Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and First Time…… and Part 2
(Experiencing a mysterious phenomenon.)


I make a signboard of magical power words on top of my head.

There’s a small reason I’m feeling so playful.

I often watched comedy programs during my previous life, I often thought that I want to do tsukkomi too.

Well, that doesn’t matter right now.

Right now, I’m loitering on the ground I have slowly descended to.
I wish to find something that will clarify this mysterious phenomenon to me, I walk while thinking so.

The floor-like ground is quite spacious.
From what I saw, about a tennis court size?

It makes me want to play tennis a bit…… ah, but I have never played tennis before.


I continue exploring while thinking about things that don’t matter.




“Fumu…… there’s nothing, really…… there’s nothing oi.”


I bend my lips to へ shape in indignation, no I’m not really angry, but I talk to myself.

I talk to myself without hesitation while looking around this strange space as there’s only me.

The reason I don’t hold back talking to myself is not that I feel lonely, but because this is the only time I can speak without a reserve in the past year.


“It’s not like there’s nothing…… there’s the floor…… like thing, and words above me.”


Then, there’s me…… I said some philosophical things.


(Experiencing a mysterious phenomenon #[Stroll Ver.].)


I slightly modify the words on the signboard above me and start searching again around while walking slowly.

I noticed when I looked at the edge of the floor-like, ground-like thing.
I just did not notice the edge before because I was focused only on searching for something.


“Wa~wo…… there are so many floors.”


What I have seen from the edge of the floor, was a countless number of floors.
I can see a tremendous amount.

It appears I’m on one of those.


“I don’t understand more and more…… Why have I ended up on this floor in this strange space……”


The questions increase.




(Experiencing a mysterious phenomenon #[Lost Child Ver.].)


How many times did I rewrite the signboard today, hmm~ I tilt my head.
It seems that I’m still composed.


“The countless floor don’t seem to be different from this one, well, only those in the extent of my vision.”


I compared the floors below me from the edge of the floor I’m at with my eyes.


“…… Now then, there’s nothing else to see…… how do I return, huh.”


I sprawl down 大 on the floor.
I link my hands under my head and look at the sky…… not, I look at the words floating above me.


“‘Startup’ …… What are you starting?”


I read the words floating above me out loud.
I thought that I should read the words floating above one by one, but it was somehow troublesome, so I read only the “Startup” which my eyes landed on first.

Then, I continued absentmindedly staring at the words.

I wonder how much time has passed, I’m not tired, I’m not sleepy, there’s no change in my physical condition.
When I sigh for I don’t know how many times already, I stand up from the floor-like, ground-like thing, and mutter while holding my hands.


“Waaaaaaah~…… I want to go home~”


The change was instant.
The floating words vanished, and darkness wrapped everything.


And then, I woke up.





When I opened my eyes, I realized I returned from that mysterious space back to the world of darkness and white magical power.

There’s really no sense of relief.
I felt no fear in the mysterious space, and I didn’t panic either.
I was flustered a bit at the end, but that was just because I wanted to return.


I had returned when I said I want to return……


The mysterious space was a strange experience I can’t understand.


“Lily, are you okay? No pain? No difficulties?”


When I thoroughly strengthened my ears, I could clearly hear Kuti’s anxious voice.


(Yup, I’m fine. I’m sorry for making you worry.)

“No, don’t worry about making me worry! We are friends, after all! You can depend on me as much as you want because we are friends!”


Smugface-san says in relief.
My cheeks almost relaxed hearing her, but before changing my expression, I noticed.
Because I was an expressionless character until now, if I show a smile now, and Theo or Ellie sees me, it would create a fuss.


So close, so close…… oi, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.


When I raised from the baby crib and sat down, I didn’t see anyone when looking around.

There would be someone usually around, but there was no one.
Strange, when I thought so after not seeing Ena who was constantly looking after me, I saw a “foot” in the corner of my eye.

It appears she has fallen asleep in the bed.

The bed has no magical power so I can’t see it. I couldn’t find her because she’s covered in a blanket.


Her sleeping posture is bad……


After sighing loudly, I noticed that it’s night right now.
Because I don’t see the light, I can’t tell when it’s day or night, but I usually sleep at night with the exception of the naptime. It’s noon when I get up from my nap.

(Kuti, it’s night now, right? You haven’t returned today?)

“It’s not like I could return when Lily was suffering from fever, right! You didn’t wake up even for a meal, everyone was worried, you know!”

It seems she has not returned home? because she was worried about me.
I felt bad about it, but I was happy even more.

Since I confirmed it’s night, and no one besides Kuti is here, I smiled without holding back.


“…… !?”


Kuti was extremely surprised, but this Smugface-san always behaves suspiciously, so I don’t know whether this Fairy-san was really surprised.


(Other than that, I had a fever, right? I feel entirely fine now. What did the doctor Randolph-san say?)

“…… Ah, umm, I’m certain he said it’s a slight fever, Ena dissolved medicine in water and let you drink it when you were asleep. Theo and Ellie were making excessive bitter faces for some reason. Was it bitter, I wonder?”


Kuti has completely grasped the family’s names and faces.
A light fever huh, I’m glad it wasn’t something serious.
Is it thanks to the medicine I feel so lively? I’m glad, I’m glad.


(I don’t know whether it was bitter because I was sleeping, but. It seems I don’t have a fever anymore, I feel quite fine.)

“I see~ I’m glad you are fine now~ Ah, but you shouldn’t overstrain yourself, okay! You can’t study and practice until you completely healed okay, promise me!”

(Promise…… I have no confidence.)


When I answer with a bitter smile, Kuti holds out her own pinkie and locks it with my pinkie.


“I promise in the name of God of Land and Peace, Green God Alastria.”

(I promise.)


It feels like “If you lie, you’ll swallow a thousand needles”.
It appears she knows a lot of things like children’s sayings.


“Fufu…… Now sleep, sleep! Not sleeping enough is most dangerous, you have to sleep properly!”

(Ye~s, then, goodnight.)


The kind Fairy-san with a gentle smile urged me, so I decided to sleep on an empty stomach.
Regardless of my empty stomach, I unexpectedly fell asleep smoothly.



It seems that I have succeeded in traveling to the world of dreams without having to get lost in that mysterious space this time.

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