Chapter 20

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Fairy and First Time…… and Part 3
The next day after the mysterious experience, I woke up with extreme bitterness.
Was I poisoned!? It was so bitter my drowsiness faded away in an instant.
Thanks to that, I have ended up spitting out that bitterness out of my mouth.


“Kyaa! Lily-chan it’s okay, this is a medicine. It’s slightly bitter, but endure it, okay?”


Thanks to spitting the bitterness, my mouth became that much better, but it was still bitter enough to make me frown.
It appears that they tried to make me swallow medicine while asleep, and I ended up waking up and spitting it out because of bitterness.


“Claire, first wipe Lily clean with this, I will change the blanket.”

“Thank you Ena, see~ let’s make Lily-chan clean and pretty~”


Because I spat it out with all my might, I have ended up dirtying the towel-like soft blanket.
Ena took away the dirty blanket, and Claire wiped my face and clothes.
It seems to have ended on my clothes too.
Medicine doesn’t have magical power, so I am not sure how far it went.
After I had been cleaned, Ena covered me in a different blanket.

Claire seemed to be busy with work recently, but she came to see me today.
Because she appeared to be busy, I feel guilty for taking her time.


“Yes, you became pretty~ Isn’t that good~ Lily-chan.”


Contrary to my feelings, Claire wore a happy smile.
It wasn’t that long, but her smile is wonderful in proportion to the days she did not come to see me.

She usually saw me as often as Theo and Ellie so it can’t be helped that she looks happier than normally.
But, I thought about apologizing for my fault, but I’m uneasy because if I apologize, it will probably create a fuss again.

Hmm…… what should I do……

While thinking such, Ena said.


“Since she has woken up, she is probably hungry, so I will go to make something. I will also add this to the laundry. Randolph-sama said that the fever had pulled back, but she should quietly rest for a while, so you have to properly let her lay in the crib, okay?”



As if instructing her little sister, she leaves after giving instructions to Claire.
Claire being Claire gave a lovely reply. The two really look like real sisters.


“Now Lily-chan, let’s lie down for a bit, okay~ Ena will bring you meal soon~ Then, let’s work hard to drink the medicine, okay~”


Geh…… do I really have to drink that bitter thing……
Isn’t that unreasonable amount of bitterness for one-year-old.

First of all, I shake my head in disapproval when she puts me to sleep.


“No, no~ If you don’t drink the medicine, you may not properly get well~”


Mumuu…… at least mellow the taste with milk or something, Okaachan……

I’m certain it exists because I drank milk-like drink before, but I have no way to communicate that.
The speaking restriction is troublesome at times like these.




Approximately ten minutes later, Ena returned with the meal.
The room is filled with a nice smell.

Now, I tried to eat, but it seems that Claire is going to feed me today.

I still need guidance, but I can already eat on my own.
Well, I’m more or less a patient so I will compromise here.

Claire happily says things like ahh~ and carries the spoon to my mouth.
Although the spoon is not being carried to her, Kuti also opens mouth when hearing ahh~.

I was eating baby food that felt more like soup which is kind on a stomach.
I chew the soup diligently.
Is this a habit from my previous life?

It felt like chewy milk.

Although Kuti is actually not eating anything, she chews with a delicious expression.
Which reminds me, I have never seen Kuti eat anything.

She’s not eating anything, she watches me being fed and chews with her mouth while watching.


(Kuti doesn’t have to eat?)


I asked.


“Fairies generally don’t have to eat, but you see~ Because Lily is eating so deliciously, imitating somehow makes it tasty~ That’s so strange, right~”


She answered with something I don’t understand.
I thought how do they get nutritious if they don’t eat, but before that, how can be something tasty if she’s not eating anything……

What? Maybe this child can feel the sense of taste of others?
No way, scary!



“It’s okay, it’s not like I read your mind or anything~ I just feel the deliciousness when I imitate you~”


Kuti-san occasionally answers precisely that which was on my mind.
No way, scary!


(No way, scary!)



I was laughed at after forming words of magical power.
We get along well enough to joke around like this.




Because I didn’t have dinner yesterday, the amount of food Ena brought was not enough……
After the meal, I have endured bitter medicine from hell, and it was time for naptime, but I couldn’t fall asleep as I slept until a while ago.

Ena sings me lullabies with her beautiful voice, but I’m not sleepy at all.
My fever went down, my physical condition also convalesced, I don’t feel bad at all.

Ah~ I’m afraid I will have nothing to do for a while.

When trying to write words of magical power to Kuti in order to escape reality.


“Practicing words is prohibited! Training too! Understood!?”


I was dealt with.

To be frank, words of magical power are indispensable in order to communicate with Kuti, but it seems that’s also prohibited.
In other words, I have to stay in the baby crib with nothing to do.

Therefore, I can’t do anything else but to stare at Ena who is singing me a lullaby and at Claire who is lightly tapping my belly, trying to make me sleep.

After watching them for a while, Ena took out something and spoke to Claire after seeing it.


“Claire, you should go back soon.”

“Eeh~ it’s already such time~? I want to stay at Lily-chan’s side forever~ Haa~ I’m sorry~ Lily-chan…… Okaasan will work hard, so Lily-chan has to be obedient and quickly get healthy, okay? It’s a promise, okay~?”


It appears she has not a day off today.
She rarely sighs, rather, this is my first time seeing her sigh.
She’s always brightly smiling without care.
I couldn’t imagine her sighing at all.

Claire kissed me on the forehead and went to work after staring at me regrettably.

Worried about her ill son…… I mean daughter, it’s natural she’s worried about her daughter, but Claire has been so busy recently that it makes me worried.

Work with moderation, Okaachan.

In the end, I’m just a baby, and there’s nothing I can do, so I give up and mutter words of appreciation in my heart.




After being bored for a while, Theo and Ellie came home.
They ran noisily with all their power.


“Hey! You two! I told you before that you must not run in the hallway! Besides, have you washed your hands!? Lily is ill, so you have to be more careful than usually!”



They get scolded the moment they enter the room by Ena and dejectedly leave.

I found it heartwarming, Kuti naturally had a smug face.

Didn’t you hear before? Ena-san told you before, right? Do you understand? Hey, do you understand?

I want to tsukkomi, but words of magical power are prohibited, so I endure.

The two returned after a short while, sat down beside the baby crib and quietly talked about their day in the school.
Reading is prohibited, so they talk about school.


“And then, Yatyl picked the flowers from the flower bed without permission, terrible right?”

“But, those were the flowers to decorate the classroom, right?”

“Well, that’s true, they were displayed in a vase in the classroom, but…… I think the story is different when picking flowers from a flower bed without permission.”


Ellie seems to be in charge of the school’s flower bed, so she’s indignant with friends who picked the flowers without permission.
Theo seems to understand the situation properly, but Ellie thinks that if they wanted to decorate the classroom, they should have picked flowers from elsewhere.

Matters like these may still be too difficult for a seven years old Ellie, but I naturally keep it in my head.


The two spent time quietly talking about the school like this.

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