent for some reason, our Oniisama.

I have considered ignoring Claire’s and Ena’s doting remarks, but I was caught off guard by Ellie.

Eeh~…… the school Theo and Ellie are attending…… is the level perhaps extremely low……?

That’s what I thought, but the country that I lived in before was a country that emphasized the pursuit of knowledge, so I decided to convince myself that this is normal in foreign schools.

It’s a school that I will attend when I grow up, so I will at least have an easy time if the level is low.
I don’t think that I would like to struggle with tests and studies.

To be honest, school is where you go to make friends and play!




When we finished the dinner, Alek returned after a long time.

It appears that he knew beforehand that I had a fever as he ran through the hallway noisily just as my siblings before.
Because Theo and Ellie were in the room, Claire and Ena naturally reproved him.

To be so similar, as expected of a parent and children.

The reason behind his anxiety is me so I was a bit happy, but this is this and that is that.

After the lecturing ended, Alek wanted to carry me in his arms, but Claire and Ena scolded him again. So he was dejectedly sitting next to the crib after getting scolded twice.

My fever went down, just holding me should be just fine, I thought, but I don’t find it strange that Alek doesn’t go against the overprotective two.

Well, it can’t be helped so I lightly stroke his head that is sticking through the crib with a pitiful expression.

I wonder if fathers are creatures with weak standpoints in every world……

When I stroke his head, Smugfairy-san strokes mine.


(Thank you, Kuti.)

“Leave Lily’s head to me! Even if the ground splits! Even if the sky crumbles, I will continue to pat you!”


She seems to be in a perfect condition today as well.

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