Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and First Time…… and Part 4
Three days after getting the fever.


Returning to the beginning…… cough, cough…… after breakfast in the confinement which is the baby crib, doctor Randolph was examining me.


“…… Fumu, the fever is considerably lower than yesterday. If it’s like this, there won’t be any problems. The preparations of ‘blue light of healing’ seem to be okay too.”


He put his hand on my forehead, looked inside my mouth, and uttered some words I don’t know while variously examining me.
Ena who heard those unknown words looked really relieved.

In my opinion, the unknown words must be some kind of medical tool.
But, because I can’t guess accurately on my own, I naturally asked Kuti.


(What is the blue light of healing?)

“Studying prohibited! I told you after you get well, didn’t I~”


Fairy-san puts her hands on her waist and approaches me while expressing anger.
I wanted to learn a little, but it appears that Fairy-san won’t budge.
Well, since it’s because she’s worried about me, I give up.


(Then, be sure to tell me when I get well.)

I wrote.


“Naturally! Because I will soon teach you strictly from the basics of basics! I’m very strict, you know~! Extremely strict, you know~!”


The reliable Smugface-san puffs out her non-existent chest and nostrils.
In the meanwhile, Randolph-san has finished the examination and left the room.

I did not see the old man yesterday, though. Did he examine me while I was sleeping?
The medicine that is so bitter to make one wake up apparently didn’t wake me yesterday as I don’t remember anything.




I also spend my entire day in the baby crib.

I don’t have a fever anymore, and my condition is good.
Thinking is clear, and my magical power is perfect.

However, that is that, this is this.
Ena is constantly at the crib’s side, and Kuti sits on the soft sheets and fixedly stares at me all the time.

Fairy-san interferes when I want to form words of magical power.


“Sleep properly! Getting well takes the priority――”


She has been saying something like that since yesterday, so I really have nothing to do.

Ena being Ena, she placed her hand on my forehead at regular intervals.


“Aren’t you thirsty? Isn’t it hot? Isn’t it cold? Is it painful somewhere?”


It goes like that.

I’m not sure about asking a one-year-old for a reply, but I feel how worried she’s so it can’t be helped.

She would usually just move away from the crib when going to the toilet, but today.


“I will be right back so if you get lonely, say it immediately, okay! I will return even in midway! I will leave the door to the bathroom open, so shout immediately, okay!”


Please close the door to the bathroom, is what I thought, but Claire acted in a similar way the other day, so I gave up.


By the way, there are two doors in this room which could be appropriately called a baby room.
One of the doors is connected to the hallway.
I have gone out of this room only twice, on my first birthday and on Alek’s birthday.

The second door seems to be a bathroom.
I can’t really tell because I have never entered it, but Ena and others go there when they say they need to go to the restroom and they also bring the baby bathtub out of there.
Assuming that this is a large mansion, I thought there would be a room like this, but having a bathroom right in the room, aren’t we already talking about hotel-class?
It may be a boarding house if I reduce the scale, but…… That’s not it, right?




After this and that happened and a while after I had my lunch, Theo and Ellie have returned.
They don’t seem to be running at full speed today as I don’t hear their noisy footsteps and it seems they went to wash their hands first to avoid Ena’s attack.

The two immediately approach the baby crib and begin to inquire from Ena about what doctor Randolph said today.

When they heard there are no problems, they got exaggeratedly relieved.


“Because it’s most dangerous not to recover properly, reading is also prohibited today, okay? I will have you leave the room if you are not quiet.”


As if getting nailed with thorns, the two nod with serious faces.

After that, they told me a bit about the happenings in school.
I wanted to hear more of the two because I was bored, but because Ena told them to leave the room since it’s time to study, I’m bored again~ What to do~ While thinking so,


“”Today, here!””



After the two had said precisely at the same time, I heard some rustling noises.


“…… Gee…… You two are really helpless Oniichan and Oneechan…… Be sure to be quiet, okay?”


Ena-san lightly sighs and winks with her index finger raised up.


Wai…… You are too adorable, Ena-san!


While in a flutter from seeing the usually gallant, career woman-like adult woman Ena-san act so cutely, Fairy-san moved in front of my eyes.

Tehe☆pero she keeps sticking her tongue out and closing her eyes.


Yeah…… yep…… people who can’t wink turn out like this……


She forcefully closed one of her eyes with her fingers and did Tehe☆pero.

Seriously Kuti-like, disappointing Tehe☆pero.




While watching the two who were silently studying while stealing glances at me, I noticed something a little worrisome.

Although I have watched them studying in my room several times before, I wasn’t paying that much attention because I have been practicing, so I have noticed only now because I’m so free.
While reading a book, the two are writing into something what I thought was a notebook, but somehow, it doesn’t seem to be one.
After writing to some extent, I feel as if they swiping something from side to side instead of turning a page.
As if they are erasing from a blackboard after finishing writing.

They have read me many books, so I can’t really think that paper is not popularized, so why are they not using a notebook?

This house should be considerably wealthy.
Such a house is using blackboards instead of a notebook for studying?
This is, in other words, a paper notebook isn’t used as a tool for studying?
I have heard that paper was considered a luxury in the old days and that people used things as blackboards in ancient times in the world where I lived previously.


In other words, paper is a precious commodity?


That reminds me, the contents of the books I have been read until now weren’t for babies.
It’s not that the doting on me is exaggerated, I know how much I’m loved, yet they hardly read me a picture book for babies. Only books with the contents for adults and students were read to me.

I can make a conclusion that books are sold to some extent, but the demand is only for the wealthy.
Therefore, it’s not for babies who would destroy them immediately, but a luxurious commodity targeted towards adults who would treat them carefully.
However, I’m ignoring the demand in other parts of the world, so it’s just my own opinion.
In fact, there were a few books targeted for babies.
The number was overwhelmingly small, though.

Doesn’t low papermaking technique mean an immature civilization?

No…… It’s still too early to make a conclusion.
Just because the papermaking technique is low, doesn’t mean the civilization is immature.

An air-conditioning-like device exists.
It’s not something an immature civilization should be able to produce.

That heater-like device is not only used for heating, but it’s also for cooling.
Rather, it has the ability to control the surroundings to keep a certain temperature.

Just by looking at this, I can’t think of this civilization as immature.


I’m confused by an inconsistent technology……


A bit more, when I grow a little bigger, it won’t be a problem when I grow enough to move freely.
I’m not able to see, and I’m limited to gathering information by myself.

As expected…… I have to make a situation where I can hold a conversation earlier than usual……

And, I have noticed that there’s really no reason to be in such hurry.
My life is not in danger, it’s not necessary to press for answers.

Thinking so, I somehow lost all my strength.



“…… Say, Ena…… As expected, Lily looks really bored, can’t we read her a book?”


Theo misunderstood my unconscious sigh.


“Well…… I certainly said she needs to rest, but it’s certainly pitiful for a year old baby to keep still all the time…… Ah…… But, that could worsen her condition again…… ah! That’s not good! Not good, not good! At very least, it’s prohibited until Randolph-sama gives us permission! Prohibited!”

“”…… Yeess~””


Ena fired Oneechan beam when Theo and Ellie pleaded, but it seems Theo’s and Ellie’s power level wasn’t enough.

After that, the two glanced at Ena with pleading eyes many times, but Ena’s Iron wall of “I will drive you out if Lily’s condition gets even slightly worse” shut them down.


While watching such a situation, I wasted the rest of my day doing nothing.


By the way, Theo and Ellie brought something like a blanket for their last resistance.


“”I will definitely sleep here today!””


Ena didn’t yield.

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